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Subway Rushers 32.9 MB

Game description: Subway Rushers:
Subway Rushers - mad arcadian action with tremendous graphics, plot, weapon and characters: Frankenstein, Lara Croft, Sadako and Liu Kiang! Frankenstein - is dreadfully ugly and huge, but kind, full of goodwill and gratitude to people. Lara Croft - a brave woman researcher, expert in archeology and specializing on firearms. Sadako: Since the childhood she has no over abilities, but she is very beautiful. Liu Kiang: A magnificent athlete, with amazing reactions! You should jump and overcome various obstacles.
Compatible for: For iPad, iPhone, iPod iOS 4.3and higher


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, game, description:, monster, tamer:, chaos, spreads, over, the, earth., savage, monsters, run, wild., a, once, peaceful, village, collapses, under, the, turmoil., all, hope, is, lost…, but, a, brave, young, monster, tamer, survives., those, he, cannot, tame,, he, must, destroy., he, is, a, monster's, worst, enemy,, and, the, world's, only, hope!, control, the, tamer, through, mystical, zones, and, face, off, with, many, monsters, in, battle, adventures., during, battle,, monsters, you, don’t, slaughter, can, be, captured, to, become, the, tamer’s, personal, attack, force., capture, as, many, types, of, monsters, as, possible, for, a, complete, collection!features:, 50, previously, unseen, monsters, to, capture, or, kill., you, decide!, bring, captured, monsters, back, to, the, ranch, for, taming, and, training., collect, flesh, and, bones, of, slain, monsters, to, feed, your, captured, monsters., each, unique, monster, has, different, skills., select, up, to, 3, monsters, to, accompany, you, into, battle., many, unique, battle, zones, guarantee, you, a, new, adventure, each, time., each, set, of, battle, zones, is, protected, by, its, own, giant, monster, boss., richly, detailed, scrolling, environments., supports, bluetooth, and, game, center, connections, methods, for, creating, powerful, monster, breeds, and, friendship, badges.compatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 3.2, and, higher, v, 1.1, (обновление)
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164.8 MB
, game, description:, ninja, assassin:, razo, —, one, of, the, most, dangerous, ninja, murderers, in, the, world., in, the, childhood, he, was, turned, into, a, professional, murderer, by, members, of, the, clan,
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64 MB
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Ninjas Vs Samurai Epic Castle Defense

101.6 MB
, game, description:, pocket, army:, create, an, epic, army, of, fencers,, shooters,, magicians, and, many, other, types, of, units, and, command, them, in, pocket, army!, play, with, your, friends,, build, your, army, and, lead, them, in, frantic, real-time, battle, against, evils., pocket, army, brings, together, army-building, and, rpg, elements., customize, your, hero, via, dozens, of, unique, skills,, weapons,, armors,, shields, and, rings., plan, strategy, for, each, real, time, battle., conquer, enemies, across, the, vast, world, map!, intense, battle, with, boss!compatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 4.2, and, higher
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42.9 MB
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Pocket Fighter

45.2 MB
, game, description:, pocket, rpg:, pocket, rpg., the, darkness, is, coming;, the, world, is, swarming, with, hordes, of, diverse, monsters., are, you, able, to, stop, them?, choose, a, hero:, blade, master,, dark, ranger, or, a, battle, magus, and, avoid, all, the, traps, of, the, dungeon,, outsmart, cruel, bosses, and, find, tons, of, riches,, which, you, can, spend, for, skills, and, equipment, purchase., game, features:randomly, generated, levelsamazing, stylized, 3d, environment,, monsters, and, characters3, classes, of, heroes,, 3, different, game, styleseasy, controlsautomatic, skills/stat, progression, based, on, products, and, abilities, of, your, characterclashes, with, bossesleaderboards,, achievements, and, otherscompatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 4.3, , and, higher
Pocket Rpg

123.1 MB
, game, description:, power, rangers, samurai, steel:, power, rangers, samurai, steel, is, a, dynamic, 3d, fighting, game, based, on, american, television, serial., play, as, one, of, five, rangers, and, fight, with, different, enemies., deal, shortly, with, the, villain, named, rofer, and, his, army., use, special, techniques, and, attacks,, shred, everything, on, your, way!game, features:game, centerphysics, of, characters, and, special, effects, are, in, the, serial, styleeach, of, five, rangers, has, his, special, power,, but, he, also, has, weaknessesthe, simplest, control, with, the, use, of, intuitive, touch-swipeslive, scenes, from, the, show, about, mighty, rangersin-game, achievementscompatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 4.3, , and, higher
Power Rangers Samurai Steel

