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 Game description: 3D Autobahn Raser: World Challenge: Company Living Mobile released a game-race named 3D Autobahn Racer, it is the continuation of another game which won of admirers worldwide - programs
3d Autobahn Raser World Challenge 176x208 и больше

221.6 KB
 Game description: 3D Constructo Combat: Mad building! Put the buildings on various landscapes and prevent your opponents from making the same thing. Use the crane to lift parts and the weapon, further place these parts in accessible territories and shoot on opponents or their buildings.Features of game:- A single mode of game.- Possibility to play with friends on Bluetooth.- Excellent 3D graphics and sound.- Management adjustment.- Easy management.
3d Constructo Combat All Screen Sizes

462.6 KB
 Game description: 3D Free Kick Football: Have you aver dreamt to execute (or to beat off as the goalkeeper) pair of penalty kicks in the World championship? If yes, now it is possible on your phone and and in full 3D with verisimilar physics of flight of a ball!
3d Free Kick Football All Screen Sizes

262.8 KB
 Game description: 3D Fun Racer: 3D Fun Racer is lots of fun in one 3D racing game. You will be offered trampolines, steep turns and experienced opponents. You can choose different tracks and different cars for the competitions. You cannot open the blocked tracks and cars until you win a tournament. Feel the crazy drive on your way to the victory!Features of 3D Fun Racer:Real 3D graphics;You can choose a track and a car for the competition;Unique characteristics for each car;Many different opponents;Atmosphere of speed and fun;Results saving.
3d Fun Racer 240x320 и более S60

283.4 KB
 Game description: 3D Grand 8 souterrain: 3D Grand 8 souterrain - have a breathtaking ride on different caterpillars. You will experience many tracks on different levels. The game also offers new upgrades.Game features:2 game modes10 levelsStatistics
3d Grand 8 Souterrain 240x320

814.6 KB


 Game description: 007 Licence to Drive: Grab a car and go for a new adventure as agent 007 - James Bond!French arms dealer is trying to get new markets, and war broke out between India and Pakistan. James Bond must find out, who is behind this plan, and destroy its organization in the city streets, mountain roads and treacherous rivers and do not let the well-armed enemies catch him. Avoid helicopter gunships and destroy the enemy with the help of various weapons and gadgets of Bond!
007 Licence To Drive From 128x128 Till 240x320

679.6 KB
 Game description: 7zwerge: How did the Seven dwarfs live before the Snow White entered their lives? And what they are ready for to save her from her evil stepmother's crafty designs? Lots of adventures, nice graphics and captivating story are waiting for you! Remember that apples might be poisoned! 
7zwerge 240x320

114.9 KB
 Game description: 9 Lifes: A brave cat sets off for an adventure to find his kidnapped daughter. You will have to cover a long way to find her, killing evil dogs and taking money from them to buy bullets. Defeat a real gang and save your daughter.
9 Lifes 240x320

209.1 KB
 Game description: A nightmare on Elm street: You play as Jessy Walsh, who is chased by maniac murderer Freddy Krueger in his nightmares. Your task is to survive as well as to save your girlfriend Liza.
A Nightmare On Elm Street 176x220

135.3 KB
 Game description: Action Neng: This game is about a daft looking fighter. The idea of this fighting game is as following: you walk and fight with beach hooligans, gorillas and other opponents. You will meet different obstacles on your way which will prevent you from reaching your goal. The fighter surprises your enemies with Neng dance and other unbelievable things to make them stop interfering.
Action Neng All Screen Sizes

147.8 KB


 Game description: Anry and Dragon: Dark times have come to the northern kingdom. One year have passed since the dragon holds Princess Leona captive. Anry decided to save the princess from the dragon's clutches. To tell you the truth, he is not even a knight, skipping the fact that he is not even member of the gentry. Anry is a regular citizen. He knows that it's not that easy to defeat the dragon. Almost each month there appeared another vain knight which was eaten by the dragon in no time. What can be done? In his childhood Anry heard that the dragon can be defeated only with the help of magic
Anry And Dragon 176x208

