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 Game description: Bounce adventures: Bounce adventures - guide the ball through dangerous mazes full of monsters and various machinery. Game features:45 levels of varying difficulty4 types of enemiesGood controlsColorful graphics Compatible for: Android 4.0.4 and higher. v1.0.2
Bounce Adventures

6.5 MB
Prince Of Persia Classic Android 2 2 And Higher.apk, Prince Of Persia Classic, Arcade, Game Cache, Android,Video Screenshot Preview
Prince Of Persia Classic Android 2 2 And Higher

46.2 MB
 Game description: Futurama Head-in-a-Jar Creator: Futurama Head-in-a-Jar Creator with a big stretch can be called a game, but nevertheless this app by all means will please Futurama's admirers, will amuse and will help to kill a couple of hours of free time. In the game you should create your own head completely from the scratch and add it in your own museum of heads. On a choice all four races that were in series will be available for you, there is an opportunity to adjust any part of the head, from its form, to a nose with ears. The creations can be kept in phone gallery, can be established on a desktop or as a call image. Also they can be shared through Facebook and Twitter. Compatible for: Android 2.2 and higher
Futurama Head In A Jar Creator

31.8 MB
 Game description: Bounce on back: Bounce on back - help brave red rubber ball in his travels. It needs to complete many winding levels and defeat evil Voodoo doll. The hero of this Android game is rolling forward, jumping onto platforms and over obstacles. Guide it through the dangerous adventure. Collect stolen children laughs, various fruits, and a variety of bonuses. Use boosts to quickly move forward and defeat encountered enemies. Jump on enemies heads to destroy them. Defeat the villain and return children their stolen laughs.Game features:Great graphicsSimple controlsMany levelsAbsorbing gameplayDownload on Google Play Compatible for: Android 2.3 and higher. v1.1.344. ARMv7<a href='https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.iddybiddygames.bounceonback' target='_blank'>Download on the App Store</a>
Bounce On Back

44.8 MB
Prince Of Persia Classic Game Cache.zip, Prince Of Persia Classic, Arcade, Game Cache, Android,Video Screenshot Preview
Prince Of Persia Classic Game Cache

177.7 MB
 Game description: Jar on a Bar: Rescue a small fish! Your task will be to move a small fish in an aquarium down, removing whetstones and trying not to pour the water! It seems to be easy, doesn’t it? Jar on a Bar will test your problem solving skills—as well as your reflexes as you complete each puzzling stage. Try not to tip the jar too much or you won't get those precious stars.Features: Simple, intuitive tap and swipe controlsIngenious, head-scratching puzzles with multiple solutions Addictive and challenging gameplay! Gorgeous artwork and comical animations. Power-ups to unlock including a shield and wingsCompatible for: For iPad, iPhone, iPod iOS 4 and higher v 1.1 (обновление)
Jar On A Bar

22.9 MB
 Game description: Bounce original: Bounce original - control a red ball jumping through different levels. Surmount obstacles, collect rings, and don't get into traps. This game is an Android version of java game that was popular at the beginning of this century. Your task is simple - guide the bouncing red ball from start to finish of the level, collecting all the rings. Be careful and don't fall into bottomless pits, blow up the ball, or bumping into sharp spikes. Practice, because game difficulty increases with each new level.Game features:Colorful graphicsSimple controlsMany levelsAbsorbing gameplayDownload on Google Play Compatible for: Android 2.3.3 and higher. v1.0.7. ARMv7A<a href='https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.games35cm.bounce' target='_blank'>Download on the App Store</a>
Bounce Original

10.7 MB
Re Volt Classic Android 2 3 And Higher.apk, Re Volt Classic, Racing, Game Cache, Android,Video Screenshot Preview
Re Volt Classic Android 2 3 And Higher

30 MB
 Game description: Jarball: This is a bright arcanoid from Jarbull company! Break blocks with the help of a ball and moving platform. Collect bonuses and stay away from bad surprises such as decreased platform or increased speed of the ball.
Jarball 240x320

226.4 KB
 Game description: Bounce: Bounce - control a moving blue ball that's bouncing off platforms and different obstacles. Try to guide the ball as high as possible. Aim the ball from one platform to another and climb higher and higher in this game for Android. Use different bonuses, for example, springs, speed ups, etc. Be careful, some platforms are very small, and if the ball falls down, the game is over. Black objects are indestructible, and orange ones can be broken using the ball. To earn points you have to break and cross green lines.Game features:Nice minimalistic graphicsSimple controlsHigh scoresAbsorbing gameplay Compatible for: Android 2.3 and higher. v1.0.1<a href='https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ketchapp.bounce' target='_blank'>Download on the App Store</a>