135 MB
, game, description:, prince, of, persia, classic, hd:, the, age, old, epic, saga, is, back, in, high, definition., relive, the, classic, or, play, it, for, the, first, time!, replay, the, adventure, of, the, original, prince, of, persia, in, a, complete, new, skin, to, rescue, the, princess., challenge, the, death, with, your, tricks,, as, you, proceed, from, the, dark, and, grim, dungeons, to, the, beautiful, palace, tower., the, levels, are, filled, with, traps!, try, to, deceive, the, destiny, once, again., unlock, achievements, of, game, center, and, get, a, place, on, leaderboards, to, challenge, your, friends., each, hero, deserves, recognition., share, achievements, and, account, through, facebook, and, mail.compatible, for:, for, ipad, ios, 4.3, , and, higher, v, 2.0.1
Prince Of Persia Classic Hd

196.3 MB
, game, description:, prince, of, persia:, the, shadow, and, the, flame:, prince, of, persia:, the, shadow, and, the, flame, is, the, rebirth, of, the, epic, saga, about, a, traveler,, who, was, born, a, prince., he, sets, out, for, journey, in, search, of, his, past, that, can, change, his, afterlife., game, features:14, levelsstunning, 3d, graphics5, advanced, environmentsnew, combat, system, with, several, enemies, and, tactic, tasksdestructive, comboswell-known, platforming, gameplaygesture-based, control, or, virtual, joystickachievements, and, leaderboardsfacebook, integrationcompatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 4.3, , and, higher
Prince Of Persia The Shadow And The Flame

40.7 MB
, game, description:, prince, of, persia:, classical, adventure, with, which, everything, began, is, now, on, idevice!, the, angry, vizir, made, the, daughter, of, the, sultan, the, awful, ultimatum:, to, marry, him, during, 60, minutes,, or, to, die., you, were, imprisoned, in, the, bottom, vault, under, the, palace,, and, now, have, to, rush, through, sands, to, rescue, your, real, love., pass, devil, traps,, go, info, fencing, and, use, deadly, acrobatics, to, break, through, one, of, the, best-known, and, influential, video, games, of, all, times.compatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 4.3, , and, higher
Prince Of Persia

193.7 MB
, game, description:, quest, for, revenge:, quest, for, revenge, -, plunge, into, a, gloomy, world, which, is, about, to, be, destroyed., dark, powers, seazed, the, western, kingdom., perhaps,, you, are, the, very, hero, who, will, stand, on, the, way, of, evil?excellent, graphicsintriguing, plottensed, dynamic, fightsmany, enemies, and, bossesvariety, of, weapons, and, armourcharacter, upgrade, system, with, 36, various, skills, and, abilitiescompatible, for:, from, ios, 4.3., for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod.
Quest For Revenge

188.9 MB
, game, description:, real, steel:, champions:, real, steel:, champions, -, dynamic, battles, of, powerful, robots, on, furious, arena., create, invincible, fighters, from, different, parts., control, giant, robots,, make, destructive, attacks, and, win, the, title, of, unquestioned, champion!game, features:saturated, gameplay10, arenastournament, of, 20, battleshigh, score17, robotsupgrades, of, robots,, more, than, 100, partsbig, bosses, the, game, requires, an, internet, connectioncompatible, for:, from, ios, 7.0., for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod.<a, href='https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/id944877545?mt=8', target='_blank'>download, on, the, app, store</a>
Real Steel Champions

136.5 MB
, game, description:, real, steel:, real, steel, -, try, based, on,
Real Steel

117.9 MB
, game, description:, rival, knights:, take, part, in, knightly, duels, astride, a, horse,, battle, for, glory, to, thousands, of, rivals,, strike, exact, blows, with, a, spear, and, lead, your, knight, to, the, victory, in, the, game, rival, knights.game, features:, over, 120, horses,, spears,, armor,, helmets, and, other, objects, realistic, graphics, possibility, of, acceleration, of, your, horse, useful, bonusescompatible, for:, from, ios, 6.0., for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod.
Rival Knights

95.5 MB
, game, description:, roblade:design&fight:, bring, together, iron, fighters,, choose, the, style, of, fight, and, appearance, and, go, to, the, arena!, it, allows, you, to, design, your, own, robots, using, different, parts,, and, then, bring, them, to, life, by, designing, any, fight, action, you, can, imagine., let, them, fight, different, enemies, in, the, arena, to, earn, coins,, use, coins, to, upgrade, your, robots, or, buy, new, parts,, such, as, weapons,, batteries,, or, a, rocket, launcher.features:, easily, design, robots, by, drag, parts, to, their, body, every, parts, of, the, robot, can, be, rotated, freely, to, create, fight, motions, unlimited, number, of, robot, designs, every, movement, is, physics, based, every, part, can, be, cut, in, piececompatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 5.0, , and, higher

21 MB
, game, description:, rumble, bots:, rumble, bots, -, dynamic, fights, of, bots., pump, over, your, bot, and, let’s, fight,, find, out, who, is, stronger.compatible, for:, ios, 6.0, and, higher., for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod.
Rumble Bots