107.1 KB
 Game description: Blackbeards Treasure: Edward Teach called the Blackbeard by rights bears the title of one of the most ferocious and most well-known pirates. He and his fleet have sunk a huge number of ships and looted countless treasures. In 1718 the pirate fell in battle, and the most part of his wealth disappeared…Many people dream to find them, not excepting our character Heydel, who decides to go in search of pirates’ treasure. He is not afraid of lots of scary legends and stories mystifying Blackbeard’s Treasure. Moreover he has met a young dragon Daniel, who has dreamed to become the most powerful dragon. So, their adventures begin…
Blackbeards Treasure 240x320 Rus

424.5 KB
 Game description: Bravery Detective: This game is an interesting quest, a symbiosis of Silent Hill and X-Files, in which you will investigate and participate in the investigation of a very tangled criminal case. So, arm yourself with patience and go ahead. You can choose Russian language in the options.
Bravery Detective All Screen Sizes

264 KB
 Game description: Cat: Coral Beach: The time of long-waited vacations came at last and you have to help the holiday-maker, the charming cat, to set off to a beautiful beach on the tropical sea coast, to
Cat Coral Beach 128x160

92.1 KB
 Game description: Forever alone quest: Oscar White was driving his car at night but suddenly it broke down. He saw a house and went there. Play as Oscar and experience breathtaking events of that night in the game Forever alone quest.
Forever Alone Quest 240x320

1.4 MB


 Game description: 1 to 50: We invite you to play 1 To 50. Press from 1 to 50. Press the cells in growing order of numbers as fast as you can! Time is running and you are searching for needed numbers!
1 To 50 240x320 S40

442.6 KB
 Game description: 3 Idiots: This is a humorous brain twister in the dialogue mode. Choose the appropriate options and burst out of laughter. The only one disadvantage for the Russian users - there is no translation. 
3 Idiots 240x320

274.1 KB
 Game description: 3 in 1 Match'n'Pop: You can choose one of three popular arcades in this game. Download one game to your mobile and you can play your favorite arcades. Demonstrate your skills and reach the top of the record table.
3 In 1 Matchnpop 240x320

439.6 KB
 Game description: 3 in 1 Night Market: Become the owner of a shop in three simple and fun arcades! Bake delicious pies with various fillings, or play slot machines, gain points and exchange them for various rewards!
3 In 1 Night Market 240x320

427.6 KB
 Game description: 3D cannon shoot: In 3D cannon shoot shoot at the targets from the cannon. Adjust your cannon and the strength of the shot in order to hit your aim. You have limited time to hit the aim so you need to shoot fast and accurately. Game features: 9 levelsLimited time in each level
3d Cannon Shoot 240x400

475 KB


 Game description: Bear cards: You are offered three games of patiences in one game: Klondike Solitaire, Free Cell and Spider. Now you can play your favourite games in any place! Bear Cards are classical patience with a beautiful drawing and convenient management.
Bear Cards 176x208

84.9 KB
 Game description: Human race: You must get to the top of the evolutionary ladder and solve the issue, which was being solved for centuries in endless disputes. So, who is on the top? Humanity must give the answer to this question right now. This is an innovative version of a classic game “Snake and ladder”, which promises to be really captivating and will make you spend many hours at the screen of your mobile.
Human Race 240x320

152.1 KB
 Game description: Resort Tycoon: What if you were offered to plan and organize the public services of such resort as Sochi and to take control over it? With the help of this game which is based on the popular board game you can bring your dreams into life! Run your budget in a correct way, try to attract more and more tourists offering good service. Provide you guests with all conveniences and earn a fortune during the hot vacation time! Be very attentive to your competitors – they will take all efforts to gain the tourists over!
Resort Tycoon 240x320 S40

