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 Game description: Clever Rabbits: Everybody loves fluffy and funny animals. Do not miss your chance to communicate and play with Clever Rabbits and find out which of you is smarter, you or them. The rules are extremely simple: press the Rabbits to make the maximum quantity of words. The words may consist of 3 - 6 letters. The level is considered to be completed if you gather all the turnip on the field and got 50 bonus points! And that is not all! Take the chance to get 200 bonus points for the turnip and a bonus for superword, which table is highlighted in yellow. If you did not succeed to make it, don't get upset. The rabbits will offer you to a pass
Clever Rabbits

5.3 MB
Iron Sky Invasion Android 2 0 And Higher Game Cache V1 0 1.zip, Iron Sky Invasion, Action, Game Cache, Android,Video Screenshot Preview
Iron Sky Invasion Android 2 0 And Higher Game Cache V1 0 1

106.2 MB
 Game description: Blue Rabbit’s Worlds: Blue Rabbit’s Worlds - get into the world of blue rabbit. This amusing game, from the very beginning will make you collect coins around the most creative levels, avoiding obstacles. Be fast and careful!Compatible for: For iPad, iPhone, iPod iOS 4.3and higher
Blue Rabbits Worlds

11 MB
Iron Sky Invasion Android 2 0 And Higher V1 0 1.apk, Iron Sky Invasion, Action, Game Cache, Android,Video Screenshot Preview
Iron Sky Invasion Android 2 0 And Higher V1 0 1

13.6 MB
 Game description: Robber Rabbits!: Look at these lovely rabbits! But stop – they have guns! It seems that rodents decided on a robbery for several portions of the tastiest carrot ice-cream and ask your help! How can you refuse eared, moreover these klutz understand nothing in ballistics and logic, and you are a real genius in Christmas robberies? The task is simple: shelves with ice-cream, carrots and Christmas ornaments which need to be brought down by shots and to catch in the bag are on the walls. Throughout 48 levels you should battle with physics laws, ricochets and rebounds, avoiding fans, bulbs and other extraneous objects which can draw unnecessary attention. If you manage to do it – rabbits won't forget you!Compatible for: For iPad, iPhone, iPod iOS 3.1 and higher
Robber Rabbits

49.1 MB
Star Warfare Alien Invasion Android 2 2 And Higher Armv6.apk, Star Warfare Alien Invasion, Action, Game Cache, Android,Video Screenshot Preview
Star Warfare Alien Invasion Android 2 2 And Higher Armv6

12 MB
Fatal Chaos The Evil Rabbits Attack 176x220 S40.jar, Fatal Chaos The Evil Rabbits Attack, Arcade, Various Version, Java,Video Screenshot Preview
Fatal Chaos The Evil Rabbits Attack 176x220 S40

182.6 KB
Star Warfare Alien Invasion Android 2 2 And Higher.apk, Star Warfare Alien Invasion, Action, Game Cache, Android,Video Screenshot Preview
Star Warfare Alien Invasion Android 2 2 And Higher

11.9 MB
Fatal Chaos The Evil Rabbits Attack 176x220.jar, Fatal Chaos The Evil Rabbits Attack, Arcade, Various Version, Java,Video Screenshot Preview
Fatal Chaos The Evil Rabbits Attack 176x220

182.6 KB
Star Warfare Alien Invasion Game Cache.zip, Star Warfare Alien Invasion, Action, Game Cache, Android,Video Screenshot Preview
Star Warfare Alien Invasion Game Cache

122.3 MB
Doodle Invasion Android 2 2 And Higher Armv6.apk, Doodle Invasion, Arcade, Game Cache, Android,Video Screenshot Preview
Doodle Invasion Android 2 2 And Higher Armv6

13.6 MB
Doodle Invasion Android 2 2 And Higher Armv7.apk, Doodle Invasion, Arcade, Game Cache, Android,Video Screenshot Preview
Doodle Invasion Android 2 2 And Higher Armv7

13.7 MB
 Game description: Alien invasion: Adventure pro: Alien invasion: Adventure pro - clear the city from alien invaders. Guide the hero through different city districts and destroy all the monsters and their eggs. Each hero of this game for Android has a unique weaponry, equipment, and abilities. Choose the hero whose fighting style is the closest to you. Do dangerous combat missions. Be careful, insidious aliens can attack you from anywhere. At the first sign of danger shoot to kill and don't leave any living monsters behind. Look for useful items and other secrets.Game features:Great graphics4 characters6 missions on each levelFight strong bosses Compatible for: Android 4.3 and higher. v1.0.1. ARMv7<a href='https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sharkweed.alien.invasion.pro' target='_blank'>Download on the App Store</a>
Alien Invasion Adventure Pro

47.8 MB
 Game description: Aliens Invasion: The game Aliens Invasion - is a quite good arcade shooter with excellent drawn graphics and good control system. You should enter unequal fight with hordes of overseas aggressors. At the beginning of the game you will have only a gun and an axe and to expand the range of arms you need to kill newcomers, to raise money and to acquire new more powerful and killing arms using this money. Compatible for: Android 2.1 and higher
Aliens Invasion

