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Game description: Dark Knight:
A young Prince accidentally touched the cursed blade. Now he is nobody else, but only a terrible, cruel and invincible Black Knight. And all the king's horses and all the king's men can not get rid of this monster!

In this game you play for a living death car ? a cursed prince. In the guise of the Black Knight, he ruined his own country and is now set for the country of elves. Hellish carnage takes place, men and dwarves are fighting against the prince. But no one can resist his damn sword. The Prince has only one hope - to get to the end of the game and, perhaps, to discover a cure for the curse there...


Dark Knight 128x128.jar, Rpg, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview Dark Knight 128x128.jar, Rpg, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview 2 Dark Knight 128x128.jar, Rpg, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview 3 Dark Knight 128x128.jar, Rpg, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview 4

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525 KB
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295.4 KB
, game, description:, ancient, empires, 3:, a, continuation, of, a, cult, strategy, ancient, empires,, based, on, the, motives, of, ancient, legends, and, myths.prepare, your, troops, for, a, battle!, the, continuation, of, a, famous, ancient, empires, is, waiting, for, you., stop, the, deadly, dragons,, cruel, archers, and, fierce, wolves., protect, your, kingdom!, the, fait, of, thorin, is, in, your, hands!the, gameplay, will, please, all, the, lovers, of, turn-based, strategy!, unbelievable, trials, that, fell, to, lot, of, kingdom, thorin’s, rulers,, brothers, galamar, and, waladorn, will, not, leave, the, game, lovers, indifferent.,
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472.7 KB
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Arcomage 240x320

130.9 KB
, game, description:, atudela, sky, stories:, atudela, sky, stories, -, the, world,, in, which, a, man, has, a, powerful, potential, of, magic, energy, in, addition, to, different, supernatural, powers., the, world, where, the, fight, for, resources, never, stopped.game, features:english, translation, availablehuge, amount, of, fighting, methods, and, combo, attacksmany, different, skills, and, abilities
Atudela Sky Stories 240x320

974.4 KB
, game, description:, battle, city, -, paer, elite:, battle, city, -, paer, elite, is, a, shooter, with, a, plot, and, role-playing, elements.you, have, to, shoot, with, the, enemy, tanks., some, blocks, can, be, destroyed, only, when, you, hold,
Battle City Paer Elite 240x320

449.5 KB
, game, description:, battle, quest, chapter, 1:, german, company, fdg, announced, mobile, game, battle, quest,, as, the, one, which, has, much, in, common, with, diablo, —, the, most, popular, game, of, this, kind., the, player, can, use, more, than, 1, million, (!), different, elements, in, this, game, (for, example, weapons, and, armour)., gameplay, is, just, the, same, as, in, diablo., and, this, means, that, the, player, will, meet, thousands, of, monsters, and, different, obstacles, on, the, levels., in, battle, quest, there, is, an, option, which, allows, to, choose, one, of, two, characters, for, game, (wizard, or, warrior)., there, are, two, big, cities, in, this, game,, two, underground, dungeons, and, huge, amount, of, secret, rooms, which, are, spread, on, the, map., as, this, is, a, role, play, game, you, can, make, weapon, trading,, sell, different, artifacts, and, some, little, things, which, were, found, while, you, were, wondering, in, this, world., the, game, offers, 99, levels, to, upgrade, your, character., in, order, to, make, the, game, process, more, simple, you, are, going, to, meet, peaceful, world, inhabitants, who, will, help, your, character, find, the, place, he, needs., in, battle, quest, the, player, will, have, to, fight, against, 4, main, bosses., this, game, has, rather, good, detailed, enough, graphics.
Battle Quest Chapter 1 176x220

195.2 KB
, game, description:, black, citadel:, this, is, an, unfairly, forgotten, first, part, of, the, popular, rpg, well, known, to, all, the, fans, by, its, second, part., graphics,, gameplay,, game, plot, will, bring, only, positive, emotions, to, all, rpg, fans., your, character, is, going, to, experience, many, adventures, and, to, visit, different, places, cleaning, them, of, the, vermin, with, the, help, of, his, sword, the, power, of, which, grows, with, every, new, destroyed, enemy., you, need, to, follow, the, orders, of, the, magician, and, to, complete, tasks, which, can, help, to, defeat, the, black, magician, and, black, citadel.
Black Citadel 176x208

