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Game description: Angel Sword:
Long long time ago the land of magic was divided into two parts which were ruled by magicians. The Angel’s Sword was made which contained the powers of gods in order to balance good and evil.But the Red magician got the sword and the evil powers captured his mind. Good gradually vanished from the magic land. Then gods decided to send an Angel to find the sword and correct his powerful effect.
Game features:
interactive story which depends on the hero’s actions
two huge lands to be examined
several game endings
automatic saving of the game process


Angel Sword All Screen Sizes.jar, Rpg, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview Angel Sword All Screen Sizes.jar, Rpg, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview 2 Angel Sword All Screen Sizes.jar, Rpg, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview 3 Angel Sword All Screen Sizes.jar, Rpg, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview 4 Angel Sword All Screen Sizes.jar, Rpg, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview 5

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525 KB
 Game description: Akalabeth: World of Doom: This is the first and initial game of the Ultima series (having 0 index), and also the first game for the fourth generation computers. Akalabeth was produced as an independent game and it got its index number of the Ultima series only in several years, when several games having Ultima name were produced. Akalabeth is recognized as one of the earliest known samples of the computer role playing games (though initially it was pure amateur project) 
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 Game description: Ancient Empires 2: Revolution: It's a global modification of Ancient Empires 2, a popular mobile strategy.Reunited with his brother,King Galamar begins to win back the kingdom of Torin almost completely conquered by Saet,the demon of darkness. But soon a new danger appeared and again Galamar and Valadorn have to lead their troops to battle against the forces of evil ...An ancient prophecy tells about the existence of powerful forces that can destroy and protect. What if these forces are enclosed in the crystals that have lain for thousands of years in three churches: Wisdom, Courage and Life? Can they bring peace and prosperity in the kingdom?Prepare the troops for a battle! You will find a continuation of
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 Game description: Ancient Empires 3: A continuation of a cult strategy Ancient Empires, based on the motives of ancient legends and myths.Prepare your troops for a battle! The continuation of a famous Ancient Empires is waiting for you. Stop the deadly dragons, cruel archers and fierce wolves. Protect your kingdom! The fait of Thorin is in your hands!The gameplay will please all the lovers of turn-based strategy! Unbelievable trials that fell to lot of kingdom Thorin’s rulers, brothers Galamar and Waladorn will not leave the game lovers indifferent.
Ancient Empires 3 From 176x208 Till 176x220

219.8 KB
 Game description: Anrufen RPG: This wonderful game which was made by Chinese creators is an example of high quality artistic design and excellent sound effects. Take your sword and set off for a journey to fight the evil. 
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472.7 KB
 Game description: ArcoMage: The Game is simple. There are two towers, one of them is yours, the other one belongs to your opponent. The winner is the first player, who will build his tower to a maximum level or destroy the enemy tower. To achieve the goal the resources are used, this is ore (mined one), mana (depending on the magic) and animals (bred in prison). For every move there extracted such a volume of ore that coincide with how much mana, magic, etc. one have. To protect your tower you can build a wall, with the usual attack the wall is the first to be destroyed and then the tower.The cards are used to make a move. The game uses only one deck of 102 cards.The cards are divided into three types ...they use ore, mana or animals to make moves. Each card has its price expressed in the number of the resources to get what it can do. You can play only with a card for which you have enough resources. You can reset any card from those you have and get another one. Perhaps, this information is sufficient to start AcroMage game. Download or upload it to your phone,we wish you to have nice layouts!
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130.9 KB
 Game description: Atudela Sky Stories: Atudela Sky Stories - the world, in which a man has a powerful potential of magic energy in addition to different supernatural powers. The world where the fight for resources never stopped.Game features:English translation availableHuge amount of fighting methods and combo attacksMany different skills and abilities
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974.4 KB
 Game description: Battle City - Paer Elite: Battle City - Paer Elite is a shooter with a plot and role-playing elements.You have to shoot with the enemy tanks. Some blocks can be destroyed only when you hold
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449.5 KB
 Game description: Battle Quest Chapter 1: German company FDG announced mobile game Battle Quest, as the one which has much in common with Diablo — the most popular game of this kind. The player can use more than 1 million (!) different elements in this game (for example weapons and armour). Gameplay is just the same as in Diablo. And this means that the player will meet thousands of monsters and different obstacles on the levels. In Battle Quest there is an option which allows to choose one of two characters for game (wizard or warrior). There are two big cities in this game, two underground dungeons and huge amount of secret rooms which are spread on the map. As this is a role play game you can make weapon trading, sell different artifacts and some little things which were found while you were wondering in this world. The game offers 99 levels to upgrade your character. In order to make the game process more simple you are going to meet peaceful world inhabitants who will help your character find the place he needs. In Battle Quest the player will have to fight against 4 main bosses. This game has rather good detailed enough graphics.
Battle Quest Chapter 1 176x220

