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Game description: Advanced Brain Trainer Edition:
Meet another set of tasks and tests for your brains. Solve mathematical tasks, puzzles and train your brains. It’s never too late to learn!
Compatible for: Symbian UIQ 3.0


Advanced Brain Trainer Edition.sis, Logic, Symbian,Screenshot Preview Advanced Brain Trainer Edition.sis, Logic, Symbian,Screenshot Preview 2 Advanced Brain Trainer Edition.sis, Logic, Symbian,Screenshot Preview 3 Advanced Brain Trainer Edition.sis, Logic, Symbian,Screenshot Preview 4 Advanced Brain Trainer Edition.sis, Logic, Symbian,Screenshot Preview 5

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, game, description:, 7bomb:, this, is, a, puzzle, game,, in, which, you, need, to, destroy, balls, with, numbers., this, simple, logic, game, will, engross, you, for, many, hours!the, game, requires, installed, qt, libraries, for, symbian, 9.4, and, for, symbian^3.compatible, for:, symbian, (9.4,, 9.5)., s60, (5th, (symbian^1),, 5th, (symbian^3),, belle)

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, game, description:, advanced, brain, trainer, edition, 2:, advanced, brain, trainer, edition, 2, is, a, brain, training, game,, which, was, created, with, the, aim, to, improve, your, memory, and, optimize, your, neuron, connections.game, features:, this, game, stimulates, all, parts, of, your, brain!, ten, different, exercises,, two, difficulty, levels,, exam, mode, and, three, “challenge”, modes, provide, many, hours, of, gameplay., simple, and, understandable, interface, with, beautiful, graphics, provide, comfort, during, the, completing, game, modules., continuation, adjustment, with, detailed, results., anyone, can, play, this, game:, it, is, easy, to, play, and, to, complete.have, fun, and, train, your, brain!, enjoy, four, training, modules, and, different, game, modes., you, can, also, get, used, of, inbuilt, trainer,, which, will, become, your, guide, and, will, help, you, to, analyse, your, results, on, daily, basis.compatible, for:, symbian, (9.1,, 9.2,, 9.3)
Advanced Brain Trainer Edition 2

1.4 MB
, game, description:, airswype:, do, you, have, a, good, memory?, can, you, reflect, what, you, have, just, seen?, the, answer, to, this, question, can, be, found, in, airswype, game,, in, which, you, will, need, to, repeat, all, the, block, combinations, you, were, shown., you, need, to, draw, their, location, maximum, precisely.compatible, for:, symbian, 11., s60, 5th, (symbian^3)

2.2 MB
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2.3 MB
, game, description:, alchemy, classic:, this, is, a, simple, and, fascinating, brain, twister, game., at, the, beginning, you, have, only, four, basic, elements:, fire,, water,, earth, and, air., you, can, use, them, to, open, the, new, ones., in, order, to, get, a, new, element, you, need, to, drag, one, element, onto, another,, for, example, fire, on, water., the, idea, of, the, game, is, to, open, all, the, elements., cover, the, way, from, a, bacterium, to, mammals!the, game, requires, installed, qt, libraries, for, symbian, 9.4, and, for, symbian^3compatible, for:, 360x640., symbian, 9.4
Alchemy Classic

9.5 MB
, game, description:, amazon, jewels:, amazon, jewels, -, is, a, classic, puzzle, game, in, which, you, need, to, gather, wild, animals, into, one, vertical, or, horizontal, line,, minimum, 3, identical, animals, together.compatible, for:, symbian, 9.4., s60, 5th, edition, (symbian^1)
Amazon Jewels

966.1 KB
, game, description:, animal, matching:, animal, matching, -, is, the, game, which, requires, your, attentiveness, and, concentration, on, magic, animals., the, aim, of, this, game, is, very, simple,, put, two, identical, animals, together, to, make, them, disappear, from, the, screen.compatible, for:, symbian, (11,, 9.4)., s60, (5th, (symbian^1),, 5th, (symbian^3))
Animal Matching

4.9 MB
, game, description:, animals, puzzle:, solve, puzzles, with, the, pictures, of, animals., the, game, has, three, difficulty, levels., sometimes, you, need, to, consider, your, moves, very, well, to, solve, the, puzzle, in, a, minimum, amount, of, steps!the, game, requires, installed, qt, libraries, for, symbian, 9.4, and, for, symbian^3.compatible, for:, symbian, (11,, 9.4)., s60, (5th, (symbian^1),, 5th, (symbian^3))
Animals Puzzle