59.3 MB
, game, description:, samurai, shodown, 2:, samurai, shodown, is, a, good, fighting, game,, that, moved, from, slot, machines, to, your, idevice., use, super, combos,, holds, and, somersaults, to, neutralize, the, enemy., game, features:d-pad, +, 4, button, controlbluetooth, multiplayer,, that, will, let, you, fight, with, anybody15, characterscompatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 4.3, , and, higher
Samurai Shodown 2

46.9 MB
, game, description:, samurai, tiger:, take, control, of, samurai, tiger, sword,, playing, his, epic, role., in, this, legendary, story,, you, will, travel, to, a, fantasy, world., game, will, give, you, absolutely, live, three-dimensional, characters,, possibility, to, use, different, fighting, skills,, 3rd, person, play, mode,, five, huge, sceneries,, dozens, of, enemies,, use, many, items:, armours, +, swords, +, jewels, and, more., in, the, new, version, dynamic, battle, system,, bugs, fixed,, new, user, interface, and, work, are, improved.compatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 4.2, and, higher, v, 1.2, (обновление)
Samurai Tiger

35.8 MB
, game, description:, samurai, vs, zombies, defense, 2:, samurai, is, back…and, he, took, his, friends, with, him!, play, as, a, heroic, samurai,, deadly, kunoichi, assassin, and, stalwart, armoured, ronin, to, protect, your, village, from, hordes, of, even, more, disgusting, zombies, and, demons!, gather, allies,, build, defensive, installations, and, win, back, the, sacred, artifacts, to, stop, them!, you, can, also, fight, with, your, friends, in, multiplayer, fights, samurai, vs., samurai!, steal, artifacts, from, your, friends, in, multiplayer, mode, to, make, collections, and, get, great, rewards!, the, new, hero, is, daimyo!, an, experienced, military, leader,, capable, of, leading, six, combat, units!, new, single, modes!, in, endless, mode, you, have, to, stand, more, than, 50, enemy, waves:, syuten, dodji, is, waiting, for, you!, new, upgrades, for, allies!, allies, can, grow, up, to, 11, levels,, unlock, new, colors, and, pass, even, more, complicated, tests!, there, is, also, a, new, location:, a, battlefield!, fight, with, zombies, on, waste, grounds, next, to, the, settlement., new, defenders:, village, archers!, now,, when, simple, arrows, do, not, help,, they, can, shoot, ice, and, fire, missiles!, you, can, watch, the, enemy, now:, if, you, touch, him, when, choosing, a, wave,, the, enemy, data, will, be, shown!compatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 5.1, , and, higher
Samurai Vs Zombies Defense 2

111.1 MB
, game, description:, santa, vs, zombies, 3d:, santa, vs, zombies, 3d, –, is, a, fun, arcade, game, somewhat, in, between, hack, &, slash, and, tower, defense, genres., you, are, the, santa, claus, that, guards, his, presents, from, zombies, attacking, from, all, sides., don't, let, the, nasty, green, skunks, to, steel, all, your, presents., your, heavy, sack, is, your, only, weapon, against, the, numerous, attackers!compatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 3.2, and, higher
Santa Vs Zombies 3d

21.3 MB
, game, description:, sarge:, the, planet, zephyr,, in, the, middle, of, a, war, between, the, human, united, terra, initiative, and, the, alien, nova, imperium., sarge, and, trysh, have, been, hired, to, take, out, a, nova, imperium, jump, beacon, that, has, been, planted, on, a, human, mining, ship., a, beacon, that, would, ensure, the, doom, of, zephyr, inhabitants, if, it, were, activated., take, on, the, role, of, sarge,, a, take-no-prisoners, alien, killing, machine,, in, this, action, packed, 2d, action., 6, levels, of, action,, interesting, stories, with, completely, sounded, cutscenes,, nice, hand-drawn, animation.compatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 4.2, and, higher, v, 1.1

86.6 MB
, game, description:, sefirah:, sefirah, -, taking, spirit, fight, on, huge, battlefields!, long, war, between, empires, for, mysterious, crystal, ore, led, to, numerous, deaths!, and, now, one, of, the, knights, participating, in, plot, has, to, open, secrets, of, sefirah., strong, and, enormous, scenarios, within, three, continents,, diverse, maps, and, stages.features:simple, game, mechanism, various, classes, and, mercenariessplendid, and, dynamic, graphics, breathtaking, combat, on, large, battlefieldsmercenaries, with, its, own, character, and, colorcompatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 5.1, , and, higher

118.9 MB
, game, description:, shadow, fight, 2:, souls, of, the, fallen, soldiers, to, which, it, is, necessary, to, battle, interfere, in, the, world., train, your, fighter,, master, blows, and, receptions,, engage, with, faceless, enemies, and, close, a, gate, of, shadows, in, shadow, fight, 2.compatible, for:, ios, 4.3, and, higher., for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod.
Shadow Fight 2

