2048 Candy Crash Craft Saga.apk, Arcade, Standalone, Android, Download File


2048 Candy Crash Craft Saga 22 MB

Game description: 2048 candy crash: Craft saga:
2048 candy crash: Craft saga - move different candies and other sweets on the screen. Match same sweets to get next level candies. Use your logic and attention to get many types of candy in this incredible game for Android. Match one kind of candy and get more and more rare candy. Plan your moves and don't let the playing field get filled with sweets. The longer you can find pairs of sweets, the more points you earn. Set records and post them.
Game features:
Colorful graphics
Many levels
High scores
Absorbing gameplay

Compatible for: Android 2.3 and higher. v1.5
<a href='https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.foranj.craftsaga' target='_blank'>Download on the App Store</a>


2048 Candy Crash Craft Saga.apk, Arcade, Standalone, Android,Screenshot Preview 2048 Candy Crash Craft Saga.apk, Arcade, Standalone, Android,Screenshot Preview 2 2048 Candy Crash Craft Saga.apk, Arcade, Standalone, Android,Screenshot Preview 3 2048 Candy Crash Craft Saga.apk, Arcade, Standalone, Android,Screenshot Preview 4

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9.7 MB
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360 Planes

46.2 MB
, game, description:, 3angle:, 3angle, -, control, a, scalene, triangle, in, the, center, of, the, screen., turn, it, around, its, axis, and, catch, the, balls, flying, from, different, sides., test, your, reflexes, in, this, simple, but, addictive, game, for, android., each, side, of, the, triangle, is, painted, in, its, unique, color., the, balls, of, different, colors, are, appearing, at, different, sides, of, the, screen, and, fly, to, the, center., turn, the, triangle, and, catch, flying, balls, so, that, the, side, of, the, triangle, and, the, ball, are, of, the, same, color., don't, make, mistakes, for, as, long, as, possible, and, set, records.game, features:minimalistic, graphicssimple, controlshigh, scoresabsorbing, gameplaydownload, on, google, play, compatible, for:, android, 4.3, and, higher., v1.2.1., armv7<a, href='https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.iceqube.trisangle', target='_blank'>download, on, the, app, store</a>

18.8 MB
, game, description:, 3d, ball, free, 2:, 3d, ball, free, 2, -, guide, the, ball, through, the, labyrinth, surmounting, different, obstacles., guide, the, rolling, ball, through, a, wide, variety, of, colorful, levels., you, need, to, reach, the, destination, point, at, the, end, of, each, level, surmounting, various, obstacles, in, your, way., the, labyrinth, is, hanging, over, the, empty, space,, so, be, careful, not, to, drop, the, ball, into, the, abyss., this, addictive, android, game, will, appeal, to, everyone, who, likes, games, that, require, precise, control, and, calculation.game, features:great, 3d, graphicshighscoresdifferent, achievements, compatible, for:, android, 4.0.4, and, higher., v1.3., armv7.,
3d Ball Free 2

28.2 MB
, game, description:, 3d, ball, run:, 3d, ball, run, -, guide, a, cute, round, runner, through, difficult, tracks, with, a, number, of, traps, and, obstacles., collect, bonuses, and, earn, points., game, features:great, 3d, graphicssimple, controlsvaried, levelsabsorbing, gameplay, compatible, for:, android, 4.0.4, and, higher., armv7., v1.2
3d Ball Run

27.7 MB
, game, description:, 3d, battle, truck:, 3d, battle, truck, -, drive, a, powerful, off-road, vehicle, and, pass, difficult, tracks, full, of, obstacles, of, different, kinds., destroy, the, obstacles, shooting, different, weapons., in, this, game, for, android, you'll, have, to, work, your, way, through, the, ruins, of, the, city, destroyed, by, war., time, to, complete, the, mission, is, limited,, so, you, need, to, show, all, your, driving, skills., go, around, obstacles,, jump, on, ramps,, fly, over, pits,, blow, up, barrels, of, fuel, and, other, obstacles., improve, your, car,, mount, more, powerful, weapons,, engine,, etc.game, features:great, graphics15, levelsgreat, sound, and, musicgood, controls, compatible, for:, android, 2.3, and, higher., v1., armvx86., armv7<a, href='https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bobbysgarage.battletruck', target='_blank'>download, on, the, app, store</a>
3d Battle Truck

