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Rockpaperscissors 6.3 MB

Game description: RockPaperScissors:
Become the leader of the online game RockPaperScissors! The aim of this game is to win the match choosing the gesture which will defeat the opponent’s gesture. Features: rating system, chat, statistics, Buddy invitations and many other things! You can register for free and join this very minute to the world rating! Become the legend!
Internet connection is required and free registration at game server!
Compatible for: Symbian 11. S60 5th (Symbian^3)


Rockpaperscissors.sis, Arcade, Symbian,Screenshot Preview Rockpaperscissors.sis, Arcade, Symbian,Screenshot Preview 2

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304.1 KB
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20.3 MB
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1.1 MB
, game, description:, ninja, survive, ii:, you, play, as, a, ninja, and, you, must, survive, at, any, price!, in, this, game, you, need, to, avoid, flying, swords, and, shurikens, and, hold, out, some, certain, period, of, time!, there, are, two, variants, of, the, game:, history, with, 30, rooms, and, survival, mode!, the, game, requires, installed, qt, libraries, for, symbian, 9.4, and, for, symbian^3.we, thank, outcast, for, the, given, game!compatible, for:, symbian, 9.5., s60, (5th, (symbian^3),, belle)
Ninja Survive Ii

1.8 MB
, game, description:, well, just, you, wait:, a, popular, game, ported, to, smartphones, is, waiting, for, its, potential, owners!, do, you, remember,
Nu Pogodi

104.9 KB
, game, description:, odd, trip:, easter, egg, got, lost, in, a, strange, world, and, it, is, only, you, who, can, help, it., get, through, the, labyrinth, and, collect, all, the, pills, on, your, way, in, order, to, get, points, and, enter, the, new, level.compatible, for:, symbian, (11,, 9.4)., s60, (5th, (symbian^1),, 5th, (symbian^3))
Odd Trip

4.4 MB
, game, description:, orbit, eater:, this, game, resembles, old, good, pacman!, you, operate, a, mouth, and, try, to, eat, everything, you, see, on, the, level!, avoid, food, which, is, bad, for, your, teeth!, there, are, two, operation, variants:, joystick, and, accelerometer!compatible, for:, symbian, 9.5., s60, (5th, (symbian^3),, belle)
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6.5 MB
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Paintball 2

613.2 KB
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507.5 KB
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Peak Gold

7.7 MB
, game, description:, pee, the, bee:, in, this, game, you, are, going, to, operate, a, bee, and, you, will, need, to, collect, as, many, colors, as, you, can., avoid, caterpillars, and, evil, hidden, chameleon!compatible, for:, symbian, 9.5., s60, (5th, (symbian^3),, belle)
Pee The Bee

5.5 MB
, game, description:, petanque, boule, fighters:, this, game, offers, a, really, innovative, gameplay, with, absolutely, intuitive, and, nice, control, feeling., you, will, find, here, three, fields, for, a, game,, different, game, modes, (training,, to, push, the, balls, of, your, opponent, outside, the, screen, etc.)the, idea, of, this, game, is, as, follows:, the, players, of, two, teams, on, the, field, take, turns, in, throwing, metal, balls, and, try, to, place, their, ball, as, close, as, possible, to, the, small, wooden, ball.the, main, thing, is, to, place, the, balls, of, your, team, closer, to, the, wooden, ball, than, the, other, team, places, its, balls., each, close, ball, brings, one, point., the, game, is, played, until, one, of, the, teams, gets, 13, points.compatible, for:, symbian, (11,, 9.4)., s60, (5th, (symbian^1),, 5th, (symbian^3))
Petanque Boule Fighters

179.2 KB
, game, description:, pgz, pang:, the, aim, of, this, game, is, to, burst, all, the, bubbles, with, the, help, of, harpoon., tap, on, the, screen, to, send, a, harpoon., the, game, has, 20, levels, with, wonderful, backgrounds., more, levels, and, functions, will, be, added, later.compatible, for:, symbian, (9.4,, 9.5)., s60, (5th, (symbian^1),, 5th, (symbian^3))
Pgz Pang

7.3 MB
, game, description:, pick, sticks:, this, is, a, simple, game,, in, which, you, need, to, pick, sticks., the, main, difficulty, is, that, you, are, time, limited.compatible, for:, symbian, 9.5., s60, 5th, (symbian^3)
Pick Sticks

3.2 MB
, game, description:, pigs, can, fly:, pigs, can, fly!, and, this, is, not, a, joke., this, game, will, prove, this, fact., you, operate, a, small, pig, in, this, game, and, try, not, to, crash, against, something.compatible, for:, symbian, (11,, 9.4)., s60, (5th, (symbian^1),, 5th, (symbian^3))
Pigs Can Fly