92.6 KB
, game, description:, black, knight:, smell, of, blood, empire:, you, woke, up, and, found, yourself, in, the, body, of, a, magic, black, knight,, the, master, of, fights, and, battles., to, be, well, prepared, for, the, battles, you, need, to, get, the, weapons, and, special, suit., find, the, bull, start, the, battle., but, you, must, remember, that, to, nourish, your, power, you, need, to, take, mixtures, otherwise, you, will, be, defeated, in, one, of, the, battles., you, will, enjoy, wonderful, gameplay, and, excellent, graphics,, playing, the, black, knight.
Black Knight Smell Of Blood Empire 176x208

115.4 KB
, game, description:, burhan:, the, killer, of, the, demons:, in, this, game, you, are, going, to, experience, adventures, in, which, you, will, need, to, fight, against, evil, powers, which, burst, into, our, world, by, ruse.
Burhan Ubijca Demonov 240x320

612.3 KB
, game, description:, castlevania:, dungeon:, three, years, of, fear, tortures…, night, murders…, vampire’s, victims…, but, people, kept, silent., and, one, night, the, city, sank, in, blood…, maria,, my, wife, and, me., we, were, the, only, ones, who, survived., goodbye,, my, love,, i, need, to, take, vengeance, for, you, as, well…, i, will, take, the, count’s, heart, for, his, crimes!, the, count, dracula, hunter, starts, his, war, against, evil., the, more, beasts, will, die, from, his, sword,, the, more, experience, he, will, get., the, precious, stone, magic, will, help, you., the, war, is, waiting, for, you!translation, into, russian:, turtlescreep
Castlevania Dungeon 240x320

441.3 KB
, game, description:, castlevania:, the, undead, contract:, you, simultaneously, play, for, two, characters., the, main, character, is, vampire, killer,, but, he, will, be, assisted, by, monstrous, warrior, ksenosaka. in, this, part, of, the, castlevania, you, will, need, to, kill, not, dracula, count, but, the, king, of, hell., to, destroy, him, you, will, need, to, collect, all, the, parts, of, the, contract, and, to, seal, it, forever.
Castlevania The Undead Contract 240x320

269.1 KB
, game, description:, china, dragon, 2:, this, is, a, game, from, chinese, developers, which, is, made, precisely, according, to, their, technologies., this, adventurous, rpg, combines, step-by-step, fight, elements, and, very, interesting, gameplay., you, will, also, find, magic, here, and, extra, equipment, attributes, for, your, character.
China Dragon 2 From 176x208 Till 240x320

874.3 KB
, game, description:, chronicles, of, avael:, the, chimera, stones:, in, chronicles, of, avael, the, chimera, stones, you, will, find, adventures,, monsters, and, new, mysteries, that, will, not, let, you, be, bored., passing, the, mission, and, completing, the, tasks,, you, can, improve, your, character., a, great, game, and, a, fascinating, passage, will, allow, you, to, be, immersed, in, the, game., recommended, for, all, the, fans, of, the, rpg, games!
Chronicles Of Avael The Chimera Stones From 128x160 Till 240x320

465.7 KB
, game, description:, crazy, window, cleaners:, rope, down, the, skyscraper, with, a, breathtaking, speed;, but, do, not, forget, to, clean, windows, on, your, way, down., clever, opponents,, 3, different, playing, modes,, 10, cities!, the, victory, has, to, be, won, at, any, cost., and, to, hold, your, opponents, back, throwing, wasps’, nests, and, flower, pots, to, them., the, graphics, of, the, game, is, just, excellent;, characters’, motions, are, smooth,, and, different, effects, look, amazing!, control, and, sound, are, also, made, at, high-level;, the, developers, made, their, best., after, completing, the, game, one, will, be, able, to, pass, the, game, for, one, more, time, to, improve, results, and, get, awards., crazy, window, cleaners, game, features:, 3, modes, of, game:, the, championship,, scoring,, be, the, first;3, different, characters, with, various, skills;10, cities,, including, london,, tokyo,, new-york;system, of, awards, and, bonuses.
Crazy Window Cleaners All Screen Sizes