49.3 MB
, game, description:, 3d, bio, ball, hd:, the, events, of, the, game, occur, on, space, platforms,, somewhere, in, far, space., you, have, an, opportunity, to, operate, an, iron, sphere, and, to, pass, a, set, of, obstacles, and, labyrinths,, to, collect, coins, and, other, things,, and, also, to, travel, on, different, platforms,, the, way, to, which, is, different,, generally, flying, on, pipes., an, excellent, logical, game, with, an, unpretentious, gameplay,, management, in, which, is, carried, out, by, means, of, g, sensors., the, game, will, be, interesting, to, fans, of, puzzles,, with, game, elements, of, a, labyrinth., compatible, for:, android, 2.1, and, higher,
3d Bio Ball Hd

20 MB
, game, description:, 3d, city, run, hot:, 3d, city, run, hot, -, the, next, dynamic, runner, where, you, will, be, able, to, reject, worthy, pressure, of, monsters, and, zombie, captivated, the, city., for, this, purpose, at, your, order, there, will, be, a, wide, choice, of, weapon., run, with, all, might, and, clear, your, way, from, the, city.features:full, 3d, set, of, special, effects, mass, of, excellent, levels, compatible, for:, android, 2.1, and, higher.,
3d City Run Hot

26.2 MB
, game, description:, 3d, maze:, 3d, maze, -, guide, the, hero, through, an, intricate, maze., find, the, right, path, through, the, corridors, and, don't, end, up, in, a, dead, end., enter, the, hero, of, this, game, for, android, through, mazes, in, different, locations, like, green, plains,, forest,, hot, desert,, etc., explore, the, maze, and, find, a, way, out., use, the, map, to, find, your, way, in, a, difficult, situation., you, won't, be, bored, for, a, long, time,, because, you, can, play, a, mode, where, mazes, are, generated, randomly, each, time, you, play, the, game.game, features:great, graphicssimple, controls2, different, characters2, game, modesvarious, levelsabsorbing, gameplay, compatible, for:, android, 2.3, and, higher., v0.06<a, href='https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ram.amazingmaze', target='_blank'>download, on, the, app, store</a>
3d Maze

39.1 MB
, game, description:, 3d, monster, truck:, parking, game:, in, the, game, 3d, monster, truck:, parking, game, you, need, to, carry, out, a, powerful, truck, on, the, route, with, various, obstacles,, not, touching, barriers., game, features:3, different, trucks, on, a, choice, set, of, various, levels, different, ways, of, control, and, camera, positionthe, game, requires, an, internet, connection, compatible, for:, android, 4.0.4, and, higher., armv7., v1.21
3d Monster Truck Parking Game

34.9 MB
, game, description:, 3d, motocross:, industrial:, 3d, motocross:, industrial, -, drive, your, motorcycle, through, a, difficult, track, in, industrial, zone., jump, over, different, obstacles, made, out, of, car, frames,, tires, and, other, things., make, a, dizzying, jumps, over, different, obstacles, on, your, bike., you, need, to, think, tactically, to, beat, each, level., improve, your, driving, skills.game, features:great, graphicsrealistic, physics20, interesting, levelsabsorbing, gameplay, compatible, for:, android, 4.2.2, and, higher., armv7., v1.15
3d Motocross Industrial

41.4 MB
, game, description:, 3d, rhythm, action, r-tap, global:, the, game, 3d, rhythm, action, r-tap, global, is, an, absorbing, and, funny, arcade, game, with, an, interesting, gameplay, and, excellent, music, tracks., show, your, deftness, and, reaction, to, get, ready, to, incredible, levels., the, game, has, four, modes., each, of, them, has, its, diversity, and, features., everything, you, need, is, to, use, your, fingers, to, play, the, music, compositions., lovers, of, guitar, hero, will, highly, estimate, the, product,, as, it, has, the, same, features,, though, the, gameplay, is, slightly, different., to, play, the, melody, the, player, has, to, gather, various, rings,, controlling, the, main, hero., to, make, the, action, you, are, to, select, the, corresponding, mode., it, has, perfect, special, effects, and, qualitative, 3d, graphics., as, for, the, other, modes,, they, all, have, a, traditional, style., despite, this,, the, developers, managed, to, make, a, beautiful, design, for, their, dress,, which, can, be, changed., the, game, has, a, lot, of, songs, in, store., compatible, for:, android, 2.1, and, higher,
3d Rhythm Action R Tap Global