4.6 MB
, game, description:, ping, pong:, do, you, remember, those, days, when, you, held, the, rocket, and, were, trying, to, hit, the, ball, as, many, times, as, possible?, even, if, you, don’t,, now, you, can, do, this, in, your, smartphone!, challenge, your, friends, to, see, who, can, hit, the, ball, more, times., easy, and, fascinating, gameplay, guarantees, many, funny, hours, playing, ping-pong, game., the, operation, is, done, with, the, help, of, accelerometer, which, is, built-in, to, the, smartphone.compatible, for:, symbian, 11., s60, 5th, (symbian^3)
Ping Pong

10.7 MB
, game, description:, pirate:, this, is, an, adventure, game, about, a, pirate., walk,, collect, gold,, fight, against, the, skeletons., the, game, resembles, old, pac-man, in, a, way.game, files, are, added!compatible, for:, symbian, (9.1,, 9.2,, 9.3)

3 MB
, game, description:, planetoids:, operate, a, space, ship, and, destroy, asteroids,, satellites, and, various, space, garbage!, this, is, a, game, to, kill, time, for, points!the, game, requires, installed, qt, libraries, for, symbian, 9.4, and, for, symbian^3.compatible, for:, symbian, 9.5., s60, (5th, (symbian^3),, belle)

635.6 KB
, game, description:, plants, vs., zombies:, plants, vs, zombies, from, now, for, symbian, smartphones., meet!, this, is, a, chinese, analogue, of, the, famous, game!, gameplay, is, the, same,, lots, of, plants,, lots, of, fun, (only, the, zombies, are, chinese)., the, game, is, absolutely, intuitive,, everything, is, clear, without, translation., if, you, close, the, game,, next, time, it, will, be, started, from, exactly, the, same, point, where, you, stopped, playing., go, ahead!compatible, for:, symbian, 9.4., s60, 5th, edition, (symbian^1)
Plants Vs Zombies

2.1 MB
, game, description:, playpac:, pac-man, —, is, a, yellow, round, creature, which, consists, of, a, mouth, only., the, task, is, to, collect, all, white, dots, on, the, level, and, avoid, ghosts., the, level, is, regarded, to, be, completed, when, all, the, dots, are, eaten., you, can, also, see, different, bonuses, on, the, level, –, fruits,, you, will, get, extra, points, if, you, eat, them.compatible, for:, symbian, (6.0,, 6.1,, 7.0,, 8.0,, 8.1)

85.9 KB
, game, description:, pop, it!:, this, is, an, excellent, game, with, simple, gameplay:, you, will, observe, balls, flying, at, you, and, you, will, need, to, throw, yours, at, them,, four, neighboring, same, colored, balls, will, disappear, and, this, will, bring, you, extra, points., simple,, but, very, engrossing!compatible, for:, symbian, 9.5., s60, 5th, (symbian^3)
Pop It

439.4 KB
, game, description:, prism, 3d:, this, is, absolutely, new, game, to, test, your, adroitness, and, reflexes., the, task, is, very, easy, –, you, need, to, control, the, ball, with, the, help, of, accelerometer.features, of, the, game, prism, 3d:, unbelievably, beautiful, graphics, realistic, effects, 25, levels, level, editor., you, can, create, your, own, levels, which, makes, this, game, endlesscompatible, for:, symbian, (11,, 9.4)., s60, (5th, edition, (symbian^1),, 5th, edition, (symbian^3))
Prism 3d

2 MB


351.8 KB
, game, description:, pt, devoids:, this, is, an, adventure, across, endless, space, in, a, super, modern, fighting, spaceship., your, task, is, to, destroy, all, the, enemies, and, remain, alive, during, 100, levels., the, only, weak, side, of, this, game, is, that, it, has, not, very, handy, operation.compatible, for:, symbian, 9.1
Pt Devoids

1.5 MB
, game, description:, qball:, this, is, a, classic, arkanoid, for, symbian, operating, system., try, to, break, all, colored, blocks, with, the, help, of, a, ball., it, might, bring, good, and, bad, bonuses., this, game, is, very, good, for, reaction, training!compatible, for:, symbian, (9.4,, 9.5)., s60, (5th, (symbian^1),, 5th, (symbian^3),, anna,, belle)

35.2 KB
, game, description:, quick, block:, in, this, game, you, will, operate, an, orange, block, (with, your, finger, or, with, a, stylus),, try, to, escape, from, the, green, block, and, avoid, its, touch., your, task, is, to, hold, out, as, long, as, possible!compatible, for:, symbian, 9.4., s60, 5th, edition, (symbian^1)
Quick Block

