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 Game description: Fight Night - Round 3: From time immemorial men solve the problems simply enough. Old as the world, the way was known in a classical antiquity, but does not lose urgency to this day. A tooth for tooth, a fist on a fist a fair duel will put an end to any disagreements. In the XX-th century unorganized fights turned to big-time sports. Boxing collects millions spectators, huge money turns round the ring, but two behind ropes are far from empty vanity. They live in other world with other laws. Fight Night Round 3 is the unique possibility to look at this world from within. World champions will teach you to battle. Disassemble on stones tactics of legendary Ali and great Oscar De La Hoji. Add their style to the arsenal. Do not want to imitate anybody? Then create own program of actions on all cases of boxing life! A variety of holds, set of styles. Keep the contender at arm's length by long attacks. Turn aside from monstrous blows by prompt dives. Love risk? Then rush to near fight! At good reaction and a shred of good luck you can send the opponent in a knockout.
Fight Night Round 3 128x160 и больше

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 Game description: Kaminey: Two twin brother Charlie and Guddu were born and raised in the slums of Bombay. Both of them want to get out of poverty. They are completely different and can not stand each other. Charlie lisps and Guddu stammers. But one fateful rainy night, their paths crossed yet. Charlie began to turn everything in the deadly attempt to quickly get rich, and Guddu realizes that his beloved has unwittingly set the price for her life and she is in danger now. The brothers get into the world of drugs, guns and money. Their lives collide head-onwith the lives of bandits, rebel soldiers, rogue politicians and corrupt cops. Being at the center of this crazy adventure, the brothers have to protect themselves and their dreams.
Kaminey 240x320

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 Game description: Rubik's Cube 3D: A famous Rubik's Cube puzzle is now on the platform of the mobile phones. A game from the category of DIY will be possibly work on all the screens.In fact, there is nothing new, but how do these designers and craftsmen of programming do it? Just well done! Here is a three-dimensional version of the world famous Rubik's Cube game. Let's assemble Rubik's Cube to classical music. In addition to picking up a virtual cube, you can set the parameters of a real Rubik's cube and the game will tell you how to assemble it.
Rubiks Cube 3d From 128x160 Till 360x640

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 Game description: Stalk'n'Shoot: This is a 3D shooter game which reminds Wolfenstein 3D and Doom. You stand at the huge stairs which lead to the ancient dungeons. You can hear horrible scream and feel smell of blood which come from the dungeon. Your friends, other special agents are somewhere deep in the dungeons now. And only evil beasts wander about the labyrinths now.Should you go down or not? If you lose or give up, the army of monsters will come up and destroy the human civilization. Yes, the Earth is huge, but you can’t give up... You will have to fight.But everything is not that bad in the damp dungeons! You can also find some bullets for your gun, a medical kit as well as new weapons in these dungeons. Gunmachine and distress gun order music and run the show!
Stalknshoot 128x160 и более S40

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 Game description: Funky Monkey: In Funky Monkeyland: It's a magical place, where only loving and cheerful monkeys live, not without reason it is called Merry country ? as monkeys like to be naughty and have fun most of all! Everything was fine till the villains - poachers learned about this jungle paradise. These people hate the nature and adore money - they stole all the monkey babies to sell them to the zoo! Adult monkeys are in a panic and only Funky, known for his bravery, decided to go on a long journey and return the babies. Jump together with the monkey from a liana to liana, overcoming all obstacles and avoiding numerous enemies. The jungle is full of aggressive natives, evil gorillas, poisonous snakes, spiders and other dangerous creatures! Well, it's good that Funky is very clever and cute monkey - with the help of its super jump, it can climb up to the tops of the trees and then smoothly go down, using the hat instead of a parachute! On the way to salvation of the babes Funky is not against eating delicious bananas that grow everywhere in the jungle, collect them all to get extra points. The poachers are to be stopped and have to return the monkeys to their parents, help Funky to cope with this difficult task! Funky Monkey: In Funky Monkeyland game features:dynamic and playful arcade;funny monkeys, evil gorillas and carnivorous plants;up to 18 long levels (depending on the phone model);detailed instruction, exciting plot and screen savers;excellent musical accompaniment;ability to save games;table of records.
Funky Monkey In Funky Monkeyland From 128x160 Till 240x320