19 MB
, game, description:, 3d, rollercoaster, rush., new, york:, hurry, up, to, receive, a, portion, of, adrenaline, in, the, game, 3d, rollercoaster, rush, new, york., you, will, take, part, in, a, fascinating, driving, on,
3d Rollercoaster Rush New York

21.1 MB
, game, description:, 3d, toon, car, parking:, 3d, toon, car, parking, -, control, different, cars, and, drive, them, through, maze-like, street, of, a, cute, city., do, various, missions, and, get, rewards., show, your, driving, skills, in, this, android, game., you, have, to, drive, your, car, on, a, given, route,, obeying, the, traffic, rules, and, avoiding, emergency, situations., park, your, car, in, the, designated, location,, doing, the, tasks, as, fast, as, possible., buy, new, cars,, each, with, unique, specifications, and, design.game, features:colorful, graphicsgood, controls10, different, carsabsorbing, gameplay, compatible, for:, android, 2.3, and, higher., v1.0<a, href='https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.android.games.action.racing.shooting.free.tooncarparking3d', target='_blank'>download, on, the, app, store</a>
3d Toon Car Parking

26.6 MB
, game, description:, 3d, winter, game, fantasy:, magnificent, sports, winter, games!, you, have, a, choice:, to, play, a, penguin, and, to, participate, in, slalom,, or, to, play, a, polar, bear, and, slides, on, sledge., and, it, is, possible, to, choose, a, dolphin, and, to, try, underwater, races!it’s, your, choice!, compatible, for:, android, 1.5, and, higher,
3d Winter Game Fantasy

5 MB
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4 In A 3d Row

13.6 MB
, game, description:, 4, player, reactor:, this, game, includes, some, minitasks,, during, the, performance, of, which, you, should, advance, rivals, in, the, reaction, and, ingenuity., the, prize, will, be, in, hands, of, the, one,, who, for, allowed, time, will, gather, the, maximum, number, of, the, right, answers, and, the, minimum, number, of, mistakes., as, soon, as, the, confidence, of, the, right, decision, of, a, task, comes, to, you,, press, the, screen, quicker, and, earn, the, deserved, points., compatible, for:, android, 1.5, and, higher,
4 Player Reactor

1.6 MB
, game, description:, 4, teh, birds:, in, this, game, you, should, connect, 3, and, more, birdies,, with, identical, color, to, make, them, disappear., in, difference, from, the, majority, of, similar, games, in, this, you, will, not, only, change, the, position, of, birds,, but, you, will, move, them, by, means, of, a, touchscreen., your, actions, will, have, impact, on, all, birds, being, near., in, the, game, there’s, realistic, physics, and, perfectly, traced, animation., compatible, for:, android, 1.6, and, higher,
4 Teh Birds

2.2 MB
, game, description:, 50:, critical, mass:, 50:, critical, mass, -, rotate, the, circle, in, the, center, of, the, screen, and, catch, different, circles, with, it., try, to, collect, same, color, circles, in, groups., train, your, reaction, speed, and, set, records, in, this, android, game., groups, of, 5, same, circles, will, explode, and, give, you, points., your, task, will, gradually, become, more, difficult,, new, colors, begin, appearing, and, the, speed, increases., the, game, will, end, when, the, central, circle, has, 50, circles, of, different, colors, on, it.game, features:nice, minimalistic, graphicssimple, controlshigh, scoresabsorbing, gameplaydownload, on, google, play, compatible, for:, android, 2.3, and, higher., v1.0.1<a, href='https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.sergey.abadzhev.criticalmass', target='_blank'>download, on, the, app, store</a>
50 Critical Mass