108.1 KB
, game, description:, quickhit:, this, is, a, new, fascinating, game, for, your, touch, sensitive, smartphones!, fascinating, stories, for, the, fans, of, space, games.the, game, requires, installed, qt, libraries, for, symbian, 9.4, and, for, symbian^3.compatible, for:, symbian, (9.4,, 9.5)., s60, (5th, (symbian^1),, 5th, (symbian^3))

1.2 MB
, game, description:, rabbit, shotout:, in, this, game, you, will, shoot, with, rabbits, with, the, help, of, y-stick, at, the, crowd, of, approaching, multicolored, rabbits., shoot, at, three, and, more, same, colored, rabbits, to, remove, them, from, the, playing, field.the, game, requires, installed, qt, libraries, for, symbian, 9.4, and, for, symbian^3.compatible, for:, symbian, (9.4,, 9.5)., s60, (5th, (symbian^1),, 5th, (symbian^3),, belle)
Rabbit Shotout

1.6 MB
, game, description:, rats, and, spears:, they, are, practicing, in, spear, throwing, and, prepare, for, the, olympiad., they, are, training, right, in, your, street., behind, the, last, house,, behind, the, wooden, fence., they, are, regular, yard, rats., they, are, practicing, only, in, spear, throwing, so, far., nobody, knows, what, made, them, choose, this, kind, of, sports., your, task, is, to, control, the, throw, of, a, rat, and, in, case, the, result, will, be, good,, you, can, place, it, to, a, records, table., the, farther, the, rat, throws, a, spear, the, better, its, skills, become.compatible, for:, symbian, (6.0,, 6.1,, 7.0,, 8.0,, 8.1)
Rats And Spears

799.9 KB
, game, description:, recycle, factory:, welcome, to, recycle, factory!, are, you, ready, to, manage, with, the, task?, throw, garbage, to, a, needed, bin, and, help, the, nature!)), are, you, ready?compatible, for:, symbian, 9.4., s60, 5th, edition, (symbian^1)
Recycle Factory

11.8 MB
, game, description:, red, bull, x-fighters:, red, bull, x-fighters, -, is, a, fascinating, game, with, excellent, graphics, and, realistic, physics., make, tricks, of, different, difficulty, taking, part, in, 50, different, competitions., use, your, strength,, courage, and, your, skills, so, as, your, fans, liked, you!, unblock, competitions,, bikes,, tricks,, get, achievements, and, prove, that, you, are, the, best, rider, in, the, world!features, of, the, game, red, bull, x-fighters:, 50, different, contests, in, different, locations, (mexico,, egypt,, moscow,, rome), +, x-fighters, tour, 4, bikes,, which, are, to, be, unblocked., 12, different, tricks,, 8, of, them, are, to, be, unblocked, there, are, also, achievements, in, this, game, (24, pcs.), every, round, is, estimated, according, to, 20, different, characteristics, (for, example,, best, combo,, the, biggest, amount, of, “flips”,, the, most, unpainful, falling, etc.), realistic, graphics, you, can, watch, the, repeatscompatible, for:, symbian, 11., s60, 5th, (symbian^3)
Red Bull X Fighters

17.6 MB
, game, description:, relief, copter:, operate, a, helicopter, in, order, to, bring, the, boxes, to, the, destination, point., the, way, you, drop, boxes, (how, accurate, you, do, this), determines, the, amount, of, lives, saved, and, the, amount, of, donations, you, get., besides, that, you, will, find, out, that, millions, of, people, suffered, during, the, flood, in, pakistan, and, you, will, offer, help, to, save, 21, million, lives, which, suffered, from, flood, which, devastated, pakistan.compatible, for:, symbian, (9.2,, 9.3)
Relief Copter

412.4 KB
, game, description:, rescue, the, soldiers:, you, play, as, a, soldier, and, your, mission, is, to, save, the, soldiers, alone., this, fascinating, shooter, game, will, not, leave, the, war, games, fans, indifferent!compatible, for:, symbian, (6.0,, 6.1,, 7.0,, 8.0,, 8.1)
Rescue The Soldiers

188.4 KB
, game, description:, retro, cosmos:, you, must, protect, the, solar, system, from, alien, aggressors!, your, way, will, last, for, 30, levels, and, will, be, full, of, different, opponents, which, will, try, to, injure, you, with, their, weapons, or, with, a, side, of, the, alien, space, ship., this, is, an, old, school, style, game!compatible, for:, symbian, (11,, 9.4)., s60, (5th, (symbian^1),, 5th, (symbian^3))
Retro Cosmos