1.8 MB
, game, description:, antarctica:, a, giant, glacier, was, melting, because, of, the, global, warming, and, several, kinds, of, animals, were, frozen., only, courage, eskimos, can, help, them., you, need, to, put, several, identical, animals, together, to, save, them,, they, will, melt, and, become, free!, you, will, see, the, animals,, which, are, in, your, arsenal, on, the, right, side., there, are, combos, in, this, game,, i.e., with, the, help, of, one, cube, you, can, remove, up, to, three, neighboring, cubes., this, is, a, fascinating, adventure, in, which, eskimos, get, good, help, from, yeti,, dragon, and, even, ufo!, the, game, has, 100, levels, and, 5, worlds,, there, is, a, boss, in, every, world.the, game, requires, installed, qt, libraries, for, symbian, 9.4, and, for, symbian^3.compatible, for:, symbian, 11., s60, 5th, (symbian^3)

9.4 MB
, game, description:, arkaballid:, this, is, a, beautiful, logic, game, having, arcade, elements., your, task, is, to, find, figures, which, consist, of, same, colored, balls., when, you, choose, the, figure,, it, disappears, and, new, balls, take, their, place, and, so, on., this, game, will, come, to, taste, to, those, who, like, this, genre., there, are, two, game, modes:, arcade, and, for, timecompatible, for:, 360x640., symbian, 9.4

1.6 MB
, game, description:, art, spot:, watercolors, hide, distinctions, and, you, need, to, find, them., this, painting, art, will, offer, 16, different, puzzles, in, which, you, will, need, to, find, differences,, remember, pictures, and, restore, them., this, is, an, excellent, game, to, train, your, memory, and, attention.compatible, for:, symbian, 11., s60, 5th, (symbian^3)
Art Spot

12.6 MB
, game, description:, ask, chanakya:, old, good, game, “, thimblerig”, comes, in, a, new, appearance, for, touch, sensitive, symbian, smartphones., now, you, need, to, guess, which, of, the, boxes, contains, a, star.you, will, observe, chanakya, citations, as, you, playcompatible, for:, symbian, (11,, 9.4)., s60, (5th, edition, (symbian^1),, 5th, edition, (symbian^3))
Ask Chanakya

2.4 MB
, game, description:, astraware, sudoku:, astraware, sudoku, can, be, played, by, all, players,, from, beginners, to, experts., it, has, six, difficulty, levels., you, can, also, download, the, puzzle, of, the, day, from, the, internet, and, compare, your, results, with, the, results, of, other, players., besides,, you, can, make, your, own, puzzle, and, load, it, to, the, server., there, is, a, hint, system, for, those, who, has, no, experience, in, playing, this, game.features, of, the, game, sudoku:, wide, spectrum, of, help,, smart, hint, systemnew, puzzles, can, be, loaded, from, the, internetbuilt-in, puzzle, generatorassistant, to, solve, sudoku, puzzles, in, newspapers, and, books, sudoku, is, a, logic, game, with, 9x9, playing, field, which, is, divided, to, smaller, squares, each, side, of, which, is, made, of, three, cells., the, whole, playing, field, contains, 81, cells., some, of, these, cells, are, initially, filled, with, numbers, from, 1, to, 9., the, aim, of, the, game, is, to, fill, the, playing, field, in, such, a, way, that, in, each, line,, in, each, column, and, in, each, smaller, square, 3x3, numbers, from, 1, to, 9, were, used, only, one, time.compatible, for:, symbian, 9.4., s60, 5th, (symbian^1)
Astraware Sudoku

1.3 MB
, game, description:, azkend, 2, hd:, azkend, 2, offers, several, different, fascinating, levels, of, adventure., you, can, get, almost, 20, unique, power-ups, and, more, than, a, dozen, of, achievements., choose, power-ups, for, each, level, correctly, in, order, to, make, your, journey, faster., besides,, there, are, two, game, modes, in, azkend, 2,, which, are, called, time, challenge, and, medals., time, challenge, is, a, quick, game,, which, lasts, 2, minutes., here, you, will, try, to, get, as, many, points, as, possible., medals, challenge, gives, you, an, opportunity, to, replay, all, the, levels, from, the, history, and, try, to, get, a, medal, on, each, level.game, features:eight, unique, drawn, by, hand, scenesthree, game, modes,, including, adventure, and, two, challengesmore, than, 60, levels, in, the, history, modeprofessional, soundeasy, operation, means, and, gameplayall-purpose, applicationkinematic, soundtrack, by, jonathan, geercompatible, for:, symbian, 9.5., s60, (5th, (symbian^3),, belle)
Azkend 2 Hd

