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Chaos Tounament Hd Android 2 1 And Higher.apk, Chaos Tounament Hd, Action, Game Cache, Android,Video Screenshot Preview
Chaos Tounament Hd Android 2 1 And Higher

10.6 MB
Chaos Tounament Hd Game Cache.zip, Chaos Tounament Hd, Action, Game Cache, Android,Video Screenshot Preview
Chaos Tounament Hd Game Cache

80.1 MB
Grudgeball Enter The Chaosphere Android 4 0 And Higher Game Cache V1 0 2.zip, Grudgeball Enter The Chaosphere, Arcade, Game Cache, Android,Video Screenshot Preview
Grudgeball Enter The Chaosphere Android 4 0 And Higher Game Cache V1 0 2

158.9 MB
Grudgeball Enter The Chaosphere Android 4 0 And Higher V1 0 2.apk, Grudgeball Enter The Chaosphere, Arcade, Game Cache, Android,Video Screenshot Preview
Grudgeball Enter The Chaosphere Android 4 0 And Higher V1 0 2

7.2 MB
Chaos Ride Episode 2 Android 4 0 And Higher V1 1 Armv7.apk, Chaos Ride Episode 2, Racing, Game Cache, Android,Video Screenshot Preview
Chaos Ride Episode 2 Android 4 0 And Higher V1 1 Armv7

14.9 MB
Chaos Ride Episode 2 Android 4 0 And Higher V1 1 Armv7.zip, Chaos Ride Episode 2, Racing, Game Cache, Android,Video Screenshot Preview
Chaos Ride Episode 2 Android 4 0 And Higher V1 1 Armv7

73.5 MB
Chaos Combat Copterst Android 2 3 And Higher Game Cache V6 8 0.zip, Chaos Combat Copterst, Simulation, Game Cache, Android,Video Screenshot Preview
Chaos Combat Copterst Android 2 3 And Higher Game Cache V6 8 0

68 MB
Chaos Combat Copterst Android 2 3 And Higher V6 8 0.apk, Chaos Combat Copterst, Simulation, Game Cache, Android,Video Screenshot Preview
Chaos Combat Copterst Android 2 3 And Higher V6 8 0

27.5 MB
 Game description: Dead Chaos 2012: Dead Chaos 2012 - our time, the world came to an end on the planet and all of humanity on Earth was plunged into chaos. But in the fall of 2014, a group of survivors managed to reach you. And you go in search through the darkness and chaos. Compatible for: Android 2.1 and higher
Dead Chaos 2012

23.2 MB
 Game description: Dino Chaos: Dino Chaos - analog of the well-known game Dino Crisis, but with magnificent three-dimensional graphics and the first person view. You are a special agent Brad Fischer and your purpose is to find the missing agents of the FBI. But having appeared on a place, it becomes clear, that not everything is so simple. Compatible for: Android 2.2 and higher
Dino Chaos

10.4 MB
 Game description: Chaos combat: Chaos combat - control your character and guide it through many battles with horrible monsters and powerful bosses. Improve and develop your hero. This game for Android takes you into a fantasy world with endless war against the forces of evil. Explore different locations of the world, go down into deep dungeons. Complete a variety of quests and destroy monsters. Get experience and level up your character, enhancing it. Get high-quality weapons and equipment and tame useful pets. Join the guild.Game features:Great graphicsSimple controls3 character classesFight other playersThe game requires an Internet connection Compatible for: Android 2.3 and higher. v1.0.00<a href='https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ujoy.smen' target='_blank'>Download on the App Store</a>
Chaos Combat

45.9 MB
 Game description: Chaos fighters: Chaos fighters - go to a faraway planet and take part in search of powerful Pandora's box. Fight hundreds of other adventurers. Choose from a variety of characters of this Android game, each with unique combat skills and abilities. You can play as warrior, mage, archer, monk, and so on. Improve your hero, study different schools of magic, each with strong skills. Get a pet who will accompany you and help you in battle. Unite with friends and explore this fantastic world together.Game features:Colorful graphics50 characters10 magic schools20 pets800 types of equipment400 dungeonsThe game requires an Internet connection Compatible for: Android 2.3 and higher. v4.0. ARMv5<a href='https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.inn.chaosfighters' target='_blank'>Download on the App Store</a>
Chaos Fighters