7.5 MB
Re Volt Classic Game Cache.zip, Re Volt Classic, Racing, Game Cache, Android,Video Screenshot Preview
Re Volt Classic Game Cache

83.9 MB
Jarballs Second Crash 128x160.jar, Jarballs Second Crash, Arcade, Various Version, Java,Video Screenshot Preview
Jarballs Second Crash 128x160

149.5 KB
 Game description: Funny Bounce: Funny Bounce - a funny bounce can't quietly stay even a minute, he wants to jump all the time! Jump up, collect useful features and turn aside from various prickles and obstacles. Over time you will have an opportunity to destroy them, shooting on them. You are waited for by beautiful graphics and pleasant music, and also simple and convenient management and tables of achievements. Compatible for: Android 1.6 and higher
Funny Bounce

11.7 MB
 Game description: Slender man: Classic: Slender man: Classic - try to survive in a dark night forest. Explore a huge location, uncover dark secrets and find a way to salvation. Get through a dark night forest in this Android game. Use a flashlight to illuminate your way. Jump over obstacles. Be prepared for the unexpected and frightening events. Slender is watching you, he is hiding in the darkness. He may appear at any time. Can you escape and don't go mad? It's worth a try. Find 8 mysterious notes hidden in different parts of the forest.Game features:Great graphicsGreat soundGood controlsHorror and fear atmosphereAbsorbing gameplayThe game requires an Internet connectionDownload on Google Play Compatible for: Android 2.0.1 and higher. v1.9. ARMv7A<a href='https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Black_Side.SlenderManClassic' target='_blank'>Download on the App Store</a>
Slender Man Classic

41.3 MB
Jarballs Second Crash 176x220.jar, Jarballs Second Crash, Arcade, Various Version, Java,Video Screenshot Preview
Jarballs Second Crash 176x220

182.1 KB
 Game description: Haluci: Bounce bounce jump: Haluci: Bounce bounce jump - control a boy on a bouncing stick and help him jump from one flying island to another. Jump through impressive levels of this Android game. Collect coins, fruit, and different bonuses like parachute, speed up, etc. Tilt your device to send the hero in the right direction. Avoid many dangers like crows, prickly cacti, ball lightning, and so on on your way. Defeat crows, jumping on top of them or knock them down with devastating missiles.Game features:Colorful graphicsTilt controlsDifferent bonusesLeaderboardsDownload on Google Play Compatible for: Android 2.2 and higher. v1.0. ARMv5. ARMvx86. ARMv7<a href='https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=al.trigonom.haluci' target='_blank'>Download on the App Store</a>
Haluci Bounce Bounce Jump

41.2 MB
 Game description: Bubble shooter classic: Bubble shooter classic - travel beautiful island and soot colorful bubbles. Combine same color bubbles into groups to plow them up. Use various bonuses. Go to a beautiful island and begin the hunt for colored bubbles. Shoot them and form groups of same-colored bubbles. They will explode and you will get points.Game features:Colorful graphicsSimple controlsMany picturesque levelsDifferent bonusesPlay with friendsAddictive gameplay Compatible for: Android 4.2.2 and higher. ARMv7. v1.5.8
Bubble Shooter Classic

37.4 MB
Zombie Attack Jarbull 128x160.jar, Zombie Attack Jarbull, Arcade, Various Version, Java,Video Screenshot Preview
Zombie Attack Jarbull 128x160

198.2 KB
 Game description: Melon Bounce: Melon Bounce. In the game you are to show agility and ability to calculate the flight trajectory. You will shoot various delicacies and Mindy, the hero has to catch them and eat. The game has many levels with realistic physics and merry music. Compatible for: Android 2.2 and higher
Melon Bounce

17.2 MB
 Game description: Gold Miner Classic HD: Gold Miner Classic HD is the game in which you will have to look for various precious things under the ground. You have to earn a certain amount of money within the stipulated time. The fatter piece you will take from under the ground the more money you’ll get. Besides, their cost depends on the type of a precious metal or gem. Try to get only the most valuable items. But sometimes you will have to clear the way to them before getting them. Compatible for: Android 2.2 and higher
Gold Miner Classic Hd