474.1 KB
, game, description:, crysis, 2:, rpg,, which, will, carry, you, to, not-so-distant, future., the, crisis, began, at, the, earth, and, chaos, enveloped, all, the, mankind., you, are, a, member, of, a, small, unit, of, soldiers,, who, have, the, task, to, make, clear, who, is, spreading, panic, among, people, and, eliminate, instigators, of, chaos., carry, on, your, own, inquiry,, and, it, is, only, you, whom, the, life, of, the, whole, earth, depends, on., the, language, of, the, game, is, chinese,, but, it, doesn’t, make, the, game, and, actions, unintelligible. 
Crysis 2 360x640

1 MB
, game, description:, crysis, blood, warriors:, the, game, will, take, you, to, the, deserted, island, which, appears, to, be, not, very, welcoming., this, is, the, very, place, where, the, cruel, and, bloody, battles, will, take, place., the, evil, will, take, your, soul, piece, by, piece,, but, don’t, give, up, and, fight, to, the, last, drop, of, blood!to, survive, on, this, deserted, island, is, your, main, goal,, after, that, you, can, think, about, constructing,, region, development, and, politics, in, general., and, before, that, you, need, to, take, your, sword, and, use, your, magic!
Crysis Blood Warriors 240x320

1.1 MB
, game, description:, dark, soul, of, the, town, of, redemption, song:, the, game, has, won, a, title, of, the, best, game, of, china, 2010., charming, dark, queen, of, light, has, chosen, the, road, of, struggle, again!, the, game, has, new, designs,, beautiful, artifacts,, and, difficult, bosses!, the, game, is, intended, for, high-level, gamers!
Dark Soul Of The Town Of Redemption Song 240x320

846.8 KB
, game, description:, darkness, warrior, princes, 2:, this, is, a, good, action, game, with, rpg, elements, from, the, chinese, creators, for, mobiles., you, are, going, to, meet, hordes, of, enemies, on, your, way., to, defeat, them, you, need, to, collect, coins, from, the, destroyed, enemies, and, to, get, different, upgrades, for, you., java-game, offers, a, wide, upgrade, for, the, players, and, this, will, help, you, to, come, closer, to, your, aim.
Darkness Warrior Princes 2 240x320 S40

617.9 KB
, game, description:, demon, hunter, 2:, this, is, the, continuation, of, the, first, part., the, game, became, even, better, now!, you, play, as, a, demon, hunter., you, are, going, to, fight, against, them, in, this, game., you, will, have, magic,, weapons, and, different, bonuses., the, game, offers, many, bright, levels,, monsters, and, bosses.
Demon Hunter 2 240x320

893.5 KB
, game, description:, the, devil, and, the, angel, of, tears, sword:, magnificent, game,, the, continuation, of, the, previous, part., this, time, we, will, play, as, a, devil, woman, (the, lady, of, fire), and, fairy, (mistress, of, water),, you, choose, whom, to, play, as,, but, as, in, the, previous, game,, you, can, change, the, character, at, any, time..., gorgeous, graphics,, an, extensive, map, of, the, area,, lots, of, monsters,, bosses,, etc...
Devochka Omut 240x320

959.7 KB
, game, description:, diablo, 2:, remarkable, chinese, realisation, of, cult, rpg, game, diablo, 2, for, mobile, phones., the, aim, of, the, game, is, to, rescue, village, from, the, hated, yellow, emperor, (rank, th)., features, of, game, of, diablo, ii:the, magnificent, graphics, and, plot,, a, considerable, quantity, of, magic,, weapon,, artefacts,, monsters.
Diablo 2 All Screen Sizes

