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Maniac Manors 154.2 MB

Game description: Maniac Manors:
Maniac Manors. A bargain of a manor turns to be quite an intriguing acquisition. But when you got inside of it, everything went out terrifyingly wrong…
Game features:Perfect graphics
Soundtrack and high-quality sound effects
Lots of items to collect and unite
System of psychic health
The world inspired by Chtulhu world
Compatible for: iOS 4 and higher. For iPad, iPhone, iPod.


Maniac Manors.ipa, Adventure, Iphone,Screenshot Preview Maniac Manors.ipa, Adventure, Iphone,Screenshot Preview 2 Maniac Manors.ipa, Adventure, Iphone,Screenshot Preview 3 Maniac Manors.ipa, Adventure, Iphone,Screenshot Preview 4 Maniac Manors.ipa, Adventure, Iphone,Screenshot Preview 5

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93.6 MB

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