377.4 KB
, game, description:, rick, rocketson:, this, is, an, arcade, 2d, shooter, for, smartphones,, in, which, you, will, need, to, destroys, enemies, on, your, way, and, collect, keys, in, order, to, get, to, a, new, level., the, game, is, made, in, the, best, traditions, of, 90-s, console, games.compatible, for:, symbian, (7.0,, 8.0,, 8.1)
Rick Rocketson

306.9 KB
, game, description:, rip, off:, touch, sensitive, game, rip, off, is, dedicated, to, the, protection, of, your, relatives,, which, did, not, hatch, out, so, far,, but, there, is, someone, who, wants, to, kill, them., the, distinctive, attributes, of, this, game, are, many, trophies, and, handy, operation!compatible, for:, symbian, 11., s60, 5th, (symbian^3)
Rip Off

7.3 MB
, game, description:, roadside, romeo:, yash, rat, films, &, disney, movies, present, a, new, mobile, game, from, indiagames:, roadside, romeo., the, game, is, based, on, the, same, named, movie, in, which, funny, dog, romeo, is, the, main, character., travel, together, with, romeo,, get, points,, support, all, the, dogs, and, in, case, you, meet, enemies, –, you, can, throw, bones, at, them.when, you, open, the, game, for, the, first, time,, you, need, to, register, in, the, menu, (login,, password,, input, @),, after, this, the, game, will, be, updated, (50kb), and, you, will, have, a, full, version, of, this, wonderful, game!compatible, for:, symbian, (9.1,, 9.2,, 9.3)
Roadside Romeo

1.1 MB
, game, description:, room, of, disaster:, the, aim, of, this, game, is, to, bring, the, room, in, order,, to, clean, it., you, will, have, three, boxes, with, contours, of, objects, and, three, objects,, which, must, be, placed, to, the, corresponding, boxes., you, have, limited, time, for, this., each, new, level, becomes, more, difficult, than, the, previous, one, and, you, will, have, to, think, really, fast, to, choose, the, correct, object!, in, other, words,, you, need, to, sort, out, the, objects, into, the, corresponding, boxes, fast!, the, game, has, four, modes!the, game, requires, installed, qt, libraries, for, symbian, 9.4, and, for, symbian^3.compatible, for:, symbian, 11., s60, 5th, (symbian^3)
Room Of Disaster

4.3 MB
, game, description:, rotax:, turn, right,, turn, left,, shake,, turn, over, your, telephone!, do, what, you, are, told, to, do., this, game, will, engross, you, for, many, hours, and, will, help, to, have, a, fascinating, and, good, time!, 12, different, orders, with, 3, game, modes, and, records.the, game, requires, installed, qt, libraries, for, symbian, 9.4, and, for, symbian^3.compatible, for:, symbian, (11,, 9.4)., s60, (5th, (symbian^1),, 5th, (symbian^3))

3.4 MB
, game, description:, royal, navy, engineer, officer, challenge:, this, useful, educational, game, will, help, you, to, know, more, about, sea, engineering., the, game, has, a, set, of, mini, games., among, them:, using, the, models, of, special, devices,, accelerometer, for, instance,, equipping, of, the, model, for, rocket, attack, and, many, other, things, which, are, useful, for, the, sea, engineer., if, you, successfully, complete, the, game, you, will, be, offered, to, become, a, member, of, naval, forces, of, britain!compatible, for:, symbian, 11., s60, 5th, (symbian^3)
Royal Navy Engineer Officer Challenge

22.3 MB
, game, description:, ruch, hour:, it, is, rush, hour, in, the, city., your, task, is, to, regulate, the, traffic, on, the, busy, crossroads!, prevent, any, car, accident!compatible, for:, symbian, (9.4,, 9.5)., s60, (5th, (symbian^1),, 5th, (symbian^3))
Ruch Hour

807.5 KB
, game, description:, run, skeleton, run:, who, is, afraid, of, skeletons?, you?, or, maybe, you?, you, will, never, afraid, of, them, from, now, on!, try, to, operate, your, own, skeleton., save, skeleton,, run, away, from, insatiable, trees,, your, destiny, is, in, your, hands!, :)compatible, for:, symbian, 9.5., s60, (5th, (symbian^3),, anna,, belle)
Run Skeleton Run

4.5 MB
, game, description:, rushmode:, have, a, journey, across, the, mine, in, a, carriage,, collect, bonuses, on, your, way, and, avoid, obstacles!compatible, for:, symbian, (6.0,, 6.1,, 7.0,, 8.0)