341.2 KB
, game, description:, disciples:, the, game, takes, place, in, a, fictional, world, nevendaar., at, the, beginning, of, the, game, the, player, chooses, a, class, of, a, ruler:, alderman,, warlord, or, archmage., each, ruler, has, his, bonuses,, defining, the, style, of, the, game., \
Disciples 240x320

423.3 KB
, game, description:, dragon, ball, online:, dragon, ball, online, -, show, your, skills, of, a, warrior, taking, part, in, tournaments, and, going, through, various, trials., this, game, will, give, you, hundreds, of, different, skills, and, special, things, for, your, personality!game, features:huge, world, to, examinebig, number, of, monsters,, quests, and, other, playerswonderful, graphics, and, sound, effects 
Dragon Ball Online All Screen Sizes

793.1 KB
, game, description:, dragon, eyes., episode, 3:, the, power, of, eyes:, it's, the, the, third, part, of, the, adventure, stories, of, witchery,, magic, and, dragons.earth,, fire,, blue, dragons, ruled, istoron, earth, in, the, good, old, days., but, they, were, overthrown, by, lawn, clan,, which, was, formed, to, wage, a, war.however,, the, force, of, dragons, is, left,, it, was, sealed, in, glass, bombs,, which, were, controlled, by, devop,, human, and, elp, clans., glass, bombs, looked, like, the, eyes, of, the, dragons,, and, so, they, were, forgotten, by, people, as, time, goes, by.
Dragon Eyes Episode 3 The Power Of Eyes All Screen Sizes

317.5 KB
, game, description:, dragon, fantasy:, revelation:, popular, online, arpg., it's, a, long, and, complicated, story,, hundreds, of, adventure, scenes,, three, types, of, professional, soldiers, and, hundreds, of, beautiful, skills,, forging,, all, this, can, be, combined!,
Dragon Fantasy Revelation All Screen Sizes

937.8 KB
, game, description:, dragon, slaughter:, at, the, very, dawn, of, the, world, the, universe, creator, ottus, and, four, dragons, –, lords, of, wind,, fire,, water, and, land, created, a, pure, world., but, devil, elider, wished, to, take, the, throne, so, he, united, with, the, dark, dragon, margos, and, tried, to, bring, dark, hidden, powers, to, this, pure, world., it, was, the, beginning, of, the, new, deadly, era, and, gave, chance, to, conquer, the, world,, but, can, they, put, their, plan, into, action?
Dragon Slaughter 240x320

210.4 KB
, game, description:, dragon, sword:, legend, of, the, frozen, throne:, a, drunken, sword, is, a, unique, weapon,, a, gift, to, the, yellow, emperor, from, kunlun,, the, master,, who, died, with, the, secret, of, its, production., in, the, midst, of, war, with, the, black, neighbor, the, legendary, sword, blunted, and, was, lost., many, years, have, passed., the, world, emerged, from, the, chaos, and, mired, in, it, again., the, old, conflicts, brought, new, troubles., to, restore, peace,, the, people, will, need, a, drunken, sword, again...,
Dragon Sword Legend Of The Frozen Throne All Screen Sizes

203.9 KB
, game, description:, dragonia:, dragonia, -, is, a, new, adventure, game, from, chinese, developers., plunge, into, a, magic, world, where, sword, and, magic, rule., destroy, a, villain, and, save, a, princess, in, this, wonderful, fairy, tale, game!game, features:big, world, to, fight, in, and, explorebig, amount, of, monsters,, quests, and, charactersdevelop, fighting, and, magic, skills, of, your, characterswonderful, graphics, and, sound, effects
Dragonia All Screen Sizes

1.9 MB
, game, description:, drakengard:, drakengard, is, an, epic, saga., square, enix, again, masterfulyl, tells, a, tragic, story., action, elements, differ, drakengard, from, other, role-playing, games, of, this, company., you, should, destroy, enemies, both, on, the, earth, and, in, the, air,, flying, on, a, back, of, a, dragon.
Drakengard All Screen Sizes