66.7 MB
, game, description:, backgammon, 2:, classic, backgammon, will, gladden, everyone,, who, wants, to, have, a, break, from, city, bustle, and, plunge, into, the, world, of, logic, games., there, are, several, handy, settings, in, this, game.compatible, for:, symbian, (9.1,, 9.2,, 9.3)
Backgammon 2

503.5 KB
, game, description:, backgammon:, backgammon, is, a, classic, version, of, this, board, game., the, game, offers, standard, rules,, not, bad, graphics,, and, even, two, cubes, look, very, realistic., there, is, an, option,, which, allows, to, cancel, the, move, in, this, game., there, are, also, several, graphics, backgrounds, for, those, who, like, to, change, the, skins., you, can, also, select, difficulty, level, from, amateur, to, professional., you, can, play, against, your, smartphone, as, well, as, against, a, real, partner, through, bluetooth.compatible, for:, symbian, (6.0,, 6.1,, 7.0,, 8.0,, 8.1)

193.4 KB
, game, description:, ballix:, let, us, introduce, ballix, game., here, you, can, test, your, reaction, and, logic., the, multicolored, balls, will, mix, in, your, head, as, you, will, need, to, bring, them, to, certain, holes!compatible, for:, symbian, (11,, 9.4)., s60, (5th, (symbian^1),, 5th, (symbian^3))

292.6 KB
, game, description:, bang!:, this, is, a, rather, interesting, mix, of, a, card, game, and, a, strategy., there, are, four, characters, in, the, game, and, each, of, them, has, his, own, goal:, sheriff, –, his, aim, is, to, kill, bandits, and, a, bad, guy,, politicians, –, their, aim, is, to, help, the, sheriff,, and, the, aim, of, a, bad, guy, is, to, kill, them, all., all, these, events, take, place, in, the, card, game., you, can, shoot, here,, take, to, prison,, drink, beer, and, many, other, things, (of, course, when, you, get, corresponding, cards)., the, game, is, funny,, though, a, little, complicated, at, first., it, resembles,

24.9 MB
, game, description:, beehive, hex:, in, this, funny, game, your, task, is, to, clear, the, beehive, of, identical, cells., for, this, you, need, to, press, the, groups, of, identical, cells.compatible, for:, symbian, (11,, 9.4)., s60, (5th, (symbian^1),, 5th, (symbian^3))
Beehive Hex

135.6 KB
, game, description:, bejeweled, 2, hd:, bejeweled, 2, hd, -, is, a, game, the, task, of, which, is, to, make, lines, of, precious, stones, vertically, and, horizontally,, making, groups, of, three, and, more, stones., the, game, has, four, modes:classic, game,, in, which, you, must, avoid, the, situation, when, you, cannot, make, any, more, combinations, of, precious, stones, on, the, playing, fieldblitz, mode,, in, which, you, need, to, make, combination, with, maximum, speedpuzzle, mode,, the, task, of, which, is, to, clear, the, field, of, the, stonesendless, game, where, there, is, no, restrictionscompatible, for:, symbian, (11,, 9.4)., s60, (5th, (symbian^1),, 5th, (symbian^3))
Bejeweled 2 Hd

11.2 MB
, game, description:, bejeweled, twist:, bejeweled, twist, –, is, a, classic, puzzle, from, popcap, games, company., put, three, and, more, crystals, together, to, make, them, disappear., there, are, also, lots, of, bonuses, in, this, game, and, 4, modes, (classic,, zen,, puzzle, and, blitz), which, will, be, unblocked, during, the, game.compatible, for:, symbian, 9.4., s60, 5th, (symbian^1)
Bejeweled Twist

