Powerpuff Girls Defenders.apk, Action, Standalone, Android, Download File


Powerpuff Girls Defenders 43.8 MB

Game description: The Powerpuff girls: Defenders of Townsville:
Powerpuff girls: Defenders - help the 3 girls, use their superpowers to fight the villain and his servants.
Game features:
4 big levels
3 funny characters
Nice graphics
Number of enemies

Compatible for: Android 4.0.4 and higher. ARMv7. v1.01


Powerpuff Girls Defenders.apk, Action, Standalone, Android,Screenshot Preview Powerpuff Girls Defenders.apk, Action, Standalone, Android,Screenshot Preview 2 Powerpuff Girls Defenders.apk, Action, Standalone, Android,Screenshot Preview 3 Powerpuff Girls Defenders.apk, Action, Standalone, Android,Screenshot Preview 4

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 Game description: Portalizer: Portalizer is a fascinating game, which offers a variety of tasks with portals. Portalizer is a first-person action game that features absorbing adventures, creating an amazing gameplay. With the use of a special portal gun you will control a game environment in order to overcome lots of trials. Compatible for: Android 2.2 and higher

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 Game description: Project: Slender: Project: Slender - the continuation of a popular game in horror genre, where you will wander in the dark room, shining your way only with illumination from a video camera. Game features: Immersing game atmosphere Intense game process Collect all 8 pagesNervous and people having epilepsy are not recommended to play. Compatible for: 800x480. Android 4.0.4 and higher. ARMv7
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23.9 MB
 Game description: Random heroes: A group of heroes have to save the world. Monsters from another dimension try to seize the Earth. Run, jump and destroy monsters. Collect coins for modernization of your weapon and purchase of new regimentals.Features: More than 40 levels 24 symbols 17 types of weapon Various achievements Compatible for: Android 2.2 and higher.
Random Heroes

15.2 MB
 Game description: Redeemer: Mayhem: Redeemer: Mayhem - help ex-priest who became an avenger after drug dealers killed his friends and members of his community. Destroy wave after wave of drug cartel in this Android game. Don't let the bandits get close to you. Find different powerful weapons hidden on levels. Shoot drug barons and their henchmen. Collect special substance that makes you go berserk and destroy more enemies. Upgrade your hero using special items, so he can single-handedly fight the criminals.Game features:Awesome graphicsTop-down view15 types of weapon125 enemy waves15 different levelsAddictive gameplay Compatible for: Android 4.1 and higher. v1.0
Redeemer Mayhem

45.4 MB
 Game description: Regular ordinary boy: Regular ordinary boy - an adventure game for fans of retro graphics.Features:10 unique monsters4 bosses7 levels for research Get swords and armor for your hero Compatible for: Android 2.3 and higher.
Regular Ordinary Boy

36.1 MB
 Game description: Rival knights: Feel like a real knight of the Middle ages and overcome rivals in tournament in the game Rival knights. Game features:5 various leagues Battles with other players Realistic game physics More than 120 horses, spears and armor Tremendous graphicsLeaderboardGame demands cache downloading (85 Mb). Installation of cache comes only by its downloading from the game.The game requires an Internet connection Compatible for: Android 4.0.4 and higher. ARMv7
Rival Knights

23.7 MB
 Game description: Rivals at war: Firefight: Rivals at war: Firefight - a game, where you will operate an elite team of fighting soldiers and carry out various missions.Features:7 fighting scenarios6 types of soldiers More than 40 achievements Develop skills of soldiers Compete with other playersGame demands Internet access. Compatible for: Android 4.0.4 and higher. ARMv7. v1.3.2
Rivals At War Firefight

50 MB
 Game description: Robo Warrior 3D: Robo Warrior 3D - quite good 3D shooter from the third person in which you need to investigate each corner of the seized station and to destroy all the robots which have encroached on the independence of the mankind. You will have a lot of weapon, remarkable shelters, some points for firing, but also strong rivals. The game strikes with its registration and realness of the events. You are waited for by 7 various control modes, mysterious labyrinths and unusual types of weapon. The game is made for five hours of continuous game. Various monsters living in this world won’t make you hesitate even for a minute, you should only reap on a trigger. The game will please with excellent graphics, and also high-quality animation and special effects. The antivirus can swear a little, but it is not a virus, it’s only a commercial. Compatible for: Android 2.0.1 and higher
Robo Warrior 3d

26 MB
 Game description: Robot battle 2: Robot battle 2 - control different robots and battle enemy robots on different maps. Participate in battles of cute colorful robots in this Android game. Choose a robot from many available ones, customize its skills and appearance. Battle on different maps. Play in a singleplayer mode or against up to 6 of your friends. Destroy the enemy units and the base. Enjoy colorful graphics and great visual and sound effects.Game features:7 different mapsVariety of robots Compatible for: Android 4.0.4 and higher. v1.2.0. ARMv7.
Robot Battle 2

43.4 MB
 Game description: Robot bros deluxe: Robot bros deluxe - a fascinating adventure of robots that travel on a mysterious labyrinth and solve various puzzles.Features:5 unique characters75 levelsSimple control Excellent graphics Compatible for: Android 4.2.2 and higher. ARMv7
Robot Bros Deluxe

34 MB

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