Running Stickman Sketch Hero.apk, Arcade, Standalone, Android, Download File


Running Stickman Sketch Hero 27.7 MB

Game description: Running Stickman: Sketch hero:
Protect the Earth and destroy all enemies in a fascinating game:Running Stickman: Sketch hero.
Features: Some characters
Great number of enemies
Various missions
Drawn graphics

Compatible for: Android 2.3.5 and higher.


Running Stickman Sketch Hero.apk, Arcade, Standalone, Android,Screenshot Preview Running Stickman Sketch Hero.apk, Arcade, Standalone, Android,Screenshot Preview 2 Running Stickman Sketch Hero.apk, Arcade, Standalone, Android,Screenshot Preview 3 Running Stickman Sketch Hero.apk, Arcade, Standalone, Android,Screenshot Preview 4 Running Stickman Sketch Hero.apk, Arcade, Standalone, Android,Screenshot Preview 5

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Running Rico Alien Vs Zombies

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 Game description: Rush Galaxy: The game Rush Galaxy for Android represents beautiful space races in three-dimensional mode. From the very beginning you will be able to be adjusted on dizzy light and supersonic speeds. You will need to choose the aircraft from the offered list and to fuel it. Forward towards to space adventures! Do some flying at a huge speed and subdue the Universe! Manage to bypass meteorites occurring in the way or bring down them. In the game Rush Galaxy for Android there’s a fascinating gameplay, high quality of graphics and excellent sound. Compatible for: Android 2.1 and higher
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Sabans Power Rangers Dash

46.7 MB
 Game description: Salvation: Salvation - aliens stole the boy’s house and now together with his faithful dog he goes on searches of the house, entering unequal fight with alien aggressors investigating one planet after another. Features: Bright and beautiful graphics Many unique locations Intuitively clear and dynamic gameplay Simple and obvious control system48 levels with growing difficulty HD display support Compatible for: Android 2.3.3 and higher.

19.8 MB
 Game description: SAMMY 2 . The Great Escape.: The game SAMMY 2 - Le Jeu is created according to the animated film
Sammy 2 Le Jeu

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 Game description: Samurai Rush: An ordinary Japan village was attacked by bandits, who not only robbed the poor farmers, but also killed all those resistant. All the survivors were taken to slavery by the robbers. The only person who managed to survive and not to get put into irons was our hero. He is back from his teacher, where he was trained to become a samurai. Despite the fact that the gameplay is simple and sometimes even dull, it has its charm, which is able to captivate you for some time. The graphics is realized all of a piece with the gameplay: simple design having stereotype locations and models, minimized animation and lack of effects. Compatible for: Android 2.2 and higher
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34.8 MB
 Game description: Sand! Premium: Sand! Premium - create interactive pictures using colored sand and watch them change. In this game you can create different pictures on the screen of your Android device. But this is not painting with watercolors and a brush, here you use sand to create images on glass. you can choose the color of the elements and some of them can be used in new pictures. The pictures are dynamic, they change with time and can be interacted with. Try out your artistic skillsGame features:27 different elementsMinimalistic graphics Compatible for: Android 4.0.4 and higher. v1.0.1. ARMv7.
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127.8 KB
 Game description: Sandago: Sandago is a very absorbing and at the same time relaxing arcade game for Android, in which you have the opportunity to play with sand. Everything begins when a crazy scientist loses control over situation as a result of crazy experiments with sand. It results in uncontrolled proliferation of sand of different colors. The laboratory of the scientist becomes filled with sand, which begins spreading into the streets menacing all living things. As it turned out later, it is almost impossible to stop the process, but there is a way to get rid of the sand appearing. Compatible for: Android 2.2 and higher

14.4 MB
 Game description: Santa rider 2: Santa rider 2 - help Santa Claus ride his motorcycle and speeding along the track to deliver the presents. Guide him through many festive levels. Santa Claus lost his sled and the gifts were scattered across multiple levels of this winter game for Android. Now he and his helper elf need to collect all the lost gifts. Fortunately, Santa has a great bike. Drive Santa's bike, collect all the gifts on the road, climb the steep hills and overcome various obstacles. Unlock new levels and motorcycles.Game features:Colorful graphicsSimple controls40 levelsAbsorbing gameplayDownload on Google Play Compatible for: Android 2.2 and higher. v1.0.10<a href='https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.box10.santarider2' target='_blank'>Download on the App Store</a>
Santa Rider 2

7.6 MB
 Game description: Santa rider: Santa rider - a game, where because of breakage of sledge Santa has to ride a motorcycle and to carry gifts on it. Features:Many levelsSimple control system Festive atmosphere Compatible for: Android 2.2 and higher. v1.0.5
Santa Rider

6.8 MB
 Game description: Santa Yumm: Santa Yumm is a famous Yumm, who wishes you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas. He couldn’t come without a surprise, i.e. the rockets are tucked with special gunpowder. When Santa Yumm fires them make a wish and let it come true without fail! Compatible for: Android 2.1 and higher
Santa Yumm

12.7 MB
 Game description: Santa's run: Santa's run – Santa needs your help. Artful Uggie Buggie overturned a sledge with gifts and now they are disseminated through the whole magic world. Try to collect all gifts and to deliver them to children in time. After all Christmas holidays occur once in a year and shouldn't be spoilt. Uggie Buggie tries to collect gifts and to appropriate them to himself. Compatible for: Android 2.0.1 and higher
Santas Run

34.2 MB

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