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 Game description: Giana Sisters: Giana Sisters is an arcade game, where a main character is little girl, that suddenly found herself in an enchanted kingdom. There are a lot of treasures in the forest, but to find a way out of it, it is necessary to find a gigantic diamond, hidden in a dark castle. The little girl will meet dangerous and not very fairy-tale creatures on her way.
Giana Sisters From 128x160 Till 240x320

118 KB
 Game description:
Inka Protiv Chernobylya From 128x160 Till 240x320

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 Game description: Knuckles The Hedgehog Part 1: Now you can play as Knuckles in the mobile Sonic Part 1. Sonic's friend adventures are full of actions, enemies, bonuses and interesting sounds!
Knuckles The Hedgehog Part 1 128x160

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 Game description: Cat: Coral Beach: The time of long-waited vacations came at last and you have to help the holiday-maker, the charming cat, to set off to a beautiful beach on the tropical sea coast, to
Cat Coral Beach 128x160

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 Game description: Da Vinci Code: Decoded: This game represents the riddles of the great Leonardo da Vinci in the new bright variant of the classic arcade. Remove the shroud and free the most mysterious story of the world. The code answer is waiting for you.
Da Vinci Code Decoded 128x160

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 Game description: Gravity Super Mario: The story of Gravity game is very long. Only a super-popular brother Mario may compete with it. What will come out if you cross Gravity and Mario, making the latter ride a bicycle. And this is highly possible! You will see a result of crossing these two game monsters in the game Gravity Super Mario!Gravity Super Mario game features: 100 absolutely new tracks! Mario skin+ a red track! The game is completely tested (i.e. all the tracks are possible to pass)! The complexity of tracks is diversified from tracks for beginners to tracks for pros! A new league 160cc/235cc/350cc/460cc!A cool translation! Long game advancingLots of fun!
Gravity Super Mario From 128x160 Till 240x320

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 Game description: Gremlins Spellforce: Do you know what to do, when gremlins are knocking at the gates of your city?When their small, but very sharp claws are scratching the doors of the houses, and their evil laughter rings in your ears even at night?When the smoke from their siege machines close the sun, and the fighting airships begin to touch the weathercocks of the towers?Don't you know? Do not worry, Lianna McPherson, a certified witch, is perfectly able to handle any number of gremlins! For only ten thousand gold coins, she will protect your city and save your home from this trouble! A master of fire and temporal magic sets to wither any number of gremlins that interfere with your peace and prosperity,causing almost no damage to your property!Don't you believe me? Just let the glorious enchantress to climb the city wall and then watch the fireworks!We assure you you've never seen so many flying gremlins!Gremlins Spellforce game features: Original and colorful game in fantasy style; Many non-standard characters, technology, and animations; Unusual and exciting gameplay; Dozens of colorful special effects spells, explosions, and magical creatures; Easy and understandable controls; High speed game.
Gremlins Spellforce 128x160 и больше

221.5 KB
 Game description: King's cup derby: King's cup derby will plunge you into a fascinating horse race world. Study horses and their pedigree, stake and win! The race has started! You can stake!
Kings Cup Derby 128x160 S40

165.6 KB
 Game description: Mr. Valentine 2011: Now you take part in a competition to prove that you are Mr Valentine 2011. Rush to the terrace at the right time to prove your love to her. There are 5 pretty girls all around the world and you should impress them all. You are short of time, draw near to each girl and show them that your love is strong. Try to win Mr. Valentine 2011by your own way!
Mr Valentine 2011 128x160

66.5 KB
 Game description: Snowball fight: I guess lots of people used to play a funny game SnowBall Fight on their Sumsung mobiles. Here you will need to fight against your opponents in a winter game snowballs. Your opponents will throw at you different things. You need to avoid those things and try to defeat your opponents with the help of snowballs. The game has many levels and other interesting things.
Snowball Fight 128x160

92 KB
 Game description: South Park: Mecha Fighter: Mortal and terribly ridiculous fights of heroes of a cartoon serial South park.
South Park Mecha Fighter 128x160 и больше

176.6 KB
 Game description: Space Balls: The analogue of the popular game Zuma. It is a funny and exciting game. The game seems to be simple, but it captures and does not let go until its end. If 4 or more balls of similar colour touch one another, they disappear.
Space Balls From 128x160 Till 240x320