195.2 KB
 Game description: Black Citadel: This is an unfairly forgotten first part of the popular RPG well known to all the fans by its second part. Graphics, gameplay, game plot will bring only positive emotions to all RPG fans. Your character is going to experience many adventures and to visit different places cleaning them of the vermin with the help of his sword the power of which grows with every new destroyed enemy. You need to follow the orders of the magician and to complete tasks which can help to defeat the Black Magician and black citadel.
Black Citadel 176x208

92.6 KB
 Game description: Black Knight: Smell of Blood Empire: You woke up and found yourself in the body of a magic black knight, the master of fights and battles. To be well prepared for the battles you need to get the weapons and special suit. Find the bull start the battle. But you must remember that to nourish your power you need to take mixtures otherwise you will be defeated in one of the battles. You will enjoy wonderful gameplay and excellent graphics, playing the black knight.
Black Knight Smell Of Blood Empire 176x208

115.4 KB
 Game description: Burhan: the Killer of the Demons: In this game you are going to experience adventures in which you will need to fight against evil powers which burst into our world by ruse.
Burhan Ubijca Demonov 240x320

612.3 KB
 Game description: Castlevania: Dungeon: Three years of fear tortures… night murders… vampire’s victims… But people kept silent. And one night the city sank in blood… Maria, my wife and me. We were the only ones who survived. Goodbye, my love, I need to take vengeance for you as well… I will take the count’s heart for his crimes! The count Dracula hunter starts his war against evil. The more beasts will die from his sword, the more experience he will get. The precious stone magic will help you. The war is waiting for you!Translation into Russian: turtlescreep
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441.3 KB
 Game description: Castlevania: The Undead Contract: You simultaneously play for two characters. The main character is Vampire Killer, but he will be assisted by monstrous warrior Ksenosaka. In this part of the Castlevania you will need to kill not Dracula Count but the king of hell. To destroy him you will need to collect all the parts of the contract and to seal it forever.
Castlevania The Undead Contract 240x320

269.1 KB
 Game description: China Dragon 2: This is a game from Chinese developers which is made precisely according to their technologies. This adventurous RPG combines step-by-step fight elements and very interesting gameplay. You will also find magic here and extra equipment attributes for your character.
China Dragon 2 From 176x208 Till 240x320

874.3 KB
 Game description: Chronicles of Avael: The Chimera Stones: In Chronicles of Avael The Chimera Stones you will find adventures, monsters and new mysteries that will not let you be bored. Passing the mission and completing the tasks, you can improve your character. A great game and a fascinating passage will allow you to be immersed in the game. Recommended for all the fans of the RPG games!
Chronicles Of Avael The Chimera Stones From 128x160 Till 240x320

465.7 KB
 Game description: Crazy Window Cleaners: Rope down the skyscraper with a breathtaking speed; but do not forget to clean windows on your way down. Clever opponents, 3 different playing modes, 10 cities! The victory has to be won at any cost. And to hold your opponents back throwing wasps’ nests and flower pots to them. The graphics of the game is just excellent; characters’ motions are smooth, and different effects look amazing! Control and sound are also made at high-level; the developers made their best. After completing the game one will be able to pass the game for one more time to improve results and get awards. Crazy Window Cleaners game features: 3 modes of game: the Championship, Scoring, Be the first;3 different characters with various skills;10 cities, including London, Tokyo, New-York;System of awards and bonuses.
Crazy Window Cleaners All Screen Sizes

474.1 KB
 Game description: Crysis 2: RPG, which will carry you to not-so-distant future. The crisis began at the earth and chaos enveloped all the mankind. You are a member of a small unit of soldiers, who have the task to make clear who is spreading panic among people and eliminate instigators of chaos. Carry on your own inquiry, and it is only you whom the life of the whole Earth depends on. The language of the game is Chinese, but it doesn’t make the game and actions unintelligible. 
Crysis 2 360x640

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