856.6 KB
, game, description:, samin, lite:, samin, lite, -, is, an, arcade, game,, where, you, play, as, a, certain, voracious, creature., you, must, eat, all, the, things, you, meet, on, your, way, and, avoid, monsters,, hunting, our, hero., the, game, offers, dendy, style, graphics, and, music.compatible, for:, symbian, (9.1,, 9.2,, 9.3)
Samin Lite

798.3 KB
, game, description:, scary, maze:, this, is, a, screamer, like, game, application., this, means, that, you, allow, somebody, to, play, “labyrinth”, game, and, when, the, player, is, maximum, engrossed, with, the, game, and, is, tensed,, he, suddenly, sees, a, picture, of, the, screaming, vermin., the, volume, must, be, maximum, to, get, the, best, effect!, the, developer, recommends, to, install, to, the, telephone, memory.we, do, not, carry, any, responsibility, for, the, consequences,, you, download, it, on, your, own, responsibility!, good, luck!internet, connection, is, required.compatible, for:, symbian, 9.4., s60, 5th, (symbian^1)
Scary Maze

169.3 KB
, game, description:, scorched, city:, this, time, you, will, fight, against, your, enemy, in, the, city, among, high, skyscrapers!, each, player, has, his, own, tank., you, can, play, a, quick, game, as, well, as, play, together, with, your, friends., you, will, be, offered, different, levels,, which, will, get, more, and, more, difficult., single, game, offers, to, play, against, one, or, two, enemy, tanks,, you, can, change, difficulty, levels, and, play, against, your, friends, through, bluetooth., there, are, five, different, types, of, weapons, in, the, game,, but, quantity, of, ammunition, and, weapons, is, limited.compatible, for:, symbian, (9.1,, 9.2,, 9.3)
Scorched City

1.6 MB
, game, description:, selective, detective:, in, this, game, you, will, need, to, sort, the, garbage, to, the, street, litter, bins., the, game, offers, bright, graphics,, easy, operation, and, many, hours, spent, playing, this, game!compatible, for:, symbian, 9.5., s60, (5th, (symbian^3),, belle)
Selective Detective

1.4 MB
, game, description:, semko:, this, is, a, really, cool, game, for, real, guys!, your, task, is, to, nibble, falling, sunflower, seeds., at, the, beginning, the, speed, is, not, very, high,, but, it, increases, with, every, new, minute, and, soon, comes, the, moment, when, you, have, a, heap, of, sunflower, seeds!, yes,, such, things, also, happen!), by, the, way:, 1, missed, sunflower, seed, takes, one, life, from, you., you, are, given, 10, lives, in, total., sunflower, seeds, are, like, gold, in, this, game., go, ahead, and, show, what, you, are, made, of!the, game, requires, installed, qt, libraries, for, symbian, 9.4, and, for, symbian^3compatible, for:, symbian, (11,, 9.4)., s60, (5th, edition, (symbian^1),, 5th, edition, (symbian^3))

3.4 MB
, game, description:, shadow, archer:, shadow, archer, game, is, the, result, of, inspiration, from, a, chinese, game, shadow., you, are, the, main, character, of, a, play,, you, must, conquer, the, cities, and, territories, to, dethrone, impious, king., your, equipment, includes, bow,, arrows,, armor, and, a, ring., you, will, get, special, skills, and, more, actions, as, you, play, this, game.compatible, for:, symbian, 11., s60, 5th, (symbian^3)
Shadow Archer

3.5 MB
, game, description:, shake, it:, game, shake, it, with, accelerometer, support.shake, your, telephone, as, much, as, you, can, in, order, to, burst, the, can, of, cola, and, get, prizes, for, this., compete, with, your, friends, for, time., any, prize, things, you, win, can, be, placed, on, the, desktop, of, your, smartphone., just, choose, the, one, you, like, (with, orange, square), and, press, it!compatible, for:, symbian, 9.4
Shake It

1.4 MB
, game, description:, shariks:, you, need, to, attach, all, small, balls, to, a, big, one, with, the, help, of, accelerometer., this, is, a, bright, logic, arcade, of, a, space, style!the, game, requires, installed, qt, libraries, for, symbian, 9.4, and, for, symbian^3.compatible, for:, symbian, 9.5., s60, (5th, (symbian^3),, belle)

888.9 KB
, game, description:, shoot, the, target:, shoot, the, targets., there, is, also, such, a, mode, in, this, game,, where, camera, of, your, smartphone, can, be, applied., sound, effects, are, very, realistic!compatible, for:, symbian, 9.5., s60, (5th, (symbian^3),, belle)
Shoot The Target