23 MB
Zombie Attack Jarbull 176x220.jar, Zombie Attack Jarbull, Arcade, Various Version, Java,Video Screenshot Preview
Zombie Attack Jarbull 176x220

269.1 KB
 Game description: Ninja Bounce: The main character of Ninja Bounce is apparently a dropout of the ninja training courses, as from the full arsenal of the greatest warriors’ skills he possesses only quick running and high jumping. But these very skills help him save his life. And he will have to save his life not from the great number of enemies and monsters, but from the much greater disaster: from the forest fire. It is not possible to come to an agreement with the elemental forces, and they are not going to wait. So, concentrate and try to outrun the fire, pushing off adroitly from anything you got under your feet. Despite the visual simplicity of the gameplay the developers paid a lot of attention to graphics. As a result, you see a beautiful hand-drawn picture, pleasing the eye. The hero himself is well designed and funny animated. The effects are well-drawn and simply realized, but this is enough to significantly brighten the gameplay. The musical accompaniment is also done simply and tastefully. In the game, you can select one of the two modes: challenge and time attack. Compatible for: Android 2.1 and higher
Ninja Bounce

6.1 MB
 Game description: Pinball Classic: If you are an admirer of pinball, you will like this classical pinball. Your purpose- to gather as many points as possible, rolling a ball on the game table. For involvement of flipper just touch them with your fingers. In the game there’s good graphics and realistic physics. Compatible for: Android 1.6 and higher
Pinball Classic

2.1 MB
Zombie Attack Jarbull 240x320.jar, Zombie Attack Jarbull, Arcade, Various Version, Java,Video Screenshot Preview
Zombie Attack Jarbull 240x320

349.2 KB
 Game description: Birdy Bounce: Birdy Bounce - is all about rescuing the bird and setting them free. The hunters have laid the trap and the hungry birds got trapped. Swifty is ready to rescue them with his fine action. You will help Swifty to dash the cage and topple it to the ground, thereby setting the bird free. But remember- your life is limited. Features: Very interesting physics Carefully crafted levels Bonus and powerups Enemy birds Unlimited funCompatible for: For iPad, iPhone, iPod iOS 3.2 and higher
Birdy Bounce

6.2 MB
 Game description: Rndmaze: Maze classic 3D: Rndmaze: Maze classic 3D - guide the ball through the variety of labyrinths. Find the only correct path and and get to the exit of the level. Classic game with a metal ball and a wooden labyrinth got a new life in this Android game. Now you won't ever see 2 same labyrinths as they're randomly generated. Tilt your device to guide the ball. Train your attentiveness, logic and patience. Start with easy labyrinths and gradually move to more difficult ones.Game features:Good graphicsAccelerometer controlsRandomly generated labyrinth3 difficulty levels Compatible for: Android 4.0.4 and higher. v1.4. ARMv7.
Rndmaze Maze Classic 3d

15.5 MB
The Jars 240x320.jar, The Jars, Logic, Various Version, Java,Video Screenshot Preview
The Jars 240x320

472.7 KB
 Game description: Bounce on back: Bounce on back - you control a rubber ball which runs from Apricot smiles world from a magic voodoo doll. Dodge, jump aside, roll and pick up giggling otherwise they will steal happiness from children.Game features:Big amount of levelsMany hours of interesting gameplay60 things to collectClear graphicsSimple system of controlsCompatible for: From iOS 5.0. For iPad, iPhone, iPod.
Bounce On Back

47.4 MB
 Game description: Tank battle 1990: Tanks war classic style: Tank battle 1990: Tanks war classic style - control your own battle tank and fight enemy tanks. Defend your base from the enemies. Win fierce tank battles in this game for Android. At each level, you'll have a battlefield with a variety of shelters and obstacles like concrete and brick walls, rivers, etc. Brick walls can be destroyed with tank shots. Move your tank on the battlefield, use covers to avoid enemy fire. Destroy enemy tanks and the base.Game features:Retro graphicsSimple controlsMany levelsAbsorbing gameplay Compatible for: Android 2.3 and higher. v1.1. ARMv7<a href='https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=bigfox.tankclassical&hl=en' target='_blank'>Download on the App Store</a>
Tank Battle 1990 Tanks War Classic Style

15 MB
The Jars 240x400.jar, The Jars, Logic, Various Version, Java,Video Screenshot Preview
The Jars 240x400

392.5 KB
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