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Game description: Solar Walk – 3D Solar System model:
Solar Walk - a three-dimensional model being an exact copy of the Solar system. It impresses with excellent graphics and animation. The Earth and other planets look like quite realistic: clouds, mountains, seas and oceans and so on. Move in the Solar system, use a zoom, and study from different sides. It is possible to look at any planet at any time in the past or in the future using the Time machine function. Gets an instant access to a planet being far from you: choose a planet and press the image of "rocket" and you will appear on it! Choose one of the planets having satellites: Earth, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars or Uranium and watch their movement round the planet. The new version is adapted for iPhone 5, the Curiosity model on Mars is added, information about Curiosity in “Science Missions” Mars is added, new models and structures for the Fobos and People, mistakes are corrected.
Features: You can read additional information about a planet: you will see the detailed description of a planet, the name, weight, radius and so on.
the Time machine Function: you can establish year, month and time if want to learn about a planet location during this or that period of time.
"weight" is added to planets
New information with a large number of images from ESA and ESO
Amazing internal structure of planets
New objects: asteroids, comets and dwarf planets
Expanded graphics of the Sun and planets
New feature of multitouch allowing in blow of two fingers to move the chosen object from the central position. It can be used to create stunning images and to see planets movement from unusual corners.
the List of the set flights to the space to show you the most amazing types of Solar System
Compatible for: For iPad, iPhone, iPod iOS 4.3and higher v 2.0.1 (обновление)


Solar Walk 3d Solar System Model.ipa, Simulation, Iphone,Screenshot Preview Solar Walk 3d Solar System Model.ipa, Simulation, Iphone,Screenshot Preview 2 Solar Walk 3d Solar System Model.ipa, Simulation, Iphone,Screenshot Preview 3 Solar Walk 3d Solar System Model.ipa, Simulation, Iphone,Screenshot Preview 4 Solar Walk 3d Solar System Model.ipa, Simulation, Iphone,Screenshot Preview 5

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