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Game description: Archery birds:
Archery birds - is a fascinating game in which you need to demonstrate your skills of shooting from a bow. In each level you need to choose the correct strength of shot and hit the bird. Sometimes there will be more than just one bird.
Game features:
Many levels
Good graphics
Sound effects


Archery Birds 240x400.jar, Arcade, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview Archery Birds 240x400.jar, Arcade, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview 2 Archery Birds 240x400.jar, Arcade, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview 3 Archery Birds 240x400.jar, Arcade, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview 4 Archery Birds 240x400.jar, Arcade, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview 5

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 Game description: Assault: An original space version of the game for all Tanchiki lovers! In the distant future an interplanetary war with the aliens will be going on. The command entrusts you, an ace tanker, with the performance of the most critical missions for four planets captured by the enemy. In the process of the mission performance fierce battles with the armed machinery of the enemies will wait for you, your only help will be various bonuses and improvement of the weapons. But the main thing are, of course, your skills!
Assault All Screen Sizes

504.7 KB
 Game description: Assault Iron: Your lonely tank resists to never-ending armadas of enemy armies. It is necessary to beat out the enemy from the territory and not to allow him to destroy your base.
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105.3 KB
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368.2 KB
 Game description: Astro Build: The year of 3018 – is another golden age in the history of mankind. The construction corporation finishes its ambitious plan to create the biggest space launching site. You need to build it at any price.
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317.5 KB
 Game description: Auto rickshaw: Race: Auto rickshaw: Race is an excellent racing game. You must cover the track in the rented vehicle overcoming different obstacles: bikes, barrels and other.
Auto Rickshaw Race 240x400

432.6 KB
 Game description: AutoComb: We drive round the arena, we ram other cars until they ruin, we turn aside from their blows, we earn points.Hang spikes ffor the rams on the bumper and fight again!In short, mobile game AUTOCOMB is a hooliganism on the car.
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217.4 KB
 Game description: Baby on road: Baby On Road - help the baby to cross the road with busy traffic and don't get under the car. The cars move with different speed and frequency on different ways so be attentive! Game features: Choose any of several babiesVery simple system of controlsBig amount of levelsThere will be more and more cars on the road with every new level  
Baby On Road 240x320

381.1 KB
 Game description: Bad piggies: Bad piggies is a funny game about angry birds and green pigs. This is a new hit in which you will confront the aggression of angry birds. You need to destroy all angry birds.   
Bad Piggies 240x320

419.3 KB
 Game description: Bad sniper: Bad sniper - is a game about a sniper in which you must shoot at all passing by cars. Watch the life bar and shoot till it turns red.Game features:Good graphicsYou will get bonusesIncreasing difficulty
Bad Sniper 320x240

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