49.9 MB
 Game description: Chaos War: Chaos War - a role strategy in epic style. Unite in alliances and win against angry elves who attacked your land. Battle against a legion of chaos, which is going to win your land. You will meet many capable heroes, technologies and magic, which will make you even more strongly. In the game there’s wonderful graphics, buildings are executed according to the chosen race, a variety of missions and developing actions, own state, and also a set of parameters. Compatible for: Android 2.1 and higher
Chaos War

42.5 MB
 Game description: Dungeon of chaos: Dungeon of chaos - go to a gloomy dungeon full of different monsters. Defeat your enemies that attack you in great hordes. Cleanse the catacombs underneath the old city in this Android game. Destroy hordes of skeletons, zombies and other monsters. Use various combat maneuvers and powerful magic to defeat your enemies. Find hidden treasure, collect various useful items and money. Upgrade your hero by learning new skills. Don't forget to use potions that can save you in difficult situations.Game features:Great 3D graphicsGood controlsVarious character abilitiesDynamic gameplay Compatible for: Android 2.3 and higher. v1.02. ARMv7. ARMv7A
Dungeon Of Chaos

46.1 MB
 Game description: C.H.A.O.S: In the game C.H.A.O.S you will feel yourself as a pilot of a fighting helicopter and you will learn what is a real air fight.On a game plot you will become a hired pilot of top-class who should protect all free countries from capture of the powerful and secret organization named C.H.A.O.S which was created by the largest dictators of the world. You can choose models of helicopters from various producers, including USA, Russia and Europe: AH-64

43.7 MB
 Game description: Chaos of Three Kingdoms: Chaos of Three Kingdoms Deluxe is an absorbing strategy game with completely new characters, various technologies, equipment and campaigns. Colourful views and astounding battles are shown on a small display of a mobile device in great detail. The plot of Chaos of Three Kingdoms Deluxe for Android is based on the ruthless confrontation of the three kingdoms in the days of Might and Magic. The main character, a famous and skillful ruler and military leader, has to rally the warring factions and unite the country, ending the ancient feud. Except for the battles and fights, the main hero has to form a personal city, technologies, buildings and units. The enemies will head for a showdown: you move your troops, attack and defend yourself on a separate map. Except for the usual detachments there will be available heroes more powerful than usual units. Compatible for: Android 2.2 and higher
Chaos Of Three Kingdoms

45.4 MB
 Game description: Kingdom defense: Chaos time: Kingdom defense: Chaos time - a game in tower defense genre with a pleasant fantasy plot.Features: More than 50 levels5 worlds5 classes of towers Set of improvements Magic spells Compatible for: Android 4.0.4 and higher. v20140402.1.0
Kingdom Defense Chaos Time

21.7 MB
 Game description: Towers of Chaos - Demon Defense: Towers of Chaos - an excellent game in Tower Defense style. Demons got out of a hell and rose against the mankind. Protect the kingdom, build some lines of defense, improve constructions and reject worthy pressure of fiends.Features:20 levels15 magic rolls for modernization of towers10 hidden rolls8 types of demons and bossesWorkshop for modernization of towers by means of jewels Compatible for: Android 2.2 and higher
Towers Of Chaos Demon Defense

46.8 MB
 Game description: Chaos Minders: Become Chaos Minder and join Crawford in his exhausting heart travel, where you need excellent reaction, and you should pass the way through each fascinating adventure. What are you waiting for?Compatible for: For iPad, iPhone, iPod iOS 5.1and higher
Chaos Minders

72.4 MB
 Game description: Grudgeball: Enter the Chaosphere: Grudgeball: Enter the Chaosphere - is a contest in the interplanet tournament of the future. Make a team of heroes, fulfil powerful hit of balls at your opponents, avoid hitbacks and apply unique methods.Game features:Bright graphicsFunny characters with unique skillsUseful inventory: accelerating walls, super guns, portals and many otherFights with friendsCompatible for: From iOS 8.0. For iPad, iPhone, iPod.<a href='https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/grudgeball-enter-chaosphere/id909017474?mt=8' target='_blank'>Download on the App Store</a>
Grudgeball Enter The Chaosphere

121.1 MB
 Game description: Ninja Chaos: In Ninja Chaos you should reflect an impact of ninjia. Quickly react, turning aside from the enemy weapon and attack.Features: Variety of locations: temples, jungle, beaches Some characters and their upgradeCompatible for: iOS 5.0 and higher. For iPad, iPhone, iPod.
Ninja Chaos

97.6 MB
 Game description: MMORPG Project: School of Chaos: It is the beginning of very amusing and fascinating MMORPG travel. It begins at school which became chaos. Teachers left. Maybe eaten by zombies … Now children are free to do what they want! Looks like an entertainment? So try it …Compatible for: For iPad, iPhone, iPod iOS 6.0and higher
Mmorpg Project School Of Chaos