173.2 KB
, game, description:, dungeon, storm:, in, this, role, playing, game, you, will, need, to, complete, lots, of, interesting, quests, and, to, defeat, the, army, of, the, god, of, darkness, saraid.bloodthirsty, army, of, the, not, less, bloodthirsty, saraid, consists, of, horrible, monsters, and, it, tries, to, destroy, the, magic, kingdom, farwind., of, course, you, play, on, the, good, side, and, you, protect, the, kingdom., a, really, interesting, rpg, plotline, for, mobile, will, engross, you, for, many, hours,, and, excellent, pseudo, 3d, graphics, and, wonderful, sound, effects, will, become, a, pleasant, addition.
Dungeon Storm All Screen Sizes

84.6 KB
, game, description:, elements, of, the, city:, this, is, one, of, the, newest, and, most, fascinating, role, play, games, from, chinese, creators., it, reminds, classic, prince, of, persia, with, its, gameplay, and, design., excellent, graphics,, unique, gameplay, and, captivating, story, will, stay, in, your, memory, for, a, long, time. 
Elements Of The City 240x320

767.9 KB
, game, description:, entis, fantasy, 2:, entis, fantasy, 2, –, is, the, continuation, of, the, popular, multiuser, mobile, game, which, offers, the, players, to, deepen, into, the, fairytale, world, of, magic, and, miracles,, to, research, a, huge, territory, of, the, imagined, universe, and, of, course, to, meet, other, players,, to, make, a, group, with, them, or, to, fight, with, them, online.
Entis Fantasy 2 All Screen Sizes

336.1 KB
, game, description:, fairy, magic, robbery, of, killing, law:, a, great, action, game, with, elements, of, rpg., the, game, in, a, spirit, of, castlevania., though, the, game, is, in, chinese,, it, is, easy, to, sort, it, out!
Fairy Magic Robbery Of Killing Law 240x320

979.4 KB
, game, description:, fantasy, rumors, shuihu:, this, is, another, fascinating, chinese, role, play, game, of, the, comedy, genre., you, are, going, to, plunge, into, unusual, and, incredible, world., you, can, observe, an, excellent, graphics, in, the, game, and, also, a, chinese, interface, which, doesn't, hamper, the, playing, process, at, all. 
Fantasy Rumors Shuihu 240x320

544.7 KB
, game, description:, fire, emblem:, challenge:, everything, new, is, well-forgotten, old., a, famous, role, play, game, from, the, far, away, glorious, time, of, the, game, consoles, gets, a, new, life., you, are, going, to, be, immersed, in, the, exciting, and, wild, world, of, the, step-by-step, fights, and, magic, battles,, the, world, of, amulets, and, artifacts,, pegasus, and, dragons,, orcs, and, wizards., gather, your, army,, prepare, accoutrements,, make, the, supplies, and, set, off, to, conquer, faraway, lands, and, kingdoms…, we, get, into, historical, times, of, the, ostrogoth, wars,, we, are, going, to, take, part, in, the, magic, battles, with, the, exciting, breathtaking, moments., the, world, of, artifacts, and, amulets, is, open, for, us, again.
Fire Emblem Challenge 176x220

464.4 KB
, game, description:, fire, emblem:, invasion:, here, is, an, exciting, role-playing, game, with, bright, elements, of, strategy,, where, you, have, to, take, the, side, of, the, princess, named, yamuna, and, her, companions, in, the, struggle, for, freedom, and, kingdom., compete, against, the, wild, gothic, tribes, and, domestos,, the, usurper,, who, seized, power, in, the, country, by, a, fraud, way.
Fire Emblem Invasion All Screen Sizes

211.7 KB
, game, description:, fire, emblem:, liberation:, \
Fire Emblem Liberation All Screen Sizes

304.5 KB
, game, description:, fire, emblem:, opposition:, a, sequel, of, the, cult, rpg, with, strategy, elements, telling, the, tragic, fate, of, yamuna,the, queen,forced, to, confront, the, barbaric, invasion, of, the, visigoths,, led, by, cruel, and, greedy, austro, in, the, conditions, of, the, private, family, tragedy., only, you, can, stop, the, aggression, of, the, dark, forces, and, to, prevent, the, bloody, madness, of, the, evil, thervings, against, rich, orthodox, sophia!
Fire Emblem Opposition All Screen Sizes

