Bombergeddon Premium Nokia 360x640.jar, Action, Single Version, Java, Download File


Bombergeddon Premium Nokia 360x640 4.3 MB

Game description: Bombergeddon Premium:
Bombergeddon Premium - get ready for an action! Bombermania is waiting for you. You play as a brave adventurer Dakota Jeckson and you will experience an explosive journey around mysterious corners of the world.
Game features:
80 levels and 4 unique game worlds
14 types of explosive
More than 100 trophies and achievements


Bombergeddon Premium Nokia 360x640.jar, Action, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview Bombergeddon Premium Nokia 360x640.jar, Action, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview 2 Bombergeddon Premium Nokia 360x640.jar, Action, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview 3 Bombergeddon Premium Nokia 360x640.jar, Action, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview 4

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 Game description: Bionic Commando Re-Armed: A legendary story about a brave hero and his wonderful weapon, bio-hand, that grants its owner superhuman powers. A transformation of an 8-bit game, that became a hit in 1988 on Nintendo gaming platform.A classic action about a courageous hero and his weapon, bio-hand, that grants its owner superhuman powers which will help him save the world!
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 Game description: Bionic сommando: Bionic сommando - Jo was seized by German army and your task is to save him. You have a bionic hand and different gadgets which will help you to go from one level onto another and destroy enemy troops.Game features:More than 16 big levels with bosses and various enemiesMore than 5 kinds of guns and combat weaponDifferent difficulty levelsAbsorbing gameplay
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 Game description: Blind Fury: According to the legend of the Ancients, in the day of a Big Bang thousands of Suns lit up in the sky, striking everyone with their dazzling sunlight. The former rules of the world fell, turned into stone idols, and dispersed with the wind in one moment. The mind of those hitherto Sleeping awoke for the glory of the Blessed Gods.A son of Logovaz, leader of Red Sedans tribal, when still being a youngster, was called A Blind Fury for his unprecedented courage. Suddenly it becomes clear that the Black Manna supplies are running low, and the very existence of the tribe is in doubt. And there is nothing surprising in the fact that it was the Blind Fury who volunteered to find the fabled land, clad in snow and ice, where polar bears walk along the streets of cities, the inhabitants swim in ice-holes and drink essence of the Black Manna…According to sacred manuscripts, the tribe of Red Sedans will suffer lack in nothing till the end of the world, when living there. But the way to the fable land goes through deserts and glaciers and no one knows what kind of dangers await a lonely four-wheeled traveler. Blind Bury game features: Cheerful and playful cartoon adventure game;An original story; The main hero is able to turn into an indomitable Monster; Two full-size gaming worlds: a sultry savanna and ice desert; Lots of bonuses and dynamical gameplay will not let you stop playing;
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192.4 KB
 Game description: Blocking storm: Blocking storm is a new game in which you walk and defend yourself alone at the begining and later you have a real team. Together with others you will fight against your opponents.
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394.3 KB
 Game description: Blood Japanese: 8 Hour: This game has lots of humor – have a look at the main character to understand this. This is the third person action game having a real swarm of bullets and heaps of bloody dead bodies of the enemies.
Blood Japanese 8 Hour 240x320

577 KB
 Game description: Bobby Carrot 5 Level Up 4: A new game collection about a little young rabbit! Bobby Carrot 5 Level Up 4 contains new levels, new difficulties and colourful graphics, which won’t let you get bored!
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282.2 KB
 Game description: Bomber plus: Bomber+ - is the game about old good Bomber man, but it is not its copy. This is a separate game in which he is taking part. As usually, his mission is “To kill all the monsters”, only that now you need to try to hit them, not to block them with bombs. Now you are playing with side view. Besides, there are no serious bugs and the game offers juicy graphics.
Bomber Plus All Screen Sizes

187.4 KB
 Game description: Braveman Jungle Story: Action shooter game created in humorous style. The brave warrior has to overcome the whole army of scoundrels, shoot the herds of animals and calm the infuriated natives. An island in the Pacific Ocean has become the arena of battle, in which a spiteful general Sea Otter contrives ominous plans about capturing the whole world using the newly discovered material Black Radium. As well as in the other games of the developer, the animated levels and a merry, qualitatively drawn graphic, that humorously conveys any character’s appearance are awaiting for you.  The game has 5 locations with the unique bosses, more than 20 different enemies and 130 quests! Along with a shop and possibility of upgrading the weapon. The hero has 6 kinds of it in his arsenal, beginning with a knife, and finishing with a bazooka. You will certainly have 10 hours of an intensive firefight!  
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579.4 KB
 Game description: BulletStorm: In this game you need to fulfill the order of general Sarrano and to kill people he doesn't need. But something went wrong and our character finds out the truth in which he doesn't play a role of a good man as he thought, he understands that he killed absolutely innocent people. Now he is going to fight against his employer.
Bulletstorm 240x320 S60

