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Game description: Ultimate Sci-Fi Quiz:
Game Ultimate Sci-Fi Quiz - is a quiz to test your Sci-Fi genre knowledge. Do you like Star Wars, Star Trek or Stargates? You have a great opportunity to check how much you know them and their characters! The quiz offers more than 1000 questions.


Ultimate Sci Fi Quiz 240x320.jar, Logic, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview Ultimate Sci Fi Quiz 240x320.jar, Logic, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview 2 Ultimate Sci Fi Quiz 240x320.jar, Logic, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview 3 Ultimate Sci Fi Quiz 240x320.jar, Logic, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview 4

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853 KB
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443.6 KB
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240.2 KB
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143.5 KB
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Spider Man 3 Puzzle 240x320

321.7 KB
, game, description:, spider, man:, puzzle, mania:, spider, man:, puzzle, mania, -, is, a, puzzle., in, this, game, your, task, is, to, make, a, picture, of, a, spider, man., drag, the, parts, with, the, help, of, a, space, key, to, make, a, picture, of, them.game, features:, logic, puzzlemany, levels, and, picturessimple, system, of, controls 
Spider Man Puzzle Mania 240x400

230.9 KB
, game, description:, sports, idioms, quiz:, sports, idioms, quiz, is, a, sports, quiz., you, must, be, very, attentive, and, give, as, many, correct, answers, to, the, questions, as, possible., good, luck.
Sports Idioms Quiz 240x320 S40

384.2 KB
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708.4 KB
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Stack Match 2 240x320 S40

143 KB
, game, description:, starfish, sliding, puzzle:, starfish, found, several, pictures, deep, in, the, ocean., he, wants, to, find, the, treasures, but, for, this, he, needs, to, correct, the, picture., can, you, help, him, a, little, bit?move, the, pictures, of, the, parts, up,, down,, left, and, right, in, order, to, put, them, in, the, right, place!
Starfish Sliding Puzzle 240x320

147.1 KB
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Stone Age 2 Genuine 240x320

937.5 KB
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Subway Surf Puzzle 240x320

223.3 KB
, game, description:, sudoku:, input, numbers, from, 1, to, 9, in, such, a, way, that, each, line,, each, lolumn, and, each, 3x3, square, contained, each, number, only, one, time.
Sudoku 240x320

360.1 KB
, game, description:, sudoku, monsters:, this, popular, japanese, brain, twister, game, has, a, real, army, of, fans, in, our, country, as, well., sudoku, monsters, helps, to, develop, logic, thinking., the, game, is, made, in, the, way, to, offer, new, combinations, each, time,, that, is, why, every, time, you, will, get, a, new, game, no, matter, how, many, times, you, started, to, play., every, new, game, variation, will, differ, not, only, in, the, figures, combination, but, also, in, difficulty, level., only, the, real, sudoku, monster, can, complete, all, levels, and, to, put, all, figures, in, the, correct, way., are, you, one, of, them?, -, find, out, after, you, complete, several, levels.,  
Sudoku Monsters 240x320

82.8 KB
, game, description:, sudoku:, smart, bunny:, sudoku:, smart, bunny, -, complete, this, puzzle, filling, each, row., choose, a, cell, and, put, a, number, which, is, not, repeated, in, the, line., use, eraser, if, you, make, a, mistake. game, features:hints2, difficulty, levelsnice, graphical, execution 
Sudoku Smart Bunny 240x320

474.8 KB
, game, description:, super, fun:, in, super, fun, you, must, help, the, sun, to, get, home., collect, all, the, men, and, avoid, bombs, and, thorns., then, the, sun, will, return, home. 
Super Fun 240x320

372.8 KB
, game, description:, super, ludo:, super, ludo, is, an, interesting, logic, game, usually, played, at, the, playing, table., throw, virtual, dice, and, move, the, chips, to, the, cell, of, your, color., you, will, need, some, luck!
Super Ludo 240x320 S60

120.3 KB
, game, description:, super, mario:, puzzle:, to, complete, super, mario:, puzzle, game, you, will, need, to, make, a, single, picture, from, puzzles, without, mistakes., the, game, offers, very, good, graphics.
Super Mario Puzzle 240x400

