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Candy Flow 4.1 MB

Game description: Candy flow:
Candy flow - join identical candies with a pipe to create a candy flow. The pipes shouldn't intersect.
Game features:
Over 1000 puzzles
Two gamemodes
Colorful graphics

Compatible for: Android 2.0 and higher. v1.1


Candy Flow.apk, Logic, Standalone, Android,Screenshot Preview Candy Flow.apk, Logic, Standalone, Android,Screenshot Preview 2 Candy Flow.apk, Logic, Standalone, Android,Screenshot Preview 3 Candy Flow.apk, Logic, Standalone, Android,Screenshot Preview 4

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8 MB
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1.7 MB
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13.3 MB
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6.3 MB
, game, description:, blockwick, 2:, blockwick, 2, -, move, colorful, blocks, of, different, shapes, and, sizes, on, the, screen., match, all, bock, of, the, same, color, in, groups., improve, your, logic, and, imagination, in, this, android, game., the, playing, field, is, shaped, like, a, small, labyrinth, filled, with, colorful, blocks., swap, the, blocks, and, move, them, to, match, blocks, of, the, same, color., at, each, new, level, the, playing, field, will, have, another, shape, and, you'll, have, a, new, task., also, there'll, be, blocks, with, unusual, properties.game, features:great, graphicssimple, controls160, interesting, levelsabsorbing, gameplay, compatible, for:, android, 4.0, and, higher., v1.0<a, href='https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kiefferbros.blockwick2', target='_blank'>download, on, the, app, store</a>
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49.4 MB
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17.9 MB
, game, description:, blue, block:, a, perfect, stylish, puzzle, in, which, you, have, to, move, the, blue, block, out, of, the, grid., it, is, understood,, that, you, will, have, to, think, well, to, move, the, other, blocks, scattered, out, of, the, way, until, they, are, not, the, obstacles, any, more, and, you, will, have, an, opportunity, to, get, to, the, exit, and, move, to, the, next, level., by, the, way,, the, game, has, a, thousand, of, levels., ., compatible, for:, android, 2.1, and, higher,
Blue Block

12.3 MB
, game, description:, bob's, christmas, story:, help, a, fawn, to, decorate, the, wolf’s, house, by, christmas, to, return, to, santa, in, a, festive, game, bob's, christmas, story.features:, set, of, problems, of, different, difficulty, fantastic, christmas, atmosphere, compatible, for:, android, 2.2, and, higher., v1.1
Bobs Christmas Story

21 MB
, game, description:, bocce, ball:, classic, and, vivid, hd, arcade, game., the, game, consists, of, rounds, having, battles, to, 10, points, each., your, opponent, or, you, throw, ahead, a, big, white, ball,, which, you, will, use, as, a, center, of, the, target., then, your, opponent, throws, blue, balls,, and, you, throw, red, ones., the, person, whose, ball, or, balls, will, be, closer, to, the, center, is, the, winner., the, quantity, of, balls, that, appeared, to, be, closer, then, the, opponent’s, balls, is, added, to, the, score., you, can, not, only, try, to, bring, you, balls, closer,, but, also, repel, the, balls, of, the, opponent, as, far, as, possible., you, may, compete, with, android, or, with, your, friends., compatible, for:, android, 1.5, and, higher,
Bocce Ball

3 MB
, game, description:, big, pig:, this, is, an, absorbing, logic, game, for, android, devices, named, big, pig., quite, a, funny, name,, isn’t, it?, the, main, heroine, of, the, game, is, namely, the, pig., but, she, looks, quite, odd., she, has, a, form, of, a, cube, and, she, is, called, a, pig, not, because, she, likes, dirt, or, has, swinish, habits,, but, because, she, is, really, huge., the, events, are, developing, according, to, the, following, plot:, before, the, beginning, of, every, level, you, will, see, a, pile, of, clobber, with, wood, boards,, boxes,, buckets, and, other, peasant, stock, among, them., the, piggy, will, sit, on, the, ground, exactly, till, the, moment, when, you, touch, the, screen., as, soon, as, you, notify, that, you, are, ready, the, main, character, will, be, hung, up, and, lifted, up., compatible, for:, android, 2.2, and, higher,
Bolshaya Svinya

7.8 MB
, game, description:, bon, voyage, hidden, objects:, bon, voyage:, hidden, object, -, go, to, a, fascinating, travel, in, the, most, picturesque, places, of, a, planet, on, four, continents., choose, a, convenient, mode, of, game, and, go, forward, on, searches, of, collection, objects.features:90, colorful, levels,
Bon Voyage Hidden Objects