91.7 MB
, game, description:, shadow, warrior:, shadow, warrior, is, the, title, deserved, only, by, the, best, ninja, warriors,, having, not, only, the, battle,, but, also, mental, super, abilities., so,, the, brave, warrior, lue, is, to, face, the, dark, forces,, use, his, sword, and, demonstrate, his, shooting, skills, in, 3d, action, shooter, shadow, warrior., game, features:3, adjustable, control, schemes11, deadly, weaponsdozens, of, parameters, and, optionsretro, -, graphicsamazing, original, soundtrackhordes, of, cruel, enemiesdestroyable, environmentsfunny, jokescompatible, for:, ios, 5.1, and, higher., for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod.
Shadow Warrior

46.5 MB
, game, description:, sinbad:, raise, a, sail,, win, mysterious, islands,, win, enemies, and, find, invaluable, treasures!, become, a, legendary, hero, in, the, official, game, sky, 1, hd's, sinbad., as, the, captain, of, your, devoted, team,, you, should, pass, these, seven, seas, to, return, the, lost, relics, which, are, the, key, to, the, world, defense, from, the, evil!, use, treasures, found, on, your, way, to, modernize, and, to, support, your, tested, vessel, with, new, masts,, sails, and, art, registration., be, an, envy, object, for, the, oceans, and, your, friends, in, facebook!, fight, against, bandits,, city, security, guards, and, supernatural, beings!, fall, down, terrible, rivals, with, acrobatic, and, dynamic, movement,, using, the, intuitive, fighting, system, operated, by, one, touch!, research, noisy, city, markets,, the, left, caves,, ruins, of, temples, and, so, on, …compatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 4.3, , and, higher

85.3 MB
, game, description:, spartans, vs, zombies, defense:, spartans, vs, zombies, defense, -, casual, defense, game,, you, play, as, leonidas, who, is, the, hero-king, of, sparta,, against, hordes, of, attacking, zombies, in, thermopylae., recruit, allies, and, build, defenses, to, stop, them!features:, a, wide, variety, of, allies, to, summon, including, swordsmen,, royal, guards,, archers,, witches, and, more, more, flexible, combination, of, tactics60, waves, in, classic, mode,, and, after, accomplished, difficulty, will, increase., player, vs, player, online,, find, out, who, is, the, real, spartans3, kinds, of, endless, mode, beautiful, graphics,, epic, battlecompatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 4.3, , and, higher
Spartans Vs Zombies Defense

35.4 MB
, game, description:, stargate, command:, stargate, command, is, a, dynamic, fighting, based, on, serial., defend, stargate, from, attacks., unleash, teal'c’s, fury, and, aggression, to, enemies,, hold, down, the, invasion, with, the, use, of, your, battle, techniques, and, weapons.game, features:tutorialsrealistic, gameplay, (presence, effect)compatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 4.3, , and, higher
Stargate Command

74.5 MB
, game, description:, storm, blades:, storm, blades, -, having, made, the, rite, of, passage, the, warriors, started, the, battle, with, keepers, to, test, their, powers, and, free, the, secret, powers, of, weapons., fight, with, the, help, of, your, sword, skillfully,, reflect, the, enemy, attacks, fearlessly, and, become, the, legend, of, ruins!game, features:dynamic, gameplaytons, of, bloodthirsty, enemies, and, bossesmany, upgrades, for, weapons, and, amunitionspectacular, locationscompatible, for:, from, ios, 8.0., for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod.<a, href='https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/stormblades/id961615948?mt=8', target='_blank'>download, on, the, app, store</a>
Storm Blades

102.9 MB
, game, description:, string, fighter:, welcome, to, the, arena, of, dolls, battles!, ruby,, destroy, everything, on, the, way, to, victory, and, become, the, lord, of, puppets, in, the, game, string, fighter.compatible, for:, from, ios, 5.0., for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod.
String Fighter

46.5 MB
, game, description:, sumotori, dreams:, sumotori, dreams, -, amusing, duels, of, sumo, fighters, created, from, cardboard, boxes, and, which, are, on, the, last, legs., your, task, -, to, bring, out, of, a, ring, or, to, bring, down, the, opponent.compatible, for:, ios, 4.3, and, higher., for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod.
Sumotori Dreams

6.4 MB
, game, description:, sword, of, inferno:, go, on, a, travel, through, labyrinths, of, continents,, mystical, woods, and, ardent, depths, of, the, underworld., take, a, sword,, operate, you, hero, and, dominate, over, the, enemy!, enter, into, dungeons,, into, the, underground, cities, and, reject, pressure, of, monsters., there, will, be, fighting, and, manual, dragons., you, will, be, able, to, cause, flame,, wind,, lightning, and, ice, at, your, enemies., cut, their, by, the, tail, of, your, dragon, like, a, sword, and, make, them, feel, the, power, of, your, claws!compatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 4.3, , and, higher
Sword Of Inferno