2.9 MB
, game, description:, big, box, of, blox:, this, is, a, tetris, game, from, a, famous, developer., just, like, all, other, products, of, astraware,, its, distinctive, feature, is, originality,, in, spite, of, the, fact, that, the, idea, of, this, game, is, not, new., you, will, plunge, into, psychedelic, atmosphere, which, is, proved, by, the, graphics, of, the, game, and, its, music., the, main, task, is, to, make, groups, of, three, and, more, identical, elements,, making, vertical, and, horizontal, lines, in, order, to, prevent, the, filling, of, the, box., but, this, is, not, all., you, can, also, break, and, destroy, the, bricks,, making, empty, spaces, on, the, playing, field,, change, their, appearance, transforming, them, into, other, types., for, this, you, need, to, use, special, fighting, units, –, joker, bricks,, bombs,, frogs,, mushrooms,, fire, balls, and, others.you, can, choose, one, of, five, playing, modes, having, different, backgrounds, and, sound, effects:, flaming, peelout,, blok, atak,, groink,, mushroom, king, and, asylum, cubez., it, is, interesting, that, you, can, also, make, your, own, combination, of, these, variants.registration, code:, 56064001compatible, for:, symbian, (9.1,, 9.2,, 9.3)
Big Box Of Blox

1.3 MB
, game, description:, bijou360:, bijou360, is, a, logic, game, where, there, are, unique, precious, stones,, their, direction, can, be, changed, in, four, different, ways,, depending, on, the, orientation, of, your, telephone.compatible, for:, symbian, (11,, 9.4)., s60, (5th, edition, (symbian^1),, 5th, edition, (symbian^3))

639 KB
, game, description:, blast, it!:, logic, game, is, now, in, your, smartphones!, your, aim, is, to, clear, the, playing, field, from, fish, during, 110, levels, and, earn, achievements., attantion!, the, game, has, limited, amount, of, touches, that’s, why, consider, your, actions, very, carefully!compatible, for:, symbian, (11,, 9.4)., s60, (5th, (symbian^1),, 5th, (symbian^3))
Blast It

977.2 KB
, game, description:, block, bug, 3d:, your, task, in, this, game, is, to, make, 3d, objects, of, cubes., cubes, differ, in, color, and, in, plane.compatible, for:, symbian, (11,, 9.4)., s60, (5th, edition, (symbian^1),, 5th, edition, (symbian^3))
Block Bug 3d

2.2 MB
, game, description:, blocked, in:, this, is, a, simple, but, very, engrossing, puzzle., all, you, need, to, do, is, to, get, a, colored, block., this, game, will, engross, you, for, a, long, time, as, it, has, 600, unique, levels.compatible, for:, symbian, (9.4,, 9.5)., s60, (5th, (symbian^1),, 5th, (symbian^3),, anna,, belle)
Blocked In

1.1 MB
, game, description:, bloks:, the, task, of, this, game, is, to, remove, the, groups, of, same, colored, neighboring, blocks, (not, less, than, 3), and, try, to, earn, as, many, points, as, possible., the, longer, you, play,, the, more, colors, you, get;, you, will, be, given, different, bonus, blocks., there, are, six, difficulty, levels, in, total, in, this, game.the, game, requires, installed, qt, libraries, for, symbian, 9.4, and, for, symbian^3.compatible, for:, symbian, 9.5., s60, (5th, (symbian^3),, belle)

1.1 MB
, game, description:, blokz:, blokz, -, is, a, simple, but, really, fascinating, logic, game., you, need, to, remove, all, pieces, from, the, playing, field,, counting, points., at, the, beginning, of, the, new, game, the, pieces, are, placed, on, the, playing, field, in, disorder., all, pieces, of, the, same, type, are, connected, one, with, another., you, choose, a, group, of, connected, pieces, and, remove, it., after, the, pieces, are, removed,, you, will, see, neighboring, pieces, coming, to, their, place,, they, will, create, new, connections., each, level, lasts, as, long, as, there, are, groups, of, connected, pieces., there, are, three, difficulty, levels, in, the, game,, table, of, records, for, each, type, of, game, and, detailed, statistics, of, a, player.game, blokz, can, be, downloaded, free, thanks, to, sponsor, support., you, will, see, a, short, commercial, between, the, levels., you, can, also, refuse, to, watch, commercial, or, to, find, more, details, about, it, if, you, press, the, link.compatible, for:, symbian, (9.1,, 9.2,, 9.3,, 9.4,, 9.5)., s60, (5th, (symbian^1),, 5th, (symbian^3))

1.3 MB
, game, description:, bloxter, hd:, this, is, a, new, hd, game, for, symbian^3!, it, might, resemble, tetris, game,, but, it, is, not, tetris., you, need, to, place, the, falling, multicolored, blocks, in, such, a, way, that, they, formed, chains, of, three, and, more, identical, cubes., it, will, make, them, disappear., the, game, offers, beautiful, 3d, graphics, and, very, handy, operation., you, can, play, in, a, large-format, mode!compatible, for:, symbian, 11., s60, 5th, (symbian^3)
Bloxter Hd