362.6 KB
, game, description:, super, slyder:, this, slyder, in, a, puzzling, and, crazy, game., help, him, to, reach, the, goal., slyder, will, only, move, on, the, straight, line, and, will, not, stop, until, it, hits, a, wall, or, falls, into, a, trap., so, think, carefully, over, each, move!
Super Slyder All Screen Sizes

177.3 KB
, game, description:, super, smash, hit:, super, smash, hit, -, is, a, logic, game, in, which, you, will, require, all, your, cleverness., you, need, to, play, in, such, a, way, that, a, ball, hit, the, star., you, will, complete, the, level, after, this.
Super Smash Hit 240x400

504 KB
, game, description:, sweet, good, pets:, apply, all, your, resourcefulness, and, quick, wit, to, feed, your, pets, -, rabbit, and, bear, with, sweet, candies.
Sweet Good Pets All Screen Sizes

929 KB
, game, description:, swing, copters, puzzle:, swing, copters, puzzle, - is, a, puzzle, game., the, idea, of, this, game, is, to, make, a, picture, of, swing, copters., drag, the, parts, with, the, help, of, a, mouse, to, make, a, picture, of, them.game, features:9,, 16,, 25, or, 36, parts, of, a, puzzle4, difficulty, levels 
Swing Copters Puzzle 240x400

434.1 KB
, game, description:, tag:, a, well, known, sliding, puzzle, is, now, in, your, mobile., select, type, of, slider, (robot,, turtle,, classic, slider, with, numbers,, field), and, make, a, picture!, the, faster, you, make, it, the, better.
Tag 128x160

177.4 KB
, game, description:, temple, racer:, puzzle:, temple, racer:, puzzle, -, is, a, puzzle, game., in, this, game, your, task, is, to, make, a, picture, of, a, temple., drag, the, parts, with, the, help, of, a, space, key, to, make, a, picture, of, them.game, features:, logic, puzzlemany, levels, and, picturessimple, system, of, controls 
Temple Racer Puzzle 240x320

226.6 KB
, game, description:, a, notebook, tetris:, this, is, a, regular, tetris, game, only, that, the, background, and, all, elements, are, drawn, as, in, the, notebook., this, made, the, game, better, and, more, original., download, and, enjoy, your, game!
Tetris V Tetradke 240x320

173.9 KB
, game, description:, the, flintstones:, grocery, hunt:, this, is, a, funny, arcade, game, having, the, logic, elements, about, merry, flintstones, family., help, the, men, to, collect, products, to, make, a, dinner, and, your, wives, will, give, you, many, kisses, and, prepare, delicious, dishes!
The Flintstones Grocery Hunt From 176x208 Till 176x220

76.4 KB
, game, description:, the, magical, world, of, that, evil, dude:, in, this, game, you, can, open, the, secret, of, the, mysterious, world, of, elements., your, task, is, to, make, combinations, of, the, initial, elements, and, to, remove, them, in, order, to, prevent, them, from, getting, to, the, bottom., having, collected, a, certain, scale, you, can, ask, the, help, of, power, of, such, elements, as, fire,, earth,, wind, and, ice.
The Magical World Of That Evil Dude 360x640 S60

5.9 MB
, game, description:, tic-tac-toe:, this, is, a, very, simple, tic-tac-toe, game, for, mobiles., this, logic, game, will, never, go, out, of, fashion, and, will, always, remain, a, topical, one, for, different, age, groups, gamers!
Tic Tac Toe All Screen Sizes S40

6.8 KB
, game, description:, tomb, treasure:, ruin, of, the, dragon:, complete, this, mystic, puzzle, and, get, the, main, treasure, of, the, tomb, -, dragon, ruins., each, level, will, reveal, its, secret, and, danger!
Tomb Treasure Ruin Of The Dragon 360x640

942.3 KB
, game, description:, three, heroes, and, shamahanskaya, queen:, this, is, a, new, game, “three, heroes, and, shamahanskaya, queen”., in, this, game, you, will, need, to, solve, puzzles, (slider), with, pictures, from, the, cartoon, “three, heroes, and, shamahanskaya, queen”., the, game, has, wonderful, music, and, atmosphere.
Tri Bogatyrya I Shamahanskaya Carica 240x320