272.3 KB
, game, description:, fire, emblem:, pirates, of, the, caribbean:, after, the, discovery, of, america, by, christopher, columbus, european, pirates, and, corsairs, flocked, in, search, of, prey, in, the, caribbean., to, hold, the, rule, of, the, sea,, capture, and, plunder, merchant, ships, easily,, burn, and, devastate, coastal, towns, and, rob, the, pearl, business,, the, pirates, made, a, deal, with, the, devil,, and, got, the, help, of, otherworldly, powers, ...
Fire Emblem Pirates Of The Caribbean All Screen Sizes

372.7 KB
, game, description:, fire, emblem:, pirates, vs, cannibals:, pirate, is, a, mankind, enemy., they, opposed, the, laws, accepted, in, their, own, society, and, opposed, themselves, to, civilized,, honest, world, and, in, this, way, they, were, destined, to, go, into, cruel, war, ., traps,, captivity,, prisons,, scaffold,, hanged, man, made, the, dark, romanticism, of, the, pirate, work, even, darker, and, reminded, about, uncompromising, struggle, between, two, worlds., but, the, unknown, third, power, interferes, in, this, struggle...captain, sores, story, finds, continuations, after, 10, winters...
Fire Emblem Pirates Vs Cannibals All Screen Sizes

409 KB
, game, description:, fire, emblem:, proscription:, history, is, a, collection, of, facts,, which, may, be, repeated,, but, can't, go, back., a, bloody, conflict, with, ostrogoths, for, sohpia's, liberation, lasted, for, 10, years., the, base, of, the, 5th, part, of, \
Fire Emblem Proscription All Screen Sizes

276.4 KB
, game, description:, fire, emblem:, purification:, it's, the, final, part, of, an, exciting, role-playing, game,\
Fire Emblem Purification All Screen Sizes

358.7 KB
, game, description:, fire, emblem:, regeneration:, in, another, part, of, the, popular, role-playing, game, for, mobile, phones, you, have, to, protect, the, right, of, yamuna,, the, queen,, and, her, heroes, for, peace, and, freedom, of, sofia.fate, and, its, favor, will, fill, the, confrontation, with, the, ostrogoths, with, complex,, thrilling, action,, fascinating, story, and, vivid, impressions!
Fire Emblem Regeneration All Screen Sizes

319.7 KB
, game, description:, forsaken, fortress:, this, game, is, about, a, beautiful, girl, who, was, captured, by, evil, dragon, and, about, a, brave, warrior, which, must, release, his, beloved, from, the, beast., the, world, of, fantasy, and, fairytale, is, waiting, for, you., you, will, have, to, overcome, many, difficulties, and, go, through, fire, and, water, to, get, to, the, secret, den, of, the, dragon., monsters,, faithful, dragon's, servants,, are, ready, for, anything, to, prevent, you, from, finding, their, master., your, experience, and, skills, will, improve, on, your, way, to, the, dragon's, den., you, will, find, new, kinds, of, weapon, and, bonuses, on, your, way., and, at, last,, when, you, become, an, experienced, warrior, and, collect, enough, armour, and, weapons, you, will, have, a, battle, with, the, main, monster, –, the, dragon.
Forsaken Fortress 176x220

122 KB
, game, description:, galactic, heroes:, it, is, strange, how, people, tend, to, accuse, immortals!, the, evil, comes, from, us,, they, say,, but, themselves, incur, death, in, spite, of, a, fate., they, have, depleted, the, resources, of, universe, with, their, greedy, hands,, pleasing, the, sick, pride, of, ares, with, their, avidity., mars, sets, from, a, developed, fonzo, planet, to, set, a, control, over, consumption, of, natural, resources.
Galactic Heroes 240x320