23.2 MB
, game, description:, boom, bugs:, you, will, appear, in, the, wood, where, peacefully, and, comfortably, different, small, insects, live., but, in, one,, not, a, fine, day,, idyll, was, broken, by, spiteful, spiders, who, attacked, peaceful, insects, and, kidnap, them, to, eat., protect, your, friends., you, will, be, helped, by, very, unusual, explosive, bugs,, there’re, 9, of, them, in, the, game, and, each, possesses, unique, properties., in, total, in, the, game, there’re, 54, fascinating, levels, constructed, on, physics, so, that, you, need, to, think, over, each, movement!, all, this, is, accompanied, by, excellent, graphics, in, high, resolution, and, an, amusing, offscreen, voice., compatible, for:, android, 2.1, and, higher,
Boom Bugs

15.1 MB
, game, description:, boxpop:, boxpop, -, pop, boxes, on, the, playing, field, made, up, of, tiles., you, can, move, between, the, boxed, as, a, chess, knight., train, your, logic, in, this, android, game., plan, your, moves, so, that, you, can't, get, stuck., start, with, simple, levels, and, gradually, unlock, new,, much, more, complex, ones., the, playing, field, can, be, of, many, shapes, like, a, ring,, an, elephant,, a, tree,, a, horse,, and, so, on., try, to, make, as, less, moves, as, you, can, to, pop, all, the, boxes, to, get, 3, stars, for, each, level.game, features:nice, minimalistic, graphicssimple, controlsover, 40, levelsabsorbing, gameplaydownload, on, google, play, compatible, for:, android, 2.2, and, higher., v1.3.302., armv5., armvcortex-a8., armv7a<a, href='https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.freshplanet.inhouse.games.boxpopdownload, on, google, play
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Brain Wars
22.7 MB
, game, description:, bridges:, bridges, -, build, different, railroad, bridges, and, run, trains, on, them., try, how, it's, like, to, be, an, industrial, architect., you, need, to, build, different, bridges., they, need, to, be, strong, enough, to, withstand, the, weight, of, the, train., use, a, variety, of, building, materials, such, as, wood,, stone,, steel,, cables,, etc., don't, forget, to, place, the, diagonal, beams, to, strengthen, the, bridge, structure., overloaded, elements, of, the, structure, will, stand, out, in, red, and, blue.game, features:many, levelsrealistic, physicsnice, graphics, compatible, for:, android, 4.0.4, and, higher., v1.0., armv7.,

11.3 MB
, game, description:, build, it!:, feel, like, a, real, engineer, in, the, game, build, it!, connect, points, so, that, your, bridge, could, sustain, loading, from, any, transport, passing, on, it.features:30, levels, excellent, game, physics, realistic, calculation, of, loading, stylish, graphics, pleasant, soundtrack, compatible, for:, android, 2.2, and, higher., v1.5
Build It

7.8 MB
, game, description:, canica:, canica, game, combines, elements, of, billiards, and, mini-golf., the, logic, component, of, the, game, is, emphasized., a, necessity, to, roll, a, ball, into, a, hole, was, taken, from, golf,, and, a, calculation, of, its, trajectory, was, taken, from, billiards., the, game, field, is, complicated, with, a, number, of, various, obstacles., you, will, have, to, calculate, the, trajectory, of, a, ball, movement, during, 60, game, levels, to, roll, the, ball, into, the, hole, and, make, the, minimum, number, of, strikes., compatible, for:, android, 2.2, and, higher,

16.9 MB
, game, description:, carrom, 3d:, carrom, 3d, -, a, billiards, and, aero, hockey, mix., you, should, hammer, checkers, into, holes., move, counters, to, convenient, places, before, each, blow.features:, three-dimensional, graphics, fascinating, gameplayconvenient, control, system, compatible, for:, android, 2.0.1, and, higher.,
Carrom 3d

8.2 MB
, game, description:, catch, duck:, catch, duck, -, operating, a, fox, and, using, various, traps, and, objects,, tire, out, a, duck, to, the, deadlock, and, try, to, catch, it.features:excellent, graphics, difficult, levelsamusing, sounds, compatible, for:, android, 2.2, and, higher.,
Catch Duck