531.2 KB
, game, description:, tringo:, this, is, an, interesting, and, unusual, puzzle!, it, is, an, explosive, mixture, of, tetris, gameplay, and, puzzles., we, hope, that, you, will, spend, not, one, evening, playing, this, game. 
Tringo 240x320

87.1 KB
, game, description:, trivial, pursuit, deluxe, edition:, popular, game,, known, all, over, the, world,, appears, on, mobile, screens, in, absolutely, new, shape, with, lots, of, additional, means!,
Trivial Pursuit Deluxe Edition 240x320

484.6 KB
, game, description:, troglodyte:, happy, new, year!:, caveman, fred, lost, all, his, christmas, presents!, help, him, to, collect, presents, on, all, the, levels., but, you, must, be, careful,, evil, yeti, are, wandering, in, the, forest, and, falling, snow, balls, stay, on, your, way!, you, can, move, the, snow, balls, and, in, case, you, do, everything, correct,, they, can, even, help, you, on, your, way.
Troglodit S Novym Godom 240x320

59.8 KB
, game, description:, trom, xang:, in, trom, xang, your, task, is, to, steal, petrol., to, do, this, you, need, to, place, a, secret, tray, to, the, petrol, station., you, make, it, from, the, parts, of, the, pipeline, putting, them, together., make, sure, thet, the, catheter, of, the, pipe, for, petrol, station, and, the, cistern, are, connected.
Trom Xang From 240x240 Till 320x400

656 KB
, game, description:, trucks, parking:, release, the, truck, from, the, car, trap., you, will, have, to, think, a, little, before, you, start, to, repark, the, cars.
Trucks Parking 240x400

459.7 KB
, game, description:, tv, show, king:, do, you, think, that, you, are, the, king, of, quizzes?, you, have, a, chance, to, prove, this, playing, with, your, friends, and, your, family, members.give, answers, to, funny, and, serious, question:, puzzles,, world, history, questions,, geography,, science,, sports, and, entertainments, questions.
Tv Show King 240x320

959.5 KB
, game, description:, ultimate, reversi:, reversi, is, a, strategy,, resembling, both:, checkers, and, chess., the, game, differs, from, chess, by, the, fact, that, reversi, has, a, less, quantity, of, initial, steps,, and, they, are, easier, to, remember., after, having, made, the, first, moves, in, the, game,, you, will, have, to, make, an, added, effort, in, the, middle, of, the, game,, which, probably, is, the, most, difficult, part, of, the, game;, when, you, may, whether, improve, your, position, or, turn, it, to, your, own, advantage.,  , many, games, seemingly, lost, can, be, saved, at, the, final, stage, of, the, game!, !  the, main, rule, of, the, game, is, not, to, be, un, a, hurry, and, count., be, smart, and, improve, your, tactics,, playing, this, difficult, but, still, exciting, game.
Ultimate Reversi 240x320 S40

252.5 KB
, game, description:, uno, free, fall:, it, is, time, to, have, fun!, you, need, to, choose, the, correct, combination, of, colors,, figures, or, symbols., uno!
Uno Free Fall 240x320

430.7 KB
, game, description:, untangle:, once, popular, flash, game, untangle, is, now, for, your, mobile, phone., the, task, of, the, game, is, very, simple,, but, it, is, not, easy, to, find, a, salvation., you, have, to, untangle, a, figure, containing, of, crossing, lines., move, the, cursor, to, the, ball, and, move, the, lines, as, if, untangling, them, out, of, the, figure., the, game, is, very, interesting, and, absorbing!, untangle, game, features:, the, game, features, 15, levels, of, various, difficulty;, it, is, always, possible, to, put, the, results, into, a, table, of, records;, you, can, select, a, random, level;, the, game, supports, phones, with, a, stylus.
Untangle All Screen Sizes