69.7 MB
, game, description:, taekwondo, game:, global, tournament:, taekwondo, game:, global, tournament, -, a, game, the, animation, of, which, is, based, on, appliance, of, the, moves, of, professional, sportsmen, in, real, battles., try, taekwondo, art, and, see, who, is, the, strongest!game, features:simple, system, of, controlsstunning, surroundingsfascinating, gameplaysingle, and, multiplayer, modescompatible, for:, from, ios, 4.3., for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod.
Taekwondo Game Global Tournament

57 MB
, game, description:, tales, of, the, world, tactics, union:, tales, of, the, world, tactics, union, -, full-scale, rpg, simulator., welcome, to, the, world, created, from, assembled, dreams, of, people, about, the, different, worlds., iridescent, glaze, is, a, clan, keeping, balance, in, the, world, and, protecting, people, from, nightmares, and, darkness,, vampires., however, vampires, who, had, earlier, no, form,, recently, reincarnated, as, demons., only, iridescent, glaze, can, oppose, the, shown, form, of, vampires., help, the, heroes, to, pass, all, dangers!compatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 4.3, , and, higher
Tales Of The World Tactics Union

55.5 MB
, game, description:, tekken, card, tournament:, tekken, card, tournament, is, a, staggering, turn-based, 3d, fighting, game, with, great, gameplay, featuring, amazing, visual, effects,, unlimited, actions,, collectible, cards,, lots, of, enemies, and, characters, to, choose, from., fight, with, the, best, warriors,, collect, experience, of, victories, and, rise, to, the, top, of, leadership!, the, game, features, high, quality,, excellent, three-dimensional, graphics, of, tekken, universe, and, flawless, visualization.compatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 5.0, , and, higher
Tekken Card Tournament

143.9 MB
, game, description:, the, amory, wars:, play, as, one, of, the, most, favorite, military, characters, amory, in, ten, locations, in, keywork,, which, you, have, never, seen, before!, more, combos!, unleash, your, devastating, attacks, with, the, new, swipe, button,, which, will, let, you, perform, devastating, combos, and, steps, by, simply, swiping, in, one, of, four, directions., each, character, has, three, unique, moves!, everything, is, in, your, hands!, fight, on, your, way, while, listening, to, 11, new, musical, the, prize, fighter, inferno, arrangements!compatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 3.1.3, , and, higher
The Amory Wars

131.2 MB
, game, description:, dragon, warrior:, dragon, warrior, -, epic, battle, is, about, to, start!, your, hero, will, appear, in, the, hell,, he, will, experience, cruel, battles, for, life, with, monsters, and, powerful, bosses., unique, skills, of, the, character, will, help, to, clear, the, world, from, evil, creatures!game, features:4, different, charactersevery, day, eventsjoin, the, alliesupgrade, your, weapons, and, powerwonderful, graphicscompatible, for:, from, ios, 6.0., for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod.
The Dragon Warrior

119 MB
, game, description:, the, heroes, of, three, kingdoms:, the, heroes, of, three, kingdoms, -, three-dimensional, game, action, with, a, set, of, battles, based, on, the, chinese, old, story., do, intrepid, actions, to, play, battles, with, heroes, you’ve, chosen!, fulfill, various, mini-games, and, mission, in, stages!, grow, –, up, your, heroes, using, many, of, items,, cards, and, skills!, suppress, all, enemies, with, your, basic, attacks,, combos, and, spectacular, skills!compatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 4.1, and, higher
The Heroes Of Three Kingdoms

171 MB
, game, description:, the, king, of, fighters, 97:, the, king, of, fighters, 97, -, the, next, part, of, a, legendary, fighting,, where, it, is, necessary, to, understand, who, is, the, real, king, of, fighting!features:35, characters2, game, modescompatible, for:, ios, 4.3, and, higher., for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod.
The King Of Fighters 97

62.1 MB
, game, description:, the, witcher:, versus:, the, witcher:, versus, -, become, the, strongest, duelist, and, fight, against, real, players, online, in, the, witcher:, versus., choose, your, favorite, class:, witcher,, sorceress, or, chimera,, adjust, the, character, and, plunge, into, battle!, you, are, waited, by, challenges, and, new, stolen, weapon,, amulets,, and, magic, products, to, improve, skills, and, abilities, of, your, character., prove, the, bravery, with, various, achievements, and, empress, other, soldiers, with, your, actions, and, distinctions!compatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 3, and, higher
The Witcher Versus