19.8 MB
, game, description:, 50, ways, to, survive:, 50, ways, to, survive, –will, you, be, able, to, escape, from, tenacious, paws, of, the, death?, predators, will, begin, hunting, on, you,, bombs, will, blow, up, around, and, breaks, fall,, generally, danger, traps, you,, literally, on, each, your, step., for, simplification, of, your, fate,, you, are, waited, for,, certainly,, by, various, bonuses.features:36, levelsten, achievementsdynamic, gameplaycheerful, soundgood, graphics, compatible, for:, android, 2.3, and, higher,
50 Ways To Survive

25.5 MB
, game, description:, 8bit, doves:, 8bit, doves, -, help, our, hero,, he, is, trapped, in, virtual, 4-color, world, controlled, by, ancient, ai., help, the, hero, escape, the, captivity, by, beating, dangerous, levels, of, this, android, game., virtual, doves, visited, the, prisoner, and, gave, him, the, ability, to, fly., now, he's, flying, with, the, doves, through, tangled, corridors, full, of, traps, like, falling, ceiling,, moving, walls,, flying, platforms, and, so, on., get, through, all, the, difficulties, and, guide, the, hero, to, freedom.game, features:retro, graphicssimple, controlsvarious, levels, in, 3, worldsabsorbing, gameplay, compatible, for:, android, 4.3, and, higher., v1.0., armv7., armv7a
8bit Doves

18.9 MB
, game, description:, 8th, wave, abyssal, rise:, 8th, wave:, abyssal, rise, -, you, are, a, young, captain, of, an, underwater, vessel,, you, are, waited, for, by, adventures!, if, you, have, enough, courage, to, go, to, an, underwater, abyss,, then, forward!, collect, corals, and, attack, hostile, fishes, attacking, you,, and, also, various, obstacles, arising, on, your, way., excellent, balancing, and, simple, management, make, this, game, really, fascinating., tap, in, the, left, part, of, the, screen, to, lift, the, boat, up,, in, the, right, part, of, the, screen, to, cause, fire., to, battle, with, enemies, or, just, to, maneuver, between, them,, you, decide, what, to, do!, with, each, new, level, you, will, meet, new, types, of, enemies,, new, updatings, and, new, tests., compatible, for:, android, 2.3.3, and, higher,
8th Wave Abyssal Rise

42.3 MB
, game, description:, 9, elements:, action, fight, ball:, 9, elements:, action, fight, ball, -, go, on, the, arena, and, play, 1, vs, 1, ball, matches, with, different, opponents., use, destructive, magic, and, defeat, your, opponents., compete, in, a, tournament,, defeating, your, rivals, and, save, the, fantasy, world, from, destruction, in, this, game, for, android., return, your, control, over, magical, elemental, stones., choose, among, many, characters,, each, with, a, special, way, of, playing, the, game., buy, weapons,, beautiful, clothes, and, accessories, to, make, your, character, unique., compete, with, players, from, around, the, world.game, features:colorful, graphicssimple, controls11, different, charactersplay, with, friendsthe, game, requires, an, internet, connection, compatible, for:, android, 2.2, and, higher., v1.11., armv5., Много, денег<a, href='https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.leinus.nineelements', target='_blank'>download, on, the, app, store</a>
9 Elements Action Fight Ball

30.5 MB
, game, description:, a, big, trouble:, a, big, trouble, -, you, will, run, down, the, street, and, plunder, passersby., bypass, obstacles, not, to, fall, down, and, not, to, be, caught, by, angry, crowd.features:, amusing, gameplay, good, graphicseasy, control, system, compatible, for:, android, 2.2, and, higher,
A Big Trouble

8.7 MB
, game, description:, a, long, way, home:, a, long, way, home., it, is, a, magnificent, game,, in, which, you, will, have, to, overcome, 100, light, years, and, come, back, home., the, game, has, great, physics;, you, will, have, to, jump, from, one, asteroid, to, another, collecting, dark, matter, on, the, way, to, open, the, gates, and, jump, to, the, next, stellar, system., compatible, for:, android, 1.6, and, higher,
A Long Way Home

