Fifa World Cup 2006 176x220.jar, 3d, Single Version, Java, Download File


Fifa World Cup 2006 176x220 313.6 KB

Game description: Fifa World Cup 2006:
32 commands which are finalists of the World championship on football are presented.
Developers have created quite good three-dimensional graphics, visual effects, the realistic physics,
and also convenient management of transfers and blows. Besides, depending on weather accuracy and force of blows can change.


Fifa World Cup 2006 176x220.jar, 3d, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview

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362.8 KB
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482.7 KB
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186 KB
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392.6 KB
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9 MB
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596.3 KB
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794.4 KB
 Game description: Golf Pro Contest 2 3D: Stunning and realistic graphics in mobile golf clubs represent almost real 3D and photographic landscapes. Join our ranks and meditate on our green lawns. The essence of the game, as in all golf games, is to aim correctly and kick the ball as close as possible to the hole. Of course, if you can not get into it. The experience suggests that it's nearly impossible to bunker at once. But golf is played not for the sake of the wells, but for having rest. Just relax and admire the evergreen English lawns,you have hardly ever seen such a beauty.
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413.5 KB
 Game description: Great Elude 3D: Your mission is to save the world from terrorists and hostile groupings. You have the up-to-date unit of fire, which you are to apply in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and other troubled countries. Lots of levels, dangers and enemies are on watch for you on your every meter of flight; but you are the best pilot and will easily cope with the task. The combat operations will unfold in the desert, cities, islands, glaciers.
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188.8 KB
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5.1 MB
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420.3 KB
 Game description: Kurtlar Vadisi: Pusu: This is a new mod for a mobile CS. This mod is made by Turks and it is based on the popular Turkish TV series.New things of the game - weapons: p90, aug, awp, mp5.
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