913.9 KB
, game, description:, genma, gods, story:, the, reign, of, king, zhou, came, to, an, end,, his, shang, dynasty, had, been, ruling, during, 600, years, till, the, end, of, the, star, epoch,, the, new, king, woe, took, up, the, throne.
Genma Gods Story 240x320

1022.3 KB
, game, description:, gods:, this, wonderful, mmorpg, game, has, two, sides:, good, and, evil.for, the, good, -, the, people, and, the, light, elves,, for, the, evil, -, the, dark, elves, and, demons.each, race, has, 4, classes:, bafer,, magician,, asasin,, warrior., also,, there, are, more, than, 400, hundred, locations, in, the, game., you, can, carry, 2, guns,, shields,, etc., the, russians, play, on, the, server, with, number, 1, for, the, dark, elves.only, menu, itself, is, translated,, the, quests, are, in, the, chinese, translation, and, can, not, be, translated, (as, the, game, servers, are, chinese)
Gods 240x320 S60

1 MB
, game, description:, golden, axe, necrophilia:, become, a, red, haired, bloody, creation, and, get, more, and, more, blood!, the, more, blood, you, make, the, better!, your, bloodthirsty, sword, will, help, you, to, get, even, more, blood!, use, the, blood, magic, to, fight, against, your, enemy!, kill, huge,, full, of, blood, bosses!, do, bloodletting!, defeat, hundred, thousands, of, bloodthirsty, creatures!, prepare, a, bloody, hell, for, your, enemies!, destroy, blood, crystals, to, complete, the, game!, cover, every, centimeter, of, the, labyrinths, with, blood, of, the, bloody, evil, creatures!, take, a, bloody, vengeance!
Golden Axe Necrophilia 240x320

764.7 KB
, game, description:, gurk:, gurk, is, a, huge, role, play, game, having, small, size., the, game, offers, all, the, features, of, classic, rpg, in, full, and, many, adventures, to, entertain, you, for, severl, hours.
Gurk From 128x128 Till 360x640

62.2 KB
, game, description:, heroe's, lore, 2:, the, knight, of, frozen, sea:, heroe's, lore, 2:, the, knight, of, frozen, sea, -, beautiful, graphics,, intriguing, plot,, different, endings, of, the, game,, wide, range, of, skills, and, abilities, in, this, game, from, chinese, developers!game, features:400, units, of, equipage, and, weaponsmore, than, 100, monsters30, skills, and, levels
Heroes Lore 2 The Knight Of Frozen Sea 240x320

1.1 MB
, game, description:, heroes, of, might, and, magic, 3, uriel, mod:, heroes, of, might, and, magic, 3, uriel, mod, are, always, with, you, in, your, mobil, phone!, an, adored, third, part, of, this, game, has, incomparable, graphics, and, an, amusing, plot,, but, in, a, java, format!,
Heroes Of Might And Magis 3 Uriel Mod From 176x208 Till 176x220

685.2 KB
, game, description:, heroes, of, the, chaotic, level, japanese, heg:, this, is, the, continuation, of, japanese, masterpiece, about, two, brave, heroes, which, fight, against, evil, which, comes, as, pirates., the, game, offers, lots, of, weapons,, bosses,, magic,, enemies,, skills,, levels, and, so, on., you, can, make, your, weapons, better, with, the, help, of, forge., there, are, two, characters, in, the, game:, an, archer, and, a, sword, man,, you, can, choose, any, of, them.
Heroes Of The Chaotic Level Japanese Heg 240x320

943 KB
, game, description:, high:, in, this, game, you, will, play, as, a, young, hunter, who, decided, to, help, his, home, village, and, to, solve, the, problem, of, animals, which, started, mutating., release, the, village, from, evil, beasts, and, people, will, reward, you, and, glorify, you, as, a, real, hero!
High 240x320 S60

