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Game description: Macho fighter:
In Macho fighter you are riding a bike and you are pursuited by the police. You must kill all the policemen trying to catch you and avoid obstacles.


Macho Fighter 320x240.jar, Arcade, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview Macho Fighter 320x240.jar, Arcade, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview 2 Macho Fighter 320x240.jar, Arcade, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview 3 Macho Fighter 320x240.jar, Arcade, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview 4 Macho Fighter 320x240.jar, Arcade, Single Version, Java,Screenshot Preview 5

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441.1 KB
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409 KB
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286 KB
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267 KB
 Game description: Marital Combat: Are you late to come home from work again? Your wife is very angry and throws everything that comes to hand! Avoid the objects flying at you, until she calms down a bit. How do you think, will you manage to do that? You will, if you collect hearts and flowers that will help you to appease the raging little wife. Be careful! With each level the wife throws the kernel, that is, frying pans and boots faster and faster, and the scale of her anger grows and grows!!!
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 Game description: Masters Of Mayhem: Have you ever played a multiplayer game alone? Sounds silly? Well, here it is. The first single named \
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84.3 KB
 Game description: Matchstick warriors: It is only you and your opponent, who take part in this game. You have an archer and a catapult at your disposal. The catapult shoots with fire balls and matches. The main task of the game is to burn all matchstick towers of your opponent. You need to hit the matchstick tops of towers. It will be more and more difficult to destroy your enemy with every new level as your enemy will grow in number!
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125.1 KB
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199.6 KB
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