1.5 MB
, game, description:, siam, fun, fair:, this, is, a, shooting, gallery, in, which, you, will, shoot, at, animals, (don’t, be, scared,, they, are, not, alive)., you, aim, by, means, of, inclining, your, smartphone., you, will, find, several, game, modes, and, beautiful, graphics, in, this, game!, it, will, surely, come, to, your, taste!compatible, for:, symbian, 9.5., s60, (5th, (symbian^3),, belle)
Siam Fun Fair

8.5 MB
, game, description:, skates, mania:, skates, mania, -, is, a, game, in, which, you, are, going, to, skate, overcoming, different, obstacles, on, your, way., gain, points, and, open, new, levels.compatible, for:, symbian, (9.4,, 9.5)., s60, (5th, (symbian^1),, 5th, (symbian^3),, belle)
Skates Mania

5.2 MB
, game, description:, sky, fight, 3d:, sky, fight, is, an, arcade, sky, flight, game., there, are, several, famous, fighting, aircrafts, of, the, times, of, the, world, war, ii,, such, as, spitfire, and, bf109., your, fighter, shoots, automatically., all, you, need, to, do, is, to, control, your, position.compatible, for:, symbian, 9.4., s60, 5th, (symbian^1)
Sky Fight 3d

749.8 KB
, game, description:, sky, force:, reloaded:, infinitedreams, company, released, sky, force, reloaded, game, for, pda, based, on, windows, mobile., the, genre, of, this, game, is, a, classic, shooter, having, top, view., it, is, worth, mentioning, that, this, is, not, a, new, game, but, a, remake, of, the, original, sky, force, for, series, 60,, which, contains, new, levels,, new, types, of, enemies,, new, sound, and, graphic, effects., feature-list, of, this, project, is, as, follows:, you, can, improve, your, weapons;, realization, of, different, weather, conditions;, textured, elements;, destroyable, 3d-objects;, shades,, blasts,, atmospheric, effects;, 3, difficulty, levels;, 8, new, levels, to, complete;, lots, of, new, effects!compatible, for:, symbian, 9.4., s60, (5th, (symbian^1),, 5th, (symbian^3),, anna,, belle)
Sky Force Reloaded

1.6 MB
, game, description:, sky, force:, this, is, a, flying, shooter, game, having, lots, of, interactive, 3d, objects,, huge, explosions,, excellent, music, and, sound, effects., the, game, is, made, in, style, of, “vertical, scrolling”, –, you, operate, a, constantly, shooting, ship,, you, can, observe, ground, with, enemy, constructions,, fortifications,, destroyers,, missile, boats,, tanks, and, so, on.compatible, for:, symbian, (6.1,, 7.0,, 8.0)
Sky Force

779.1 KB
, game, description:, sky, hunter:, sky, hunter, is, a, game, of, the, genre, “kill, them, all
Sky Hunter

363.6 KB
, game, description:, slapillar:, your, precious, tree, is, in, danger!, caterpillars, are, attacking, it!, protect, your, tree, and, destroy, them, all!, but, do, not, forget, that, you, must, not, kill, butterflies,, they, are, good, for, your, tree.compatible, for:, symbian, (9.4,, 9.5)., s60, (5th, (symbian^1),, 5th, (symbian^3))

3.2 MB
, game, description:, slice, ice:, slice, ice, in, such, a, way, that, penguins, had, less, space., the, game, has, 60, levels., every, new, level, will, be, unblocked, as, soon, as, you, complete, the, previous, one!!internet, connection, is, required, to, download, a, commercial!the, game, also, requires, installed, qt, libraries, for, symbian, 9.4, and, for, symbian^3.compatible, for:, symbian, 11., s60, 5th, (symbian^3)
Slice Ice

4.1 MB
, game, description:, smart, ball:, smart, ball, -, is, a, rather, simple, game,, in, which, you, operate, a, ball., you, must, bring, it, to, the, gates, with, the, help, of, special, blocks., as, soon, as, you, take, the, ball, to, the, gates,, the, level, is, considered, to, be, completed., you, will, need, to, consider, everything, very, well!compatible, for:, symbian, (7.0,, 8.0,, 8.1)
Smart Ball

153.3 KB
, game, description:, smash, the, bugs:, you, will, observe, bugs, running, on, the, screen, of, your, mobile, device, and, you, will, need, to, smash, them, with, your, fingers., the, more, you, play, the, more, bugs, will, appear, on, the, screen., if, you, are, not, afraid, of, insects, then, download, this, game, and, set, records, smashing, the, bugs!the, game, requires, installed, qt, libraries, for, symbian, 9.4, and, for, symbian^3.the, application, requires, internet, connection.compatible, for:, symbian, (9.4,, 9.5)., s60, (5th, (symbian^1),, 5th, (symbian^3))
Smash The Bugs