2.6 MB
, game, description:, boom, letters:, this, bright, game, for, smartphones, will, gladden, you, with, its, interesting, levels, and, nice, sound, effects., the, aim, of, this, game, is, to, destroy, the, bubbles, with, needed, letters, on, the, line.compatible, for:, symbian, (9.1,, 9.2,, 9.3)
Boom Letters

4 MB
, game, description:, boomshine:, everything, genius, is, simple!, this, is, a, very, easy, and, extremely, engrossing, game., your, task, is, to, place, the, balloon, in, such, a, way, that, it, touched, other, flying, balloons, which, get, bigger, as, you, touch, them., you, make, a, chain, reaction, in, this, way., the, more, balls, you, touch, at, one, time,, the, more, points, you, get!compatible, for:, symbian, (11,, 9.4)., s60, (5th, (symbian^1),, 5th, (symbian^3))

306.1 KB
, game, description:, boxed, in:, in, this, brain, twister, you, will, play, as, robot, wall-e,, which, moves, the, boxes, in, the, storehouse, trying, to, put, them, to, their, places, for, storage.features, of, the, game, boxed, in:new, levels,, difficultygraphical, designunique, music, and, sound, which, supplement, the, gamesimple, and, intuitively, understandable, interface
Boxed In

490.4 KB
, game, description:, brain, cube:, this, is, a, geometric, perfection!, squares,, cubes,, blocks, –, simplicity, of, shapes,, inventiveness, of, tasks, and, levels,, brilliant, graphics, and, sound, effects!, do, you, think, that, you, are, clever, enough, to, manage, with, a, rotating, block, and, take, it, from, one, part, of, the, map, to, another?, let’s, check!, you, have, a, chance, to, test, your, knowledge, of, geometry, practically!all, genius, is, simple!compatible, for:, symbian, 9.5., s60, 5th, (symbian^3)
Brain Cube

1.9 MB
, game, description:, brain, evolution:, brain, evolution, —, is, an, intellectual, game, which, trains, your, memory,, logic,, maths,, puzzle, solving, skills., this, application, contains, 10, fascinating, mini, games, which, you, start, in, a, strict, succession:, only, good, results, of, the, previous, game, can, unblock, the, next, onefeatures, of, spb, brain, evolution:, 10, mini, gamesbrain, marking, and, brain, training, modes, game, statistics, and, achievement, reports, several, users’, profiles, interesting, and, cognitive, facts, rewards, for, the, best, game, (including, the, certificate, of, the, «nobel, prize, laureate»), fascinating, logic, gamescompatible, for:, symbian, (9.1,, 9.2,, 9.3,, 9.4)., s60, 5th, (symbian^1)
Brain Evolution

4.7 MB
, game, description:, brain, power:, this, is, another, game,, which, trains, your, memory., all, you, need, to, do, is, to, remember, the, order, of, placement, of, elements.compatible, for:, symbian, (9.4,, 9.5)., s60, (5th, (symbian^1),, 5th, (symbian^3))
Brain Power

1.1 MB
, game, description:, bubble, blocks:, this, game, resembles, tetris,, only, that, here, you, will, operate, balls, in, order, to, make, same, colored, lines, of, 4, and, more, pieces., the, game, offers, nice, graphics, and, sound, effects.internet, connection, is, required, to, show, a, commercial.compatible, for:, symbian, (9.4,, 9.5)., s60, (5th, (symbian^1),, 5th, (symbian^3),, anna,, belle)
Bubble Blocks

1.3 MB
, game, description:, bubble, drop:, this, is, a, simple, logic, game, in, which, you, need, to, destroy, balls., for, this, you, need, to, make, groups, of, the, same, colored, balls., the, more, balls, you, destroy, at, one, time,, the, more, points, you, get.compatible, for:, symbian, (11,, 9.4)
Bubble Drop

372.3 KB
, game, description:, burn, the, rope:, burn, the, rope, -, is, a, game, in, which, you, will, need, to, burn, the, rope., you, must, try, to, burn, as, much, as, possible., but, this, game, is, tricky., the, fire, can, burn, only, up, and, this, will, make, you, turn, and, incline, the, mobile, in, order, to, keep, the, fire!compatible, for:, symbian, 11., s60, 5th, edition, (symbian^3)
Burn The Rope