16.1 MB
, game, description:, chess, genius:, chess, genius, -, an, excellent, simulator, of, chess, on, your, device.features:33, levels4, sets, of, figures, championship, training, mode, chess, clockhelps, compatible, for:, android, 1.5, and, higher., v2.5.0., armv5
Chess Genius

394.6 KB
, game, description:, chess:, chess, -, one, of, the, best, simulators, of, chess, with, convenient, interface, and, a, set, of, opportunities.features:12, levels, of, difficulty, multiplayer, on, one, device8, boards, and, 5, sets, of, figures, mode, of, the, game, reviewhelps, statistics, of, game, compatible, for:, android, 1.5, and, higher., v1.801

6.7 MB
, game, description:, chip, chain:, chip, chain, represents, a, very, fascinating, puzzle, for, android,, which, will, surely, remind, you, such, games, as, prime, world:, alchemy, and, democracy., instead, of, characters, and, various, objects, in, the, game, there’re, counters, from, a, casino, that, makes, design, of, the, game, very, reserved, and, at, the, same, time, original., at, the, beginning, of, the, game, you, see, some, counters, on, the, game, field,, as, a, rule, with, small, value, (from, one, to, three, conventional, units)., below, a, game, field, there, is, a, peculiar, conveyor,, where, other, counters, with, various, values, will, be, given., compatible, for:, android, 2.2, and, higher,
Chip Chain

21.2 MB
, game, description:, circle:, circle, -, guide, the, ball, through, a, round, labyrinth, made, of, concentric, circles., rotate, the, playing, field, and, get, the, ball, to, the, center, of, the, maze., show, your, logic, and, acumen, in, this, android, puzzle., rotate, the, playing, field, so, the, ball, moves, through, the, corridors, of, the, maze., collect, all, the, stars, on, the, level., move, through, the, holes, in, the, walls, and, get, closer, to, the, center., with, each, new, level, the, number, of, concentric, circles, that, form, walls, of, the, maze, increases.game, features:nice, minimalistic, graphicsmany, levelssimple, controlsaddictive, gameplay, compatible, for:, android, 2.3, and, higher., v1., armv7., armv7a

14 MB
, game, description:, civiballs:, in, the, game, civiballs, you, will, cut, chains, so, that, spheres, got, to, vases, of, the, appropriate, colors.features:60, levels3, ancient, civilizations, fascinating, plot, various, mechanisms, bright, graphics, compatible, for:, android, 2.3, and, higher.,

36.8 MB
, game, description:, cogs:, cogs, -, a, logical, game,, where, you, have, to, create, operating, mechanisms,, moving, blocks, with, details, (reminds, tag)., 3, game, mode:, a, mode, of, an, inventor,, where, you, receive, general, an, idea, about, various, details, from, which, mechanisms, are, assembled,, and, the, principle, of, their, work;, time, game:, for, allowed, time, it, is, necessary, to, assemble, the, mechanism;, course, game:, you, will, be, limited, in, number, of, courses,, which, you, should, use, to, collect, a, puzzle.null, compatible, for:, android, 2.1, and, higher,

56.6 MB
, game, description:, color, dash:, color, dash, -, color, in, the, grid, made, up, of, squares,, circles,, or, hexagons, of, different, colors., make, the, whole, grid, one, color., train, your, logic, and, plan, your, actions, a, few, steps, in, advance, to, complete, tasks, in, this, android, game., the, grid, is, made, up, of, colorful, tiles., you, have, 5, squares, of, different, colors, at, the, bottom, of, the, screen, that, you, can, use, to, fill, in, the, tiles, with, a, certain, color., a, group, of, neighboring, tiles, of, the, same, color, can, be, recolored, in, one, move.game, features:minimalistic, graphicssimple, controls4, game, modesover, 50, levelsplay, with, friends, compatible, for:, android, 4.0, and, higher., v1.1<a, href='https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appswood.colordash&hl=en', target='_blank'>download, on, the, app, store</a>
Color Dash

20.4 MB
, game, description:, connect'em:, connect'em, -, a, game, puzzle,, the, essence, of, this, game, -, it, is, necessary, to, connect, water, drops, among, themselves,, but, thus, each, drop, has, a, limited, quantity, of, ramifications, for, connection., thus,, you, need, to, connect, them, so, that, all, available, connections, are, used., there’re, three, modes, of, game:, adventure,, arcade, and, survival., compatible, for:, android, 1.5, and, higher,

4.2 MB

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