6.9 MB
 Game description: Bugs invasion 3D: Bugs invasion 3D - a game, where you and your army got lost in the ominous vault full of bugs monsters. Features: Updating of your army Develop your own tactics Use spells Use all advantages of solders Compatible for: Android 2.0 and higher. v1.1
Bugs Invasion 3d

31.5 MB
 Game description: Farm Invasion USA: Go on wild hunting for alien pilferers of corn. You will play roles of a serene farmer who works diligent at his ground, growing up many hectares of corn. And everything was remarkable, the corn grew well, but suddenly everything went wrong. Ruthless and eternally hungry aliens decided to get your entire crop. Reject them with worthy pressure. Get into your combine and banish these impudent blue little men. Except a combine, in your arsenal there is also a gun with limited quantity of cartridges. Use aim fire for destruction of their spaceships and avoid obstacles in the field to collect the remained corn! In the game there’s realistic physics of movement and beautiful effects, and also qualitative soundtrack. Compatible for: Android 2.1 and higher
Farm Invasion Usa

23.6 MB
 Game description: Hungry bugs: Kitchen invasion: Protect a tasty pie and destroy all cockroaches in a new amusing game Hungry bugs: Kitchen invasion. Features: Infinite gameplayEasy control system Bright cheerful graphicsLeaderboard Compatible for: Android 2.3 and higher.
Hungry Bugs Kitchen Invasion

7.8 MB
 Game description: Oh no! Alien invasion: Turret alert!: Oh no! Alien invasion: Turret alert! - evil aliens are attacking secret hideout of our heroes. Use various weapons to destroy the aggressors. Help one of 3 heroes, Turret, Nate or Jumbo Ninja defeat aliens in this Android game. Different types of alien monsters attack the shelter of your heroes. Tap the enemy to shoot, drag your finger across several of them to do combos. Unlock new powerful weapons, use different bonuses from usual bombs to brain freeze. Protect the world from aliens!Game features:Colorful graphics3 diverse charactersDifferent weapon typesMany bonusesTon of levelsThe game requires an Internet connection Compatible for: Android 2.3 and higher. v1.0
Oh No Alien Invasion Turret Alert

37 MB
 Game description: Planet Invasion: In this game you will protect planets from alien invasion. Use your finger to target. There are also different achievements and leaderboards in the game! Compatible for: Android 2.0.1 and higher
Planet Invasion

13 MB
 Game description: Dungeon adventure: Greenskin invasion: Dungeon adventure: Greenskin invasion - explore vast dungeons and unexplored lands. Fight orcs, goblins, and other creatures with green skin. Guide your hero through levels full of danger in this game for Android. Explore every corner of the dungeon in search of countless treasure. Defend the lands from invading hordes of evil monsters. Train your characters and improve their performance. The levels are randomly generated each time you play a new game. Be careful, if your hero dies you'll have to start over.Game features:Bright graphicsGood controlsCharacter progressionGreat weapon and gear varietyThe game requires an Internet connectionDownload on Google Play Compatible for: Android 2.1 and higher. v1.1.2<a href='https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ro.greenskininvasion' target='_blank'>Download on the App Store</a>
Dungeon Adventure Greenskin Invasion

7.7 MB
 Game description: Invasion of tribes: Invasion of tribes - develop your tribe, construct different buildings, fight the enemies. Game features:Colorful graphics27 skill combinations of the heroCharacter progressionCapturing of territory and resourcesArena combats with other playersThe game requires an Internet connection Compatible for: Android 2.1 and higher. v1.402. ARMv5
Invasion Of Tribes

47.5 MB
 Game description: Invasion: Invasion - defend your planet from the invasion of aggressive aliens. Place your troops on the battlefield and repel enemy attacks. Lead a planetary defense in this Android game and fight off hordes of alien invaders. Command high-tech warriors, some of them are marines, special forces soldiers, and even military robots. Each type of troops can learn 4 additional abilities improving that will significantly increase the firepower of your army. Destroy the invaders who come in waves. Fight bosses.Game features:Colorful graphics15 interesting levels10 types of troops12 enemy types24 achievementsAbsorbing gameplay Compatible for: Android 2.2 and higher. v1.14. ARMv5. ARMvCortex-A8. ARMv7A<a href='https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.air.Invasion&hl=en' target='_blank'>Download on the App Store</a>

34.3 MB
 Game description: KRE-O CityVille Invasion: KRE-O CityVille Invasion - assume command of specialgroup and stop a spiteful doctor and his henchmen. Build protective constructions and improve skills of your soldiers. Don’t let the evil conquer the world.Features:5 unique maps of battlefields15 types of powerful weapon35 game characters, each with the unique and improved headdresses and suits25 subject missions and more than 400 tasks with possibility of reusable performance13 types of buildings for construction and protection5 types of powerful defensive towers Compatible for: Android 2.2 and higher
Kre O Cityville Invasion