55.7 MB
, game, description:, three, hero:, three, hero, -, simple, rpg, action, for, all!!, you, can, make, heroes, defeat, monsters., save, the, world, with, 3, heroes:, swordsman,, priest,, and, magician., it, is, time, to, travel!!, you, can, find, many, things,, swords,, reservation,, sticks,, dresses,, rings,, skills, of, attack,, skills, of, protection,, passive, skills,, working, skills., support, of, game, center,, retina, hd, graphics, for, iphone,, hd, support, for, ipad.compatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 4.3, , and, higher
Three Hero

80.4 MB
, game, description:, three, kingdoms, td, –, legend, of, shu:, three, kingdoms, td, –, legend, of, shu, is, an, unusual, defense, game,, based, on, the, story, of, ancient, china, in, the, era, of, the, three, kingdoms., you, will, lead, an, army, of, liu, bei, and, participate, in, the, incredible, battles;, there, are, over, 20, of, them., provide, your, heroes, with, amazing, skills, to, more, effective, combat., game, features:5, types, of, units, with, their, features16, heroesheroes, upgradeamazing, skillsdozens, of, unique, items, like, weapons,, armors, and, auxiliary, accessoriesenemies, at, higher, levels, can, fly, or, be, invisible, for, normal, defense, unitsbosses25, well, designed, battlefields, on, various, territory, types4, difficulty, levels, and, 2, game, modescompatible, for:, ios, 3.2, and, higher., for, ipad.
Three Kingdoms Td Legend Of Shu

140.5 MB
, game, description:, time, &, territory:, for, our, clan:, time, &, territory:, for, our, clan, -, a, war, with, blood, and, fire., it, is, a, big, game, in, tower, defense, style, which, presents, you, war, in, the, stone, age!, the, game, concentrates, on, collision, of, clans, and, the, secrets, hidden, behind, wait, for, you, to, be, opened, one, after, another., feel, charm, and, excitement, at, the, same, time!, feel, fight, in, real, time,, 8, types, of, weapon,, for, different, strategy,, city, defense, with, the, various, equipment, of, castles.compatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 4.3, , and, higher
Time Territory For Our Clan

56.8 MB
, game, description:, tiny, legends:, heroes:, a, sinister, shadow, stretched, over, the, lands, of, kromdor., the, black, lord, nekralis, put, to, prison, the, greatest, champions, of, the, continent, and, set, free, hordes, of, murderous, monsters, practicing, terror., but,, fortunately,, there, were, new, brave, people!, will, you, be, able, to, lead, them, to, victory?game, features:3d, real-time, fightsepic, lotsheart-stopping, boss, fightsstriking, graphicsdevastating, skills6, different, classes70, floors, of, non-stop, actionstrategic, team, battlescompatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 4.3, , and, higher
Tiny Legends Heroes

110.5 MB
, game, description:, tiny, legends:, monster, crasher:, an, evil, dragon, was, sealed, by, a, powerful, magus, and, stayed, in, a, cave, during, many, centuries., but, one, day, he, was, awakened, by, a, boy,, who, ran, across, the, cave, and, broke, the, seal., the, dragon, tried, to, revenge, himself, upon, kingdom., brave, warriors, are, waiting, for, your, instructions, to, eliminate, the, looming, threat, once, and, for, all., game, description:three-dimensional, hack-and-slash, experienceperfect, collection, of, skills, and, mechanismsheart-stopping, bossmore, than, 8, main, quests, and, 20, side, quests, of, the, main, storyline3, unique, classescollection, of, materials, for, mechanisms, upgradingcompatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 5.1, , and, higher
Tiny Legends Monster Crasher

135.9 MB
, game, description:, tiny, legends:, crazy, knight:, full-on, invasion, of, monsters, began!, crush, the, invaders, with, wicked, weapons, and, crazy, combos!, on, the, distant, continent, of, kromdor,, the, skies, have, grown, dark., monsters, that, once, slumbered, beneath, the, earth, now, bring, chaos, and, ruin, to, the, land., can, you, destroy, the, fiends, and, save, kromdor?, features:, 3d-action, in, real, time!, bone-crushing, combos!, impulsive, battles, with, bosses!, battle, to, more, than, 40, enemies, at, the, same, time!, skills, of, mad, weapon!, dozens, of, deadly, weapon!, new, weapon, from, bow, class,, a, new, boss,, open, new, character:, murderer, of, torvas,, new, location, of, enemies,, making, the, battle, more, stimulating, than, evercompatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 3, and, higher, , 1.1.1, , (обновление)
Tinylegends Crazy Knight