45.6 MB
, game, description:, a, monster, ate, my, homework:, monsters, stole, your, homework!, it’s, time, to, revenge, them!, you, should, bring, down, figures, of, monsters, from, a, platform, by, your, ball., but, in, the, game, we, won't, see, real, monsters., on, a, big, box, there, are, cubes, of, two, types., the, first, -, homework, which, is, presented, in, the, form, of, books, and, writing-books,, and, the, second, –, the, drawn, mugs, of, monsters, on, cubes., at, change, of, situation, of, one, cube, in, the, space,, there, is, an, influence, on, others,, according, to, physics, laws., you, should, bring, down, monsters, from, a, box, so, that, all, homework, remained, on, the, box., for, this, purpose, it, is, necessary, to, study, various, options., in, the, game, there’re, 5, locations, with, 20, levels, on, each., compatible, for:, android, 1.6, and, higher,
A Monster Ate My Homework

11.1 MB
, game, description:, a, moon, for, the, sky:, the, aim, of, the, game, is, to, get, higher,, and, higher,, and, higher., you, will, be, given, some, object, to, be, launched, into, the, sky., your, task, is, to, keep, it, at, the, top, and, not, let, fall, with, the, help, of, platforms,, drawn, by, your, fingers;, the, objects, will, bounce, and, fly, up., the, speed, of, the, flying, up, depends, on, the, length, of, the, platform, –, the, shorter, is, the, platform,, the, faster, the, object, will, fly, to, the, moon., the, game, has, 18, levels,, rather, short, ones, if, you, play, accurately, and, efficiently., each, new, is, unlocked, after, the, completion, of, the, previous, one,, but, you, can, unlock, them, all, at, once, in, the, internal, store., the, bonus, stars, you, collect, the, entire, game, long, does, not, influence, the, final, result, much,, what, makes, the, diligent, collection, of, them, pointless., compatible, for:, android, 1.6, and, higher,
A Moon For The Sky

9.6 MB
, game, description:, a, ninja, outbreak., ninja, game:, a, ninja, outbreak., ninja, game, -, help, ninja, run, through, a, variety, of, levels, and, defeat, the, enemy., ninja's, running, through, different, levels, full, of, traps, and, evil, enemies., jump, over, the, obstacles,, collect, coins,, use, a, variety, of, bonuses, and, fly, up, into, the, air,, run, on, walls., fight, the, enemies, using, shurikens,, knives, and, other, traditional, ninja, weapons., defeat, a, variety, of, enemies, and, powerful, bosses., experience, the, real, power, of, a, ninja, in, this, absorbing, android, game.game, features:many, levelseasy, controls, compatible, for:, android, 2.3.5, and, higher., v1.0., armv5.,
A Ninja Outbreak Ninja Game

15.5 MB
, game, description:, a, ride, into, the, mountains:, a, ride, into, the, mountains, -, saddle, your, horse, and, go, to, epic, travel., your, task, is, to, protect, a, shrine, from, darkness, and, evil, powers.features:, retro, and, pixel, graphics, excellent, soundtrackmany, levels, compatible, for:, android, 2.3, and, higher,
A Ride Into The Mountains

7.4 MB
, game, description:, a, tiny, bird's, journey:, the, main, hero, of, the, a, tiny, bird's, journey, game, is, a, small,, but, quite, a, chubby, little, bird,, eager, to, make, a, great, journey,, cross, various, countries, and, continents., and, it, doesn't, make, any, difference, that, the, journey, is, just, a, well-staged, performance., the, bird, flies, forward, to, become, a, little, closer, to, its, aim., try, to, visit, various, scenes, with, it;, watch, unusual, and, picturesque, places, prepared, by, developers., you, have, to, pursue, your, object:, fly, as, far, as, possible,, avoid, obstacles, and, show, real, acting, when, making, the, journey., compatible, for:, android, 2.1, and, higher,
A Tiny Birds Journey

10.9 MB
, game, description:, a, zombie, stole, my, toaster:, a, zombie, stole, my, toaster, -, in, this, game, you, should, protect, various, things, from, ruthless, thieves, like, zombie., they, are, going., but, wait,, this, time, they, don't, want, brains,, it, seems, that, they, simply, want, to, steal, your..., things., zombies, intruded, in, your, house,, you, are, surrounded,, but, it, not, a, problem., use, your, finger, to, conduct, our, hero, to, zombie, and, to, destroy, as, many, as, you, can., compatible, for:, android, 2.2, and, higher,
A Zombie Stole My Toaster