352.8 KB
 Game description: Snooker: Snooker is not a regular billiards game, it is a real sport requiring true mastery.Feel how it’s like to be John Higgins: make graceful maneuvers, take the balls into the holes with all your adroitness and don’t leave your opponent a single chance to win!
Snooker 240x320

145.5 KB


 Game description: Avatar the Last Airbender Temple Versus: Help Avatar and his friends in the fighting arts in the northern temple. Also five familiar characters each having his own super hits are waiting for you in this game!
Avatar The Last Airbender Temple Versus 240x320 S60

682.9 KB
 Game description: Boxing Mania: Who is stronger- a lion, the king of the animals, or a big and clumsy hippopotamus? An octopus with a great number of tentacles or a quick kangaroo? We offer you a basketball game between different kinds of animals for you not to rack your brain over such questions! Fight for any kind of animal and show your rival who is the most powerful and agile, cunning and dangerous!
Boxing Mania 176x208

389.7 KB
 Game description: Bruce Lee Iron fist: Bruce Lee is a legendary kung-fu master and a champion. It is an honor to operate this character in any game. You are destined to become a winner. All you need to do is to take advantage of his skills. According to the game story Bruce must win the tournament and bring an end to violence and this tournament.Bruce Lee Iron fist - is a fighting game with the participation of the best for the best.
Bruce Lee Iron Fist 240x320 S40

250.7 KB
 Game description: Brutal Fighting: This is a first person game. Your task is to beat the opponent with hands and legs. It is very funny fighting, good graphics and you can choose opponents!
Brutal Fighting From 176x208 Till 176x220

176.6 KB
 Game description: Bushido : Code of The Warrior: Bushido - is a code of honour, which was fulfilled by many generations of brave samurai. You are the guardian of the code and you must prevent the enemies from taking it. Fight till your dying day! Samurai honour is above all!
Bushido Code Of The Warrior 240x320

252.7 KB


 Game description: 100 doors: Escape: 100 doors: Escape is a worthy continuation of popular series of puzzles which excellently train sharpness of mind as well as maths skills.
100 Doors Escape From 240x320 Till 240x400 S40

1.3 MB
 Game description: 1000 words: 1000 words - is a logic game based on guessing the English words. There are several letters and you will need to make as many words of them as possible. You will need quick wits and attention to find a successful decision.Game features:Several modesDifferent difficulty levelsExcellent graphics
1000 Words 240x320 S40

243 KB
 Game description: 12 warlords disorder: 12 warlords disorder - the aim of the game is to get to the Earth and dethrone the king. Put 3 and more identical elements together vertically or horizontally and get corresponding bonuses.
12 Warlords Disorder 240x320

509.3 KB
 Game description: 2048: In 2048 move the tiles to any side. When two identical tiles stand together they make one whole. A player wins when he creates a tile which is equal to 2048.
2048 240x320

324.3 KB
 Game description: 2048 by Danh Huynh: Millions of players play 2048. The main aim is to get a cube with the number 2048. For this you need to move the tiles with the same numbers one to another and enlarge the number in such a way. Do this as long as you get 2048.
2048 By Danh Huynh 240x320

63.8 KB


 Game description: American Pie: Naked Run: An official game of one of the funniest comedies for young people. Together with its main characters - Jim, Stifler and Nadia you will take part in an annual, notorious race
American Pie Naked Run 240x320

706.7 KB
 Game description: Beach Wars BT: If you like buggies, small racing cars having big wheels than this game is exactly for you! Buggy beach wars start and your car is waiting for its master. The aim of the game is to defeat your opponent or to take him prisoner depending on the type of game.Game features:game through Bluetooth6 kinds of weapons10 different maps5 game modes
Beach Wars Bt 240x320 S40