72.3 MB
, game, description:, touch, ko:, touch, ko, -, an, amazing, boxing, simulator, from, chillingo., the, most, mobile,, strikes, much, quicker., when, time, passes,, boxers, are, tired,, become, more, sluggish, and, vulnerable, for, counterattacks,, and, the, more, active, the, fighter, is, and, the, more, blows, he, make,, the, quicker, he, is, tired., from, other, side,, it, is, necessary, to, train, and, increase, endurance., all, this, shows, strategy, and, the, atmosphere, of, real, boxing., you, should, train, and, increase, endurance., use, of, real, rules, for, addition, of, points, makes, this, game, very, realistic., career, mode,, and, how, fast, the, player, moves, ahead, from, the, first, fight, in, a, school, hall,, to, the, final, fight, for, the, champion, title, of, the, planet, depends, completely, on, him,, on, his, skill, and, decisions., the, main, indicator, of, progress, -, popularity, which, increases, or, decreases, after, each, fight., before, each, fight, there, is, a, choice, from, several, contracts:, one, will, allow, to, earn, more, money,, others, will, give, more, popularity,, which, will, help, to, move, quicker, up, on, a, career, ladder., there, is, a, built-in, editor, who, allows, to, edit, and, create, boxers.features:-, pause, in, game, to, stop, round, time.compatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 2.0, , and, higher, v, 1.1, (обновление)
Touch Ko

20.4 MB
, game, description:, vampdefense:, now,, the, hero’s, struggle, is, boring., enjoy, three, heroes, at, the, same, time!, have, three, strong, heroes, at, the, same, time!, vampdefense, strategy, in, accordance, with, the, situation,, making, use, of, three, heroes,, respectively, specialized, in, attack,, defense,, and, healing, powers., pleasure, of, unusual, skills, and, sweep, attack!, have, thrilling, feeling, thrilling, feeling, from, strategic, skills, such, as, blood, sucking,, teleportation,, and, bullet, absorption., the, unit, production, system, in, the, troop, type., add, the, element, of, the, number, fighting, customized, in, accordance, with, the, type, of, enemies, by, adopting, the, method, producing, the, unit, by, troop, after, standing, by, for, a, certain, time., unforeseeable, enemies, who, become, smarter, come, in, flocks., your, should, fight, against, much, smarter, and, more, wicked, enemies, such, as, boomerangs,, meteors,, and, explosive, hammers., now, the, tribe, of, darkness, is, ready, to, revenge., counterattack, against, people, began!!!compatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 4.2, and, higher

58.1 MB
, game, description:, viking, age:, viking, age, -, an, exciting, game,, you, can, play, in, single, player, mode,, also, you, can, get, online, to, fight, real, players, from, around, the, world, in, arena!, use, your, unique, strategy, and, tactics, to, defeat, your, enemies!, challenge, global, players, in, arena!, start, game, with, 8, classes,, 16, roles,, 40, skills, and, more, than, 500, equipments., there, are, thousands, of, strategies, but, find, your, own, way, out., different, strategies, bring, different, experiments., change, your, character, any, time, you, want!, more, than, 200, hours, of, game, play,, 36, trails, maps,, more, than, 100, monsters, and, amazing, animations!compatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 4.3, , and, higher
Viking Age

93.3 MB
, game, description:, waa, cha!:, waa, cha!, -, chinese, kung-fun, where, you, will, become, a, master, of, wu, shou., train, 3, most, talented, students, and, return, the, powers!, fling, away, all, types, of, products, which, will, fly, to, you, from, both, parts, of, the, screen., use, swipes, on, the, screen, to, kick, and, strike, objects, with, a, fist., refusal, in, doing, it,, will, lead, to, reduction, of, health, and, finally, to, death., a, set, of, products,, for, example, first-aid, kits, and, rolls, which, increase, your, power, will, be, available, to, you., so, don't, fling, away, them, with, a, foot!, to, make, it, more, interesting, objects, will, move, quicker, and, quicker!, there’s, survival, mode, (without, time), and, arcade, mode, (2, minutes)., players, can, challenge, themselves, with, more, stimulating, mode, which, is, called, mad!, but, be, careful, as, it, is, full, of, explosive, products, and, it, is, the, maddest, of, all!compatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 4.3, , and, higher
Waa Cha

36.3 MB
, game, description:, wanderer:, war, song:, game, wanderer:, war, son, is, based, on, greek, and, norse, myth., it, tells, the, story, of, the, hero, peregrine’s, adventures., he, appears, in, the, war, of, giant, ghosts,, peregrine, and, gaia,, the, goddess, of, earth., he, will, face, all, kinds, of, difficulties, and, obstacles, to, protect, the, time, key, and, finally, reaches, tartarus,, the, darkest, hell., the, game, offers, full, three-dimensional, prospect, and, allows, users, to, move, freely, on, a, fighting, location,, touching, the, screen., the, game, is, as, real, and, natural, as, possible!compatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 5.0.1, , and, higher
Wanderer War Song