52.5 KB
, game, description:, viking, vex:, viking, vex, -, is, a, puzzle, having, bright, graphics, and, captivating, gameplay,, which, will, surely, draw, your, attention!our, hero,, a, viking,, must, put, the, precious, stones, of, the, same, color, together., after, they, are, put, together,, they, turn, into, a, stone, and, cannot, be, moved, anymore., when, all, the, precious, stones, are, turned, into, a, stone,, the, entrance, door, will, be, opened. 
Viking Vex From 176x208 Till 240x320

51.5 KB
, game, description:, wappo, 2:, the, game, demands, a, hard, work, of, your, brains., you, have, to, lead, the, character, to, the, level, entrance., it, could, be, easy,, but, the, guard, of, level, moves, 2, moves, ahead., try, not, to, drive, your, character, into, a, trap., more, than, 100, levels, will, make, your, brain, really, explode!
Wappo 2 240x320

176.5 KB
, game, description:, wonderful, cook:, undergo, a, chief, cook, training., help, una, to, bring, her, dream, in, life., drop, different, ingredients, from, the, shelves, to, the, cells, in, the, bottom, part, in, order, to, cook, different, dishes., follow, the, time, scale, otherwise, you, are, going, to, lose., real, cooks, cook, really, fast!
Wonderful Cook 240x320

665.4 KB
, game, description:, word, mixup:, make, words, from, the, mixed, letters, and, enlarge, your, vocabulary., the, more, words, you, make, and, the, faster, you, do, this,, the, more, points, you, get., this, game, is, popular, all, over, the, world!
Word Mixup 240x320

204.3 KB
, game, description:, word, on, word:, make, words!, letters, appear, in, the, upper, part, of, the, net, and, you, choose, where, to, put, them., the, longer, the, word, is, the, more, points, you, get.
Word On Word 240x320

327.5 KB
, game, description:, world, conquest:, conquer, the, whole, world, without, recourse, to, violence, and, intensive, strategy.dice, and, your, luck, are, your, weapons., your, aim, is, to, capture, al, the, hostile, territories, throughout, the, map.your, territory, is, highlighted, with, red,, hostile, territories, are, highlighted, with, green, and, blue., all, the, territories, are, divided, into, different, small, states,, which, military, forces, are, shown, as, the, number, of, dice, on, them.
World Conquest 176x208

293.2 KB
, game, description:, world, flags:, world, flags, -, in, this, quiz, you, are, going, to, guess, hundreds, of, flags, from, all, over, the, world., you, will, need, to, guess, the, capitals, of, the, countries, besides, guessing, the, flags., try, to, guess, all, national, flags!, good, luck!game, features:2, types, of, game60, seconds, for, each, roundhigh, score
World Flags 240x320

297.1 KB
, game, description:, yahtzee, deluxe:, this, is, a, regular, and, well, known, dice, game!, judging, by, the, numerous, comments, of, the, experienced, players, we, can, say, that, the, rules, of, this, game, are, really, original, ones., there, is, no, place, for, logic, here., moreover,, in, my, opinion, this, game, must, belong, to, “intuitive”, game, category, as, the, player, can, count, only, on, his, intuition, and, his, luck, in, this, game., the, russian, word, “luck”, belongs, to, feminine, gender., and, women, can, sometimes, cheat, on, you., we, don’t, recommend, this, game, for, those, men, who, are, not, really, self-confident.
Yahtzee Deluxe 240x320

157.7 KB
, game, description:, a, bewitching, story:, a, bewitching, story, is, the, story, about, difficulties, of, love, between, a, boy, and, a, girl., you, might, wonder, what, difficulty, it, is., the, thing, is, that, if, you, invite, the, girl, for, a, date,, you, must, prepare, a, present, for, her., but, where, do, you, take, it, from?, maybe, you, need, to, buy, it?, no,, that, would, be, too, easy!, in, order, to, find, the, present, for, your, beloved, one, you, will, have, to, sort, out, a, heap, of, multicolored, stones., you, will, need, to, make, lines, of, three, and, more, multicolored, stones, and, after, you, find, a, box, of, chocolates, or, a, teddy, bear, you, will, need, to, make, it, reach, the, bottom, of, the, playing, field.
Zavorazhivayuschaya Istoriya 240x320

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