826.3 KB
, game, description:, snake, deluxe, 2:, this, is, a, well-known, snake, game, with, unusual, cartoon, graphics., it, is, a, good, choice, when, you, need, to, kill, time., the, game, offers, good, sound, effects, and, understandable, operation.compatible, for:, 240x320., symbian, (9.1,, 9.2,, 9.3)
Snake Deluxe 2

3.6 MB
, game, description:, snake, deluxe:, snake, deluxe, -, is, a, classic, snake, game, for, symbian, smartphones., you, will, need, to, operate, a, small, snake, eating, fruits,, collecting, different, bonuses., this, will, make, your, pet, grow., watch, the, obstacles,, if, you, touch, them, you, will, lose, your, life., you, also, need, to, watch, the, time, left, before, the, next, “dinner”.compatible, for:, symbian, (9.1,, 9.2,, 9.3)
Snake Deluxe

599 KB
, game, description:, snake, touch:, there, are, many, versions, of, snake, game., they, are, all, interesting,, but, their, graphics, is, not, very, attractive., the, producer, of, smartphones, content, digital, footmark, created, this, –, at, first, sight, regular, game, but, it, will, take, you, to, the, great, journey, along, the, snake, land, for, a, long, time!compatible, for:, symbian, 9.4., s60, 5th, (symbian^1)
Snake Touch

641.8 KB
, game, description:, snake, ximad:, this, is, the, best, version, of, a, classic, snake, game,, which, was, developed, with, love, by, ximad, team., excellent, graphics, and, fascinating, gameplay, will, make, your, playing, experience, richer., direct, your, snake, through, deep, underground, mines., move,, avoid, obstacles, and, collect, artifacts, to, complete, arcade, mode, and, to, get, maximum, points, in, challenge, mode., different, bonuses, will, help, to, fulfill, this, task.are, you, brave, enough, to, direct, your, snake, to, dark, caves, to, find, hidden, treasure?compatible, for:, symbian, 9.5., s60, 5th, (symbian^3)
Snake Ximad

2.8 MB
, game, description:, snake:, have, you, missed, classic, snake, or, nokia, 1100?, then, this, game, is, for, you!, this, game, is, an, emulator, of, a, popular, telephone, having, snake, game, in, it!compatible, for:, symbian, 9.5., s60, (5th, (symbian^3),, belle)

351.2 KB
, game, description:, snakes:, this, is, a, famous, snake, game, 3d, from, nokia, smartphone!, in, case, you, deleted, in, from, your, mobile, by, mistake,, here, is, a, new, version, of, the, game!, it, offers, many, levels, and, engrossing, gameplay!compatible, for:, symbian, (9.1,, 9.2,, 9.3)

850.7 KB
, game, description:, snap, shots, 10, in, 1:, you, will, not, be, able, to, stop, if, you, start, this, game!, snap, shots, 10, in, 1, game, includes, a, set, of, 10, mini, games., the, operation, can, be, done, with, the, help, of, a, keyboard, or, a, camera., all, the, games, require, good, reaction, and, good, concentration, of, attention!compatible, for:, symbian, (6.0,, 6.1,, 7.0,, 8.0,, 8.1)
Snapshots 10 In 1

200 KB
, game, description:, sniper, action:, imagine, that, you, are, a, sniper., it, is, night, time, and, you, have, only, one, shot, to, win., choose, your, aim, very, carefully, in, order, not, to, kill, innocent., there, are, many, missions, and, different, types, of, tasks., and, don’t, forget, about, time,, it, is, not, limitless.the, game, requires, installed, qt, libraries, for, symbian, 9.4, and, for, symbian^3.compatible, for:, symbian, (9.4,, 9.5)., s60, (5th, (symbian^1),, 5th, (symbian^3),, belle)
Sniper Action

1.4 MB
, game, description:, sniper, vs, sniper:, feel, how, difficult, and, responsible, the, work, of, a, sniper, is., your, task, is, to, find, an, enemy, and, kill, him, before, he, kills, you.compatible, for:, symbian, (9.4,, 9.5), s60, (5th, (symbian^1),, 5th, (symbian^3),, belle).
Sniper Vs Sniper

45.4 MB
, game, description:, snorbies:, this, is, a, funny, arcade., you, need, to, throw, alive, and, funny, balls, up, and, in, case, they, stick, to, the, same, colored, balls, they, fall, down., this, is, a, wonderful, relaxing, game.compatible, for:, symbian, (11,, 9.4)., s60, (5th, edition, (symbian^1),, 5th, edition, (symbian^3))