49.9 MB
 Game description: Chaos ride: Episode 1: Chaos ride: Episode 1 - improbable races in the future world where you should fly on amazing tunnel routes at a mad speed.Game features:5 modes6 tracksSetup of the car High-quality graphicsCompatible for: From iOS 4.3. For iPad, iPhone, iPod.
Chaos Ride Episode 1

84.8 MB
 Game description: Kritika: Chaos unleashed: Kritika: Chaos unleashed - an incendiary game where you play for a brave soldier, volunteered to protect Kirenos lands from invasion of hordes of monsters. Cut enemies and win the victory in the battlefield.Game features: Beautiful and unique characters Development of characters and a big set of skills Various achievements Battle with other players Good graphics and smooth control systemCompatible for: From iOS 5.1. For iPad, iPhone, iPod.
Kritika Chaos Unleashed

108.7 MB
 Game description: C.H.A.O.S Pro: C.H.A.O.S Pro is a simulator of helicopter fights. You may choose from helicopters from the U.S., Russia and the European Union, such as AH-64 Apache, UH-60 Black Hawk, Hind, Ka-52 Alligator, RAH-66 Comanche others. Show them who is the boss in the air! Game features:Excellent HD graphicsAbsorbing gameplayTutorial missions to develop your flight and battle skillsReal battle locationsHelicopter models of different manufacturers in high resolutionHelicopter modernizationsChoose between deadly competition or team game in multiplayer modeCompatible for: For iPad, iPhone, iPod iOS 4.2 and higher
Chaos Pro

94.4 MB
 Game description: C.H.A.O.S Tournament: Test the stunning helicopter simulator C.H.A.O.S Tournament full of adventures and events in the sky. Challenge yourself by fighting in tough competitions with more experienced rivals. Show yourself and win medals for your mastery. Game features:Video of fights to be analyze and get prepared for fights2 types of tournaments: regular (includes 3 leagues) and elite (for trained fighters)GameCenter and Facebook integrationHighly detailed helicopter models from leading manufacturers including the U.S., Russia and Europe (AH-64
Chaos Tournament

91.9 MB
 Game description: Chaos of Three Kingdoms Deluxe: Become the king in a wartime and defeat your opponents to become the winner! You will face 120 levels of Great Heroes in new updatings, challenge them! 7 new Technologies will help you in your campaign. They will be available when your Academy reaches the 101st levels. Super weapon will make you stronger! Some new gold equipment is updated: Justice sword, Fog, Turtle Clothes, Tiger Armor and Violet attire! Expand the borders and seize 6 big cities of Xiangcheng, Yangdi, Jiangling, Baidi, Yong and Qiantang Staff!Compatible for: For iPad, iPhone, iPod iOS 4 and higher
Chaos Of Three Kingdoms Deluxe

61.4 MB
 Game description: Berlin Chaos: Game Berlin Chaos gives excellent possibility to feel in a skin of the freaky punk. The aim of the game is to destroy as much city property as possible. With the help of improvised means trash shop windows, cars and other things. The more loss youput to the capital, the more points you get. The player who gets more points is the winner. Berlin Chaos is one of those games in which it is necessary to act not for good but for evil.So. We play for the usual punk who needs to do as much mess as possible in Berlin. He has to set garbage tanks to fire, blow up cars, smash glass with stones. In a word, to destroy everything that sees before himself. He gets points for it.But everything is not so simple. After the beginning of your acts the police will hunt for you. Therefore sometimes you will have to destroy escaping from policemen.To disappear from them will be possible in two ways. To escape or come into a building. The policemen will not go the the buildings. Sometimes the building has an emergency exit that can keep time if you escape through it without waiting for the police to leave. All your malicious acts can end in two ways - the is time up or you are caught by the police.
Berlin Chaos 176x220

95.1 KB
 Game description: Cubetrix Chaos: Cubetrix Chaos - is a unique puzzle in which you need to move different colored cubes and make rows of the same colored ones. Solve puzzle and sharpen your skills. Game features:40 levels2 game modesHigh score
Cubetrix Chaos 240x320

179.2 KB
 Game description: FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction: Crazy speed, drive and adrenaline! You will find all this in the new mod named FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction!  Game features: New cars (including legendary Dodge Challenger!)Upgraded track graphicsNew typeNew designNew menu  
Flatout 3 Chaos Destruction 240x320 S40

1.1 MB
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