90 KB
 Game description: Counter Strike 1.7 Mobile (MOD): Those who never heard of the game, have never lived in this world. Most of people know about it, or heard about it at least once from a distance. It is a perfect shooter of the last several years, based on a Half Life engine that conquered minds of youth. Let me introduce my final mod on CS Mobile! What has been changed:All the rooms (prison was made by GOFMIDO, special thanks to him)The weapon (in CT Force exclusively from me)The main menuSniper backsightThe text is blue when you playThe text is partly changed (in
Counter Strike 17 Mobile Mod 240x320

504.3 KB
 Game description: Hell: You are a powerful magician but you appeared in hell somehow, to be more precise the hell appeared on Earth… You decide to destroy all hellish creatures in order to free the Earth from the chaos. Well, go ahead, kill the monsters! This is a Avenging Angel mod. Changes: enemiesmain characterweaponsshotstexturessurroundingsbonusesprintsexplosive effects
Hell 240x320

475.8 KB
 Game description: Mobi Chess: Mobi Chess is network classical chessMeet MobiChess is network classical chess! Set of accessible modes of battle distinguish the game from its analogues: online game through GPRS or Bluetooth, game together on one phone or alone against phone. In MobiChess the online part is essentially remade, and as a result network game became much more convenient and stable. At failure of communication game automatically connects to the server. All statistics on online game is accessible both from the computer and from phone through WAP. GPRS and Bluetooth chat is also essentially improve, it became much more convenient. Possibility of creation and editing of contact-sheet of your friends and a chat with them out of the game is added. The given chat is through for all network games from MobiLeap and as a matter of fact replaces mobile
Mobi Chess 176x220

153.9 KB


 Game description: Real Ski Jumping 2011: Compete with the gamers from all over the world and record your best results in on-line table. Each ski jump has its records. Try to fly as far as possible, but take into consideration weather conditions, that influence your jumps much.
Real Ski Jumping 2011 240x320 S40

334 KB


 Game description: 007: Car race: 007: Car race - is an interesting racing game with different bonuses. You need to pass by all the cars in the road in order not to collide with them and safely reach the finish.Game features:You can choose a carRockets which increase speedFuel in the road to fill the car
007 Car Race 240x320

310.7 KB
 Game description: 360 Speed: These are street racing... And there exist special rules... If you cannot cope with the requirement of
360 Speed 176x208

96.3 KB
 Game description: 3D Moto 2: 3D Moto 2 - the game is upgraded in every way. Press the screen to accelerate, avoid obstacles. The idea of the game is to get as many points as possible. Get on the bike and start your way!Game features:You can use hiroscope to control your bike5 bikes to chooseCustomizationRealistic phisicsHigh quality 3D graphicsHighscore and online game
3d Moto 2 240x400

1.1 MB
 Game description: 3D Need for Drifting: Another version of super racings being in development for such a long time. Now it was released and is free to download. Do not confuse with 3D Need For Speed !
3d Need For Drifting 240x320

312.2 KB
 Game description: African Rally Quad: African quad bike racing is something new in mobile games. Especially when you take into account bright graphics. Have you ever seen snowy picks of Kilimanjaro? And how about clouds floating over the mountains? The game also has snowy track racing. Yes, snow happens in Africa as well. Especially in mountainous areas!
African Rally Quad 240x320

332.7 KB


 Game description: 3D Bio-Soldiers: Iosiph Stalin is not now waiting for the World Revolution, he is preparing for the War! To Stalin’s order, the NKVD created a top secret laboratory for the production of bio-soldiers, capable of destroying everything in their path, endowed with fantastic strength, endurance and other battle characteristics.This becomes known to the Abwehr (German intelligence).Germany strives to world domination and the new product of the top-secret laboratory clearly interferes with its plans ... A German spy with an unknown alfa-virus is dropped to USSR territory. The laboratory and its security get infected, turn into monsters and go out of control! NKVD leaders urgently summon their super-agent Ivan Molotov and set the task to destroy the laboratory, the infected monsters and the German spy. You are the soviet super-agent, one of the best soldiers of NKVD. You task is to destroy all the monsters infected with alfa-virus, not to catch the virus, kill the German spy and save the secret information… 3D Bio-Soldiers game features:3D graphics on any phone!full realization of 3D space; A technology of realistic photo textures is applied!9 exciting levels; 3 types of weapons; system of 3D heights; realization of Z dimension; dynamic lighting effects; calculation of the depth of space and premises;lighting effects (flashes, flickers, the effects of smoke and gas, basements and daylight); full 3D texturing; multilevel and multitiered ceilings and arches; hiding places and secret rooms; 3D level map; trace bullets and shots; a historic plot; the game is in Russian.
3d Biosoldaty 240x320