13.6 MB
, game, description:, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!:, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!, -, a, game,, where, you, fall, down, from, a, skyscraper, and, have, to, try, to, reach, the, earth, alive., features:, various, obstacles47, levels, control, by, the, accelerometer, tremendous, graphics, compatible, for:, android, 4.0.4, and, higher., armv7., adreno., v1.7

44.5 MB
, game, description:, abc, mysteriez, hidden, letters:, you, will, surely, like, Юabc, mysteriez:, hidden, letters,, if, you, are, one, of, admirers, of, a, genre,
Abc Mysteriez Hidden Letters

21.1 MB
, game, description:, absorption:, absorption, -, control, a, small, circle., move, it, on, the, playing, field., keep, close, to, the, enemy, to, drain, their, energy., absorb, as, much, energy, of, your, enemies, as, possible, to, win, in, this, android, game., move, the, circle, using, one, finger., be, careful, and, don't, crash, into, walls, or, enemies,, or, you'll, lose, points., you, need, to, be, close, to, the, enemy,, until, its, energy, is, exhausted., some, enemies, may, explode,, others, are, invisible,, and, so, on., try, to, draw, energy, from, multiple, enemies, simultaneously.game, features:minimalistic, graphicssimple, controls35, levelsdifferent, types, of, enemieshigh, scoresabsorbing, gameplaydownload, on, google, play, compatible, for:, android, 2.3, and, higher., v1.0.1., armv5<a, href='https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jamgame.absorb', target='_blank'>download, on, the, app, store</a>

14.9 MB
, game, description:, absotruckinlutely:, absotruckinlutely, -, remarkable, arcade, races., you, will, be, given, an, opportunity, to, drive, on, the, cluttered-up, tracks, on, monster, truck., you, will, have, no, rivals,, drive, in, the, pleasure,, carry, out, tricks,, collect, bonuses, and, improve, the, truck.features:a, large, number, of, updated, levelsfascinating, gameplayimprobable, tricksexcellent, graphicsamusing, soundtrack, compatible, for:, android, 3.1, and, higher,

46.1 MB
, game, description:, aby, escape:, a, poor, coon, is, persecuted, by, everyone, it, meets, in, aby, escape., it, is, not, clear, exactly, what, could, such, a, peaceful, animal, annoy, people, with,, but, their, desire, to, destroy, it, is, so, great, that, they, are, ready, to, follow, it, for, several, miles., otherwise, our, hero, is, no, pushover, –, it, makes, the, most, mileage, out, of, itself,, showing, not, bad, acrobatic, stunts, and, overcoming, the, most, various, obstacles., just, an, incredible, number, and, variety, of, obstacles, are, waiting, for, raccoon, during, the, game;, it, will, have, to, run, through, a, variety, of, locations, -, from, abandoned, forest, villages, to, a, huge, metropolis., it, must, be, the, only, runner, having, such, a, variety, of, levels, and, obstacles., each, round, opens, something, new, for, you,, and, a, huge, number, of, locations, and, bonuses, will, not, let, you, tear, yourself, away, from, the, game., compatible, for:, android, 2.1, and, higher,
Aby Escape

45.4 MB
, game, description:, abyss, attack:, abyss, attack, -, a, fascinating, underwater, adventure, with, colourful, landscapes, and, unique, sea, beings., game, features:6, submarines87, missions, battles, with, bosses, tremendous, graphicsleaderboard, compatible, for:, android, 4.0.4, and, higher., v1.1
Abyss Attack

35.6 MB
, game, description:, ace, air, force:, super, hero:, ace, air, force:, super, hero, -, the, earth, is, under, attach, of, space, aliens., their, fleet, dominates, the, sky., you, and, your, ultramodern, fighter, are, the, last, hope, for, the, humankind., corrupted, leaders, of, world, military, alliance, are, worried, for, their, lives., but, the, true, hero, knows, that, the, first, and, foremost, goal, is, to, protect, civilians., rescue, them, and, destroy, various, enemy, ships., upgrade, your, fighter,, mount, more, powerful, engines,, shields, and, weapons., this, android, game, has, interesting, story, and, powerful, enemies.game, features:great, graphicsmany, levelspowerful, bossesgood, sound, compatible, for:, android, 2.3.5, and, higher., v1.0.,
Ace Air Force Super Hero

23.8 MB

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