64.1 KB
 Game description: Trial racing: Gravity defied: Game represents a motor-trial with realistic physical model. The purpose of mobile game Gravity Defied - Tria lRacing consists in overcoming of obstacles for as little time is possible. You can admire work of shock-absorbers and movements of the driver for hours.
Trial Racing Gravity Defied 128x160 и больше

60.5 KB
 Game description: Tabuto The Slayer: This story is about a heroism and love, in which you control a warrior, named Tabuto and strive to win the tournament. Defeat all the enemies and marry the beautiful princess. But be careful when you are alone on this long journey.
Tabuto The Slayer 128x160

465.5 KB
 Game description: Losing Your Marbles: A dynamic game. Try to move the ball to the aim, through numerous obstacles of a maze. Use bombs to destroy barriers. Avoid black holes. Beware of hostile balls; they can push you into an abyss.
Losing Your Marbles From 128x160 Till 240x320

68.3 KB
 Game description: Minesweeper Revolution: Miner is reborn in a new version! Say
Minesweeper Revolution 128x160 S40

73.7 KB
 Game description: Pat and Mat: Two amusing handymen Pat and Mat are hungry and try to find a way to get a desirable food. But the task is not so simple as it may seem at first sight. Pass this ridiculous and amusing game based on popular Czech television serial!
Pat And Mat From 128x160 Till 240x320

186.1 KB
 Game description: Tag: A well known sliding puzzle is now in your mobile. Select type of slider (robot, turtle, classic slider with numbers, field) and make a picture! The faster you make it the better.
Tag 128x160

177.4 KB
 Game description: Mclaren Mercedes Team Racing: The given racing simulator offers you to become a racer which represent the greatest corporation of the car production. You might have already guessed that this is Mercedes corporation. So, you just have no right to be defeated in this competition.But you must take into account that your rivals are legendary stars of the world racing sport.Hard trainings, one-time rounds and multiplayer game mode will help you to reach a certain skills level, but only destiny can decide whether you win or not. Can you imagine your happiness when you cross the finish line first? There will be no end to the burst of your emotions. Let’s go!
Mclaren Mercedes Team Racing From 128x160 Till 240x320

202.2 KB
 Game description: Chronicles of Avael: The Chimera Stones: In Chronicles of Avael The Chimera Stones you will find adventures, monsters and new mysteries that will not let you be bored. Passing the mission and completing the tasks, you can improve your character. A great game and a fascinating passage will allow you to be immersed in the game. Recommended for all the fans of the RPG games!
Chronicles Of Avael The Chimera Stones From 128x160 Till 240x320

465.7 KB
 Game description: Alberninho Football: Realistic football game with the level corresponding to serious hits on games consoles. Only imagine: the football commentator, function of replay, off sites and replacements in the field - and all it is in mobile game! It is a unique case! Game deserves to be called one of the best football games for phones. There are 16 various commands with different skills in the game. Football players can punch a ball in a goal, transfer a pass, accept on a head, beat two feet. Besides, each sportsmen obtains unique possibilities and colour of hats. During a match the weather can change that does game even more realistic.
Alberninho Football 128x160 и больше

188.5 KB
 Game description: Action Ice Hockey: Famous hockey teams from sixteen countries, are eager to fight!It depends on you, who will be the first to gain access to the ice field - choose your favorite team and throw the puck! Keep in mind that the game will not start on S40 platform.
Action Ice Hockey From 128x160 Till 240x320

130.6 KB
 Game description: Reggie Bush Pro Football 2007: Turn your mobile phone into a football field, boiling with intensity of emotions! Set two opposing teams at loggerheads, as they fight for one common goal – victory! It is not difficult to become the best and win, as the game is– a detailed tutorial for the fans of American football. Being guided by the strategic defense schemes try to keep your leadership and score maximum points possible. 
Reggie Bush Pro Football 2007 128x160 S40

276.4 KB
 Game description: Red Gold 2 Tropic Thunder Mod: 30 years after the first part a lot changed. The snow melted and the nature of the Earth returned to its normal condition, but the battle for the
Red Gold 2 Tropic Thunder Mod From 128x160 Till 240x320

204.8 KB
 Game description: Tower Defense (Base Defense): Very simple strategy of Tower Defense class. The task is very simple. You have to hold a military base against hostile technique’s attacks. Upgrading and 4 types of guns are available.
Tower Defense Base Defense From 128x128 Till 128x160

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