182.1 MB
, game, description:, wrath, of, cheese:, wrath, of, cheese, is, a, funny, game, about, the, lost, cheese., gather, your, troops,, plan, their, actions, and, direct, them, to, the, right, direction, to, find, about, the, lost, cheese.game, features:4, magic, skills,, 15, items, and, 16, antiquities19, music, tracks, created, by, 11, composers, from, 6, countries17+100, levelsfunny, and, simple, storyachievementsfantastically, polished, animation, and, graphicscompatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 4, and, higher
Wrath Of Cheese

115.3 MB
, game, description:, wrestling, revolution:, paved, the, way, to, the, victory, in, this, wrestling, game!, each, taken, step,, each, blow, or, throw, and, each, executed, movement,, satisfies, now, more, than, ever, thanks, to, an, intuitive, control, system., with, 10, characters, on, the, screen, and, a, set, of, completely, dialogue, products, and, weapon, this, is, the, wildest, action!, wrestling, revolution, -, the, first,
Wrestling Revolution

25.9 MB
, game, description:, wwe, presents:, rockpocalypse:, stop, unknown, virus, spread, with, the, help, of, hero, rock’s, fist, and, help, to, save, them, all!, the, story, begins, with, the, film, production, in, hollywood,, where, people, began, changing, and, turning, into, angry,, cruel, and, insane, creatures., your, hero, understands, that, he, is, the, only, one, who, can, stop, that., you, will, have, to, fight, with, everybody, you, meet, on, your, way., gain, experience,, make, precise, kicks,, and, upgrade, abilities., reach, the, source, and, eliminate, the, problem.game, features:take, the, rock, under, your, control,, thump, with, your, fists,, kick, and, kill, on, your, way, though, crazy, villains, of, mysterious, bossfight, in, four, different, environments, and, eighteen, progressively, more, difficult, levels.find, hidden, hints, to, unravel, a, tangle, of, mishapsimprove, the, rock,, namely, his, health,, firmness,, attack, and, other, characteristicsearn, coins, in, the, game, to, buy, weapons, and, clothescompatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 6.0, , and, higher
Wwe Presents Rockpocalypse

109.4 MB
, game, description:, x-men:, x-men, is, the, game, which, is, quite, a, non-standard, version, of, the, film, of, the, same, name, with, wolverine, or, any, other, character, on, your, choice, as, a, main, hero., the, plot, is, made, in, the, way, that, you, will, have, to, use, all, the, abilities, and, skills, characteristic, for, the, heroes, of, this, film.compatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 3.1.3, , and, higher
X Men

58.7 MB
, game, description:, xarm, extreme, arm, wrestling:, xarm, -, is, the, newest, hand-to-hand, combat, sport, from, the, creator, of, the, ufc,, art, davie., go, with, coaches, who, developed, the, official, sport, and, compete, against, athletes, who, fight, in, the, real, world, league., watch, live, action, video, in, the, game, to, learn, how, to, execute, devastating, chokes, and, knockout, blows,, including, the, skyscraper,, fist, choke,, cobra, strike, and, many,, many, more., challenge, opponents,, earn, credits, and, purchase, advanced, techniques, &, boosts, to, put, you, on, top!compatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 5.1, , and, higher
Xarm Extreme Arm Wrestling

33.6 MB
, game, description:, zenonia, 2:, it, is, a, continuation, of, zenonia, 2, on, the, screen, of, your, idevice., choose, a, hero, either, good, or, evil, depending, on, your, preferences., run,, use, teleports,, chop, meat, and, collect, artifacts., game, features:awesome, effects, and, graphicshours, of, non-stop, play152, different, maps98, questsmillions, of, outfit, combinationsday/night, cyclecompatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 3, and, higher
Zenonia 2

12 MB
, game, description:, zenonia, 4:, zenonia, 4., the, ancient, evil, is, about, to, attack, the, village., you, need, to, unite, with, the, heroes, of, our, times:, regret,, chael,, ecne,, lu, and, change, the, turn, of, events., game, features:colourful, retina, graphicsstunning, visual, effectsdynamic, fightsarmors,, weapons, and, other, thingsdozens, of, legendary, monstersover, 40, game, center, achievementscompatible, for:, from, ios, 4., ipad,, iphone,, ipod
Zenonia 4

61.1 MB
, game, description:, zenonia, 5:, zenonia, 5, is, one, of, the, best, rpg, action, games,, in, which, you, will, have, to, save, the, earth, from, impending, gloom, of, greed, and, egoism,, defeat, highly, mighty, bosses, and, restore, justice, and, harmony, in, the, world., game, features:intuitive, control4, heroes:, berserker,, mechanic,, wizard, and, paladinunique, abilities, and, special, movements, of, heroescompatible, for:, for, ipad,, iphone,, ipod, ios, 4.3, , and, higher
Zenonia 5

43.1 MB

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