46.5 MB
 Game description: Undead Invasion: Undead Invasion - is a fascinating game with graphics in Dandy style. You should battle to an army of indulge. At the first levels you will have an opportunity to take help from knights or magicians.Features:many levelssome characters for a choicea huge number of enemies and bosses, including a vampire and a ghosta lot of parameters of the character for pumping Compatible for: Android 1.6 and higher
Undead Invasion

9.3 MB
 Game description: Iron Sky: Invasion: Iron Sky: Invasion. Play as a fleet commander in chief and defend Earth from alien invaders. Alien army thirsts for capturing the Earth. Start fighting with them and prevent the invasion! Game features:6 missions4 ships in 3 classesNumerous alien spaceships3 kinds of weapons2 ways of controlCompatible for: iOS 5.0 and higher. For iPad, iPhone, iPod.
Iron Sky Invasion

71.8 MB
 Game description: Star Warfare:Alien Invasion: Console-quality boss battles, 36 single player levels, multiplayer supported, tons of gear and unique items! UBW-594244, a beautiful and peace planet located in a far-away country of human territories. Mitril, a new revolutionary material found here. The population increases very quickly. It was a happy and rich region, until there were no strangers… At that night, the Prototype 02, a humanoid military vehicle, was created by our main scientists. And now, as always, the last hope … is you!Compatible for: For iPad, iPhone, iPod iOS 3.1 and higher
Star Warfarealien Invasion

116.3 MB
 Game description: Starship Troopers: Invasion “Mobile Infantry”: Become a part of the K-12 Mobile Infantry unit, sent on a last minute search and rescue mission to Fort Casey, a Federation outpost on a desolate asteroid in the middle of space. Your mission is simple: destroy the infestation and take out the hive! You will soon discover more surprises along the way as you dig deeper into the unforgiving bug laden trenches and caverns as you take out your six-legged adversaries one by one, alongside your unit commander, Henry Varro and his Roughnecks. Destroy huge space spiderlike insects! In this quickly changing shooting arcade, your marine participates in hostilities having dressed in special regimentals and using various arms. Join the Marines to prove your value!Compatible for: For iPad, iPhone, iPod iOS 5.0and higher
Starship Troopers Invasion Mobile Infantry

166.5 MB
 Game description: B.A.N.G. Invasion: Break bad guys and receive tons of an explosive entertainment! B.A.N.G. will give you chance to bear your opponents, using weapon of big caliber on your own self-propelled citadel – manowar. Imagine: stone floor under your feet, steel tools and barrels with gunpowder in your hands, and also well-aimed firing. Mountains even will shiver as you shoot! Nothing will stop your resolute hand as you start heavy-nucleus getting into armor of the enemy. Furious combination of the best game genres: arcade/strategy/RPG/, the fascinating operated by action world of heroic adventures, cheerful jokes – the whole this set against remarkable environment of the Middle Ages inspired by the imagination. A variety of strong weapon, indestructible manowars and confidential skills leads to infinite number of strategy. B.A.N.G. has everything to turn battle of two fortresses into an ardent hell of feral flame and explosions. Modernize the citadel with the best of forming presses of the king: dress yourself with strong armor, buy strong tools and Blow up army of dark dukes who occupied the Rainbow Kingdom with support of the angry sorcerer Twich. Only you, Obry Gunpowder, an inventive mechanic, can formulate your controversial questions in front of the face of the enemy using a mortar of the 1000th caliber. Graphics of new generation and ideal gameplay turn B.A.N.G. in a pie with dangerously explosive filling, and right now you can bite off hot, smoldering part of this action. Attractive effects and brutal account will help you to plunge into the wild ocean of cruel battle. Prove your superiority over the friends using Wi-Fi as you order hard armor fortress with strong weapon. Leave manowars of your friends to smolder on snow plains, green woods or even on hot volcanic uplands!Compatible for: For iPad, iPhone, iPod iOS 3.1 and higher
Bang Invasion

125.8 MB
 Game description: HeliInvasion 2: HeliInvasion 2 - reflect the attack of enemy helicopters! Try to hit them shooting from the cannon. Destroy several units at a time. Every destroyed helicopter will bring you big sum of reward.Game features:Bright graphicsWaves of enemy helicoptersBig weapon and ammunition supplies arsenalVarious srtengtheningsCompatible for: From iOS 4.3. For iPad, iPhone, iPod.<a href='https://itunes.apple.com/ua/app/id941491474?mt=8' target='_blank'>Download on the App Store</a>
Heliinvasion 2

14.5 MB
 Game description: HeliInvasion: HeliInvasion is a simple arcade game, in which you will have to stop the helicopter invasion by shooting the enemy with missiles and shells. Game features:Game Center achievementsModernization of weapons, its fire rate and amountCompatible for: iOS 4.3 and higher. For iPad, iPhone, iPod.

6.6 MB
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