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Drain Pipe Surf Dudes 31.7 MB

Game description: Drain Pipe Surf Dudes:
Join Ampi and his crew for some totally awesome, drainpipe surfing down in Graffiti City! Jump on your leaf and fly down over 60 challenging drainpipes on the front of some really gnarly, disused buildings. There are tons of jumps, bumps and ways for you to wipeout down the pipes. Well? Will you risk? There are 4 buildings with different pipes in each: the School Pipes, where you learn how to pump over water on the pipeline; the Condemned pipes which has lots of nasty obstacles; the Sick pipes where you might need a doctor after colliding with some of these objects; Fuzz Pipes, where there's lots of loot for you to steal; There’s also the Surf Store packed with loads of cool upgrades, including additional modes of game, 25 Achievements to be unlocked and each will give you some extra stars, sweet! Kamcord integration with the help of which you can make record and share video of amazing gameplay, now it is simpler and easier to show you results and to earn star awards.
Compatible for: For iPad, iPhone, iPod iOS 4.3and higher v 1.1 (обновление)


Drain Pipe Surf Dudes.ipa, Arcade, Iphone,Screenshot Preview Drain Pipe Surf Dudes.ipa, Arcade, Iphone,Screenshot Preview 2 Drain Pipe Surf Dudes.ipa, Arcade, Iphone,Screenshot Preview 3 Drain Pipe Surf Dudes.ipa, Arcade, Iphone,Screenshot Preview 4

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7.2 MB

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