410.3 KB
 Game description: A New Era: Shadows of Malquidious: This is an excellent one player RPG. Not everything is fine in your kingdom! Only imagine - it was filled with alive corpses, plague and other disasters. You have just cleaned your sword from the mud of the finished war and come back to your village to have so longed-for rest and now you see that something horrible is going on in here as well!
A New Era Shadows Of Malquidious 240x320 S40

423.2 KB
 Game description: Abhimanyu 3D: The Mahabharata is the greatest epic of India. The game tells about one of the heroes of the Mahabharata, a young warrior Abhimanu, a brave son of Arjun. Play the role of this Great Warrior and experience a thrill of a Great Epic Mahabharata!
Abhimanyu 3d 240x320

531.2 KB
 Game description: After dark: It is the 5th of March, 1999...The main character gets a letters which describes the circumstances under which his father disappeared 15 years ago and about the place where it happened. Our hero sets off to find him.Game features:Twisted gamestory.You can play for two characters.Beautiful graphics.
After Dark 176x208

170.9 KB
 Game description: After Water World: Sometimes it seems to you that it couldn't be worse. You are drifting among the ship wrecks together with your brother…Heavens seem to open wide pouring lightning over you… And suddenly you find yourself on an island, hardly knowing that your name is Varlan, you are a half-god and you tried to escape from the mainland. And then it turns out that there was a Great Flood, and the mainland, as well as all other lands, no longer exists, and that this island– is the only bastion of humans and animals. And moreover &ndash gods made a civil war, and killed each other. And you have to reach some Castle-on-the-Rock to become one of the gods, using the divine blood flowing in your veins. But here's the problem - not everyone wants it...Features of the current version of AfterWaterWorld:• a start of the epic plot with minimum pathos and a pinch of humor.• rather realistic combat model (in comparison with 99% of other RPG – it is just arch-hardcore). Your character may feel fear, feel hunger, may harm his health with bad foods or drink too much, and all this affects his abilities in some way.• 4x4 system of development. A fresh look for playing roles – 4 branches 4 characteristics each, more than 50 skills – and you can forget about classic experience!• a complicated system of artifacts. 11 various slots for things, strength is realized, a well-thought system of damages, classes and materials. • mini-game
Afterwaterworld 240x320 S60

525 KB


 Game description: 000 Secret Agent: These are the adventures of the highly secret agent. He is going to experience lots of troubles he needs to manage and come through unscathed. You will be offered lots of shootouts that's why those who like shooting must be ready to reflect any attack.
000 Secret Agent 240x320

272.3 KB
 Game description: Actua Soccer 2006: Take under the control your favorite team and conduct it to the Cup final.
Actua Soccer 2006 All Screen Sizes

171 KB
 Game description: Air Traffic Controller 2007: Play this game and you will know how it's like to control the sky. You must remember that you are responsible for the lives of thousands of passengers!Marks from A to C stand for the direction of the planes flying by. Letter L stands for the landing strip. Each plane controlled by you is marked by a corresponding letter. Thus, all planes marked with L must be prepared for landing, the others just must be directed in the needed way. The game has more than 100 different levels. There is a training mode and interactive help option.
Air Traffic Controller 240x320