303.6 KB
, game, description:, illodemiur:, the, lands, of, the, vast, continent, of, ruannon, stretching, from, the, far, western, shores, of, the, tronos, ocean, to, spurs, of, forbidding, iron, mountains,, behind, which,, according, to, legends, of, the, wise,, lies, the, end, of, the, world, to, where, none, of, the, mortals, has, a, way., hundreds, of, years, the, kingdom, tyberia, and, principality, danholm, lived, in, relative, peace,, separated, by, vast, expanses, of, the, continent., it, happened, sometimes, that, skirmishes, took, place, on, the, border, lands, because, of, patches, of, desert, lands,, but, lords, of, both, states, usually, decided, the, case, peacefully,, understanding, that, they, will, have, small, benefits, from, those, collisions.the, years, were, passing, by,, there, was, nothing, to, divide,, nothing, to, quarrel, about,, nothing, to, fight, for…until, the, wise, men, of, danholm, discovered, a, secret, of, production, of, large, amounts, of, magical, energy, in, some, special, way.
Illodemiur From 176x208 Till 240x320

149.8 KB
, game, description:, i'm, arch, devil:, plunge, into, devilish, world, of, ancient, magic,, the, world,, full, of, insidious, beasts, and, monsters., runes, and, weapon, will, help, you, to, defeat, them., earn, money, and, experience,, upgrade, your, character., go, through, all, trials,, destroy, the, evil, and, save, the, world.
Im Arch Devil 240x320

197.3 KB
, game, description:, the, story, of, the, western, lands:, gods, and, demons, started, a, bloody, battle, in, the, ancient, times., demons, were, defeated, and, had, to, go, to, their, world..., peace, reigned, the, world, for, several, decades, and, gods, relaxed., the, lord, of, demons,, the, black, witch, directed, her, evil, eyes, to, the, earth, again, thinking, about, the, revenge, plan...the, game, offers:, soft,, bright, graphics, and, animated, locations;easy, and, interesting, gameplay;upgrading, of, your, character;several, kinds, of, weapons,, which, can, be, taken, apart, and, put, together.about, a, hundred, of, quests, and, various, enemies.
Istoriya Zapadnyh Zemel 240x320

726 KB
, game, description:, ji, war, gods, 2:, crime, and, punishment:, japan, and, south, korea., a, magnificent, game, with, realistic, battle, system., an, epic, story, will, tell, you, all, the, mysteries, and, you, will, enjoy, the, game, with, the, mythical, world., great, graphics,, magic,, a, lot, of, enemies,, you, can, change, garments, of, the, character,, the, status, may, be, increased, in, any, way,, a, large, selection, of, magic,, your, character, can, fly, …do, not, miss, such, a, great, game!,  
Ji War Gods 2 Crime And Punishment 240x320 S40

1.5 MB
, game, description:, jianxia, spring, and, autumn:, in, this, adventure, game, with, elements, of, rpg, you, will, have, to, become, a, young, swordsman, to, restore, fairness., the, game, becomes, more, complicated, with, each, level, –, traps,, spikes,, boxes, and, monsters, emerge,, and, you, have, to, use, a, separate, strategy, to, each, of, them., several, types, of, weapons,, each, has, its, ability,, you, can, also, upgrade, your, equipment.
Jianxia Spring And Autumn 240x320

885.6 KB
, game, description:, journey, to, the, west:, journey, to, the, west, -, is, an, excellent, mmorpg, from, vietnamese, developers., the, game, is, based, on, the, same, named, film., take, part, in, the, epic, adventures, of, a, character, and, compete, with, other, players, from, all, over, the, world!game, features:3, fractions,, 9, races,, 3, classes, of, charactersyou, can, catch, any, creature, and, make, it, your, assistant, in, the, fightwell, considered, step, by, step, battleshandy, intergame, chat
Journey To The West 240x320

1.2 MB
, game, description:, kyoka, romance:, an, excellent, rpg, from, chinese, developers., lots, of, missions,, battles, and, weapons, are, waiting, for, you., the, game, also, possesses, beautiful, graphics,, dynamic, gameplay, and, cheats!, enjoy!
Kyoka Romance 240x320

975.3 KB

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