11.1 MB
, game, description:, businessman:, businessman, is, a, game, based, on, a, popular, “monopoly”, game., just, like, in, monopoly,, you, can, buy, and, sell, buildings, and, hotels,, play, in, casino,, arrange, public, sales, and, so, on., moreover,, you, can, play, against, three, computer, opponents, as, well, as, against, real, friends, by, means, of, bluetooth., you, can, play, against, both, real, and, virtual, opponents, if, you, want., in, case, you, need, to, stop, the, game, for, a, while,, you, can, save, it, and, later, start, it, from, the, same, place., you, will, surely, like, beautiful, saturated, graphics, and, funny, sound, effects.compatible, for:, symbian, (6.0,, 6.1,, 7.0,, 8.0,, 8.1)

303 KB
, game, description:, capsule, se:, this, game, resembles, tetris., you, need, to, remove, “faces”, from, the, playing, field., when, there, are, more, than, three, same, colored, elements, in, a, vertical, line,, they, disappear., you, will, observe, capsules, which, consist, of, one, or, two, colors, falling, from, the, upper, part, of, the, screen., there, are, also, two, types, of, bonus, blocks., 20, difficulty, levels, are, characterized, by, the, amount, of, lines, filled, with, faces.compatible, for:, symbian, (9.1,, 9.2,, 9.3)
Capsule Se

332.5 KB
, game, description:, car, quiz:, this, is, a, car, quiz, game,, in, which, you, will, need, to, give, answers, to, the, questions, relating, cars, of, different, times, and, countries., see, how, well, you, are, familiar, with, the, history, of, cars!compatible, for:, symbian, (9.4,, 9.5)., s60, (5th, (symbian^1),, 5th, (symbian^3),, anna,, belle)
Car Quiz

1.1 MB
, game, description:, checkers, lounge, 3d:, the, latest, 3d, checkers, in, your, device!, play, against, computer,, with, your, friend, in, one, telephone, or, through, the, internet!, place, camera, to, the, most, convenient, position, and, go, ahead, for, victories!we, thank, batyan, for, the, game, purchased.compatible, for:, symbian, 9.5., s60, 5th, (symbian^3)
Checkers Lounge 3d

1.1 MB
, game, description:, checkers, pro, ii:, this, is, a, beautiful, and, at, the, same, time, very, easy, version, of, such, board, game, as, checkers., the, game, has, such, nice, features, as, well, developed, artificial, intellect, and, also, game, through, bluetooth!, start, with, the, beginner’s, level, and, go, up, on, the, multilevel, ladder, till, you, reach, expert’s, level.compatible, for:, symbian, (9.1,, 9.2,, 9.3,, 9.4)., s60, 5th, (symbian^1)., lite
Checkers Pro Ii

252.6 KB
, game, description:, checkers:, we, all, remember, such, game, as, checkers, since, we, were, schoolchildren., i, think, there, is, no, need, to, explain, the, rules, of, this, game, again., there, is, a, detailed, statistics, of, the, matches, in, this, game., you, can, also, choose, a, background.compatible, for:, symbian, (9.1,, 9.2,, 9.3)

604 KB
, game, description:, chess, 2:, chess, is, a, hard, sport, competition, and, even, science., this, is, a, noble, battle,, which, leaves, no, tracks, of, destruction,, a, real, minds, battle, involving, complicated, strategy.game, features:, game, with, a, computer, and, with, a, real, opponent;, net, game, through, bluetooth, high, intelligence,, several, levels, of, intelligence, cancellation, of, moves, and, other, thingscompatible, for:, symbian, (9.1,, 9.2,, 9.3,, 9.4)., s60, 5th, (symbian^1)
Chess 2

579.6 KB
, game, description:, chess, classics:, chess, classics, -, is, a, classic, chess, game, with, beautiful, design, and, 3d, chess, board., you, can, also, play, against, the, real, opponents, through, the, internet., chess, game, has, never, been, so, easy, and, funny, to, play!, touch, intuitive, operation, will, plunge, you, into, the, game,, your, moves, are, very, similar, to, the, moves, in, real, game., move, the, figures, with, your, fingers, just, as, if, you, were, playing, on, a, real, chess, board.features, of, chess, classics:, 3d, graphics, lots, of, settings, high, quality, sound, effectsthe, game, can, be, played, in, samsung, i8910hd, and, sony, ericsson, satio, for, sure!compatible, for:, symbian, 9.4., s60, 5th, (symbian^1)
Chess Classics

21.1 MB

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