375.8 KB
 Game description: Alberninho Football: Realistic football game with the level corresponding to serious hits on games consoles. Only imagine: the football commentator, function of replay, off sites and replacements in the field - and all it is in mobile game! It is a unique case! Game deserves to be called one of the best football games for phones. There are 16 various commands with different skills in the game. Football players can punch a ball in a goal, transfer a pass, accept on a head, beat two feet. Besides, each sportsmen obtains unique possibilities and colour of hats. During a match the weather can change that does game even more realistic.
Alberninho Football 128x160 и больше

188.5 KB
 Game description: Ama Dress To Impress: If you are fond dressing well and follow the latest fashion trends, then this game is for you! Choose makeup, clothes and accessories for your virtual person to earn points of rating, which can be spent on the purchase of additional clothing.
Ama Dress To Impress 240x320

462.9 KB


 Game description: 20-20 w cup: 20-20 w cup is a game for cricket fans. There are 6 teams who compete one with another and you must defeat them all in order to get to the semi final. And in the final you will compete with the main opponent.Game features:6 different teamsSimple system of controlsUnderstandable rules
20 20 W Cup 240x400

458.4 KB
 Game description: Absolute Ping Pong: Absolute Ping Pong - is a well known ping pong. You participate in a ping pong tournament and the whole world watches your game. Complete the stages of the world tournament using all you skills. Prove everybody that you are really good at playing this wonderful game.Game features:10 types opf rivalsSpeed settings of the gameAdjustable difficulty level
Absolute Ping Pong 240x320

98.5 KB
 Game description: Ace billiard: Playing billiards is one of the most venturesome and exciting entertainment! In this collection intended for a true ace in treating the cue is presented not the one, but three the most popular kinds of billiards: 8-ball, 9-ball and Russian billiards, and also arcade game on the tables of nonstandard shape and different number of pockets. Become an ace of pool!
Ace Billiard All Screen Sizes

92.2 KB
 Game description: Action Ice Hockey: Famous hockey teams from sixteen countries, are eager to fight!It depends on you, who will be the first to gain access to the ice field - choose your favorite team and throw the puck! Keep in mind that the game will not start on S40 platform.
Action Ice Hockey From 128x160 Till 240x320

130.6 KB
 Game description: Actua Soccer Internation Edition 2006: Java game 
Actua Soccer Internation Edition 2006 240x320 S40

171 KB


 Game description: Age of dinosaurs: Alpine story: In Age of dinosaurs: Alpine story - construct buildings, hunt in order to give food to your army, attack and defend, involve all possible resources to make your tribe a winner.Game features:Bright, stylish cartoon graphicsFunny vivid charactersUnique game styleSimple and understandable system of controls18 fascinating missions13 types of buildings
Age Of Dinosaurs Alpine Story 240x320

444.3 KB
 Game description: Battlefield Europe: This was time of battles on the fields of Europe, as two powerful countries took part in the epic war for domination. Place your troops and give the order to your army to win the glory for your beloved country. And let the battles begin! 
Battlefield Europe 240x320

262.8 KB
 Game description: Brave Heart: The official mobile game, based on a film
Brave Heart 240x320 S60v3

221.7 KB
 Game description: Corsairs: Winter MOD: One of the most popular computer games for mobile phones! Time and the place of action– is the epoch of pirates in West India between 1560 and 1720. It was the time of new Kings and Empires, tests of strength and power of states; when a man could reach everything he could imagine only thanks to his courage and intellect!  Try yourself in uneasy occupation of «a gentleman of fortune»-a hired pirate- corsair! But it is not necessary only to plunder ships; you may peacefully deal in, pass quests and look for mysterious treasures. Your main aim is – to bring a victory to your country in the battle for command of the sea. 
Corsairs Winter Mod 240x320 S40

314.5 KB
 Game description: Dune: The battle for Arrakis: This is another version of the popular Sega game. You are going to play for powerful Atreides, their main task is to win back the Arrakis planet. Of course, everything is not that easy... Numerous Ordos also dream to have this planet which is full of spice but you must stand to the very end and take the power over this planet.
Dune The Battle For Arrakis 240x320 S40

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