1.1 MB
 Game description: Captain Marihuana: This is an excellent portation of Captain America game from Dendy. You walk and destroy your enemies with a special missile discs (or frisbee). A comic character and uneasy levels will add some charm to the game!
Captain Marihuana 240x320

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 Game description: Castlevania: The plot of Castlevania series is based on the age-old confrontation between clan of Belmonts and Count Dracula. Every 100 years Count Dracula rises up from his grave to suck blood of innocent people and produce an army of evil, for the purpose of plunging the world into darkness. And Belmonts, endowed with particular force to destroy the vampires have to stop the insidious count.
Castlevania 240x320

454.8 KB
 Game description: Cat 9th life: Kitten Cat was kidnapped by an evil gang of dogs. Cat’s father will need to collect a lot of money in all levels of this game to save his son. His faithful Colt will help him in this.
Cat 9th Life 240x320

316.5 KB
 Game description: Chip & Dale 2: Rescue Rangers: Sometimes, some crimes, go slipping through the cracks,But these two Gumshoes are picking up the slack.There's no case too big, no case too small,When you need help just call.Chi-chi-chi-chip and Dale (Rescue Rangers),Chi-chi-chi-chip and Dale (When there's danger).No no it never fails once they're involved,Somehow whatever's wrong gets solved... The game reminds its old version which was played on Dandy. Play as Chip, play as Dale, complete the level full of danger, mysteries and bad guys! It is a good game, go back to your childhood times and play it!
Chip Dale 2 Rescue Rangers 240x320

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 Game description: Codename: Angel: In the mines neighbouring the closed town N is extracted a new kind of energy – blue crystals, with the help of which the government is developing a top-secret biological weapons. During routine checkouts the system malfunctioned, the accident occurred, resulting in toxic gas spread in a radius of hundreds of miles, killing every living thing in its path. But city residents did not die, they mutated into zombies. For breakdown elimination the government decided to send a special agent code-named
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 Game description: Combat helicopter: Combat Helicopter is a game in which you will operate and shoot from a helicopter. This java game is based on 8-bit consoles game. Telephone version offers good sound and excellent graphics.
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187.8 KB
 Game description: Combat Outpost Afghanistan: Tarin Khas outpost in Uruzgan province fell under control of hostile combatants. As a commander of a special mission unit you were parachuted into the war zone to quell an opposition and take control over the outpost once again. But be careful, they may fire at you, blow up with the bomb, but the most fearful is
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 Game description: Conflict: Global Storm: Terrorism is a disease. The doctor has come. Turn on your TV set - the world is plunging into chaos. The global problem of the new era is terror. Terror is in West, terror is in Europe, terror is in East. Terror is everywhere. While politicians are only talking about this deadly disease, people, whose faces will never appear on TV cure this disease. In
Conflict Global Storm 240x320

278.2 KB
 Game description: ConQuest 1773: Ladders, platforms, labyrinths... A Spanish conquistador looks for El Dorado treasures in an ancient Indian temple. And you are the hero! Don’t be in a hurry wandering about the labyrinth. You may jump over motionless monsters. And you’d better let the moving monsters go past, waiting on the staircase until they leave. Just go up higher for the monsters not to grab your heels!Game graphics reminded us of a remarkable computer hit of the former days named Panama Joy. The both games even have the same monsters and overall game style. However, in ConQuest 1773 different levels are executed in different styles- beginning with the jungles and finishing with the medieval castle. Besides, each level has its own monster zoo. Collect brilliants and gold, get saturated with romance. Welcome to El Dorado!
Conquest 1773 From 128x128 Till 240x320

68.1 KB
 Game description: Crash and Spyro Superpack: This is an excellent game with such heroes as a famous fox Crash, Spyro dragon and other characters! The game offers seven genres of arcades, fights and logic tasks. The developers assured that it has up to 50 levels with bosses!
Crash And Spyro Superpack From 176x208 Till 240x320

381.4 KB
 Game description: Crash Twinsanity: A popular hero of games Crash Bandicoot has what to do again. This time he had to co-operate with his biggest enemy, Neo Kortex as world is in a real danger. Evil Twins have teleported from the 10th dimension and threaten to turn the life on Earth into a real nightmare.
Crash Twinsanity 128x128

103.8 KB
 Game description: Crysis Warhead: It is not a human! It is a machine! Numerous levels of Crysis are waiting for you! You are entrusted an important task to destroy terrorists, who are preparing weapons of mass annihilation. The game possesses lots of weapons, various bonuses and enemies!
Crysis Warhead 240x320 S40

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