979.2 KB
, game, description:, soccer, bounce:, do, you, like, kicking, the, ball, many, times, in, your, real, life?, in, case, yes,, then, you, must, try, to, do, this, in, your, mobile., this, is, a, little, bit, harder,, as, you, cannot, feel, the, ball, on, your, foot,, but, you, can, try, to, do, this, with, your, fingers., maybe, you, will, want, to, compete, with, your, friends.compatible, for:, symbian, (9.4,, 9.5)., s60, (5th, (symbian^1),, 5th, (symbian^3))
Soccer Bounce

414.3 KB
, game, description:, solar, strike:, you, fly, in, the, space, ship, and, destroy, the, asteroids., this, is, a, bright, space, shooter., fascinating, action, and, dynamics, of, the, game, will, not, leave, you, indifferent!the, game, requires, installed, qt, libraries, for, symbian, 9.4, and, for, symbian^3.compatible, for:, symbian, 9.5., s60, (5th, (symbian^3),, belle)
Solar Strike

25.4 MB
, game, description:, space, blok:, this, is, a, space, 3d, game, with, excellent, graphics, and, fascinating, gameplay., space, blok, will, come, to, taste, of, everyone, who, dreams, to, fly, in, the, space!compatible, for:, symbian, 9.5., s60, 5th, (symbian^3)
Space Blok

2.4 MB
, game, description:, space, dancer:, space, dancer, is, a, game,, which, tests, your, reaction., in, this, game, you, will, need, to, catch, space, objects, flying, near., the, game, is, not, finished, at, this, moment,, that’s, why, there, might, be, delays, and, errors.compatible, for:, symbian, (9.4,, 9.5)., s60, (5th, (symbian^1),, 5th, (symbian^3))
Space Dancer

1 MB
, game, description:, space, impact:, full, version, of, space, impact, game, –, new, levels,, new, ships, and, enemies!, the, game, now, has, more, 3d, elements,, improved, special, effects., you, can, also, connect, world, battle, server, and, fight, in, online, mode.compatible, for:, symbian, (9.1,, 9.2,, 9.3)
Space Impact

4.2 MB
, game, description:, sparkle, 2:, sparkle, 2, -, zuma, style, game, which, tells, about, five, enchanted, keys, thrown, in, mysterious, lands., challange, the, darkness, and, reveal, all, secrets, of, the, keys, otherwise, you, will, stay, here, forever!game, features:excellent, sound, effectshigh, quality, special, effects90, different, levels16, different, sorceriescompatible, for:, symbian, (6.0,, 6.1,, 7.0,, 8.0,, 8.1,, 9.1,, 9.2,, 9.3,, 9.4,, 9.5), s60, (5th, (symbian^3),, anna,, belle).
Sparkle 2

74.3 MB
, game, description:, spawned:, no, doubts, that, a, romantic, date, with, someone, you, love, on, the, lakeside, is, the, best, start, of, summer, holidays., unfortunately,, everything, will, go, wrong, way, very, soon., who’d, known, that, a, kiss, during, the, boat, row, will, become, the, reason, of, a, hard, conflict?a, real, army, of, bacteria, penetrated, in, your, body,, they, now, control, your, health., bacteria, threads, is, a, regular, thing, for, our, everyday, life,, but, in, this, case, you, will, deal, with, a, real, intrusion., you, received, several, bacteria, types, through, that, kiss., it, is, much, more, serious, then, just, if, you, forget, to, wash, your, hands., fortunately,, you, have, useful, bacteria, which, protect, your, body:, bacillus, napoleonimus,, streptomyces, average, joenimus, and, bacillus, obecetimus., they, will, help, you, to, cope, with, the, thread., you, can, also, help, them, in, your, turn, in, different, ways:, double, damage,, double, health, and, double, speed., there, is, no, prescription, for, victory., everything, depends, on, you., improvise.compatible, for:, symbian, 9.5., s60, 5th, (symbian^3)

6.1 MB
, game, description:, speed, race:, drive, a, car, and, try, to, avoid, obstacles., the, speed, will, grow, with, every, new, level., this, game, will, train, your, reaction, and, driving, skills., it, requires, internet, connection, to, download, a, commercial.the, game, requires, installed, qt, libraries, for, symbian, 9.4, and, for, symbian^3.compatible, for:, symbian, (9.4,, 9.5)., s60, (5th, (symbian^1),, 5th, (symbian^3),, anna,, belle)
Speed Race

1.4 MB
, game, description:, speedtap50:, this, is, a, logic, game, in, which, you, need, to, press, numbers, from, 1, to, 50., this, game, is, for, time!, you, can, compete, with, your, friends, and, improve, your, attention, and, actions, accuracy!compatible, for:, symbian, 11., s60, 5th, (symbian^3)

3.9 MB

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