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 Game description: Shoot war: Professional striker: Shoot war: Professional striker - fight various enemies in different parts of the world. Shoot different guns and destroy enemies. In this Android game you need to help an elite special forces soldier complete difficult and dangerous missions. There are lots of strong enemies waiting for you. Navigate interesting locations, hide behind covers from enemy fire, and destroy enemy fighters. Earn money for completing missions and buy new, more powerful machine guns, assault rifles, and other weapons.Game features:Great graphicsGood controlsGreat weapon varietyLeaderboardsDownload on Google Play Compatible for: Android 2.3 and higher. v1.4<a href='https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wawoo.professionalstriker3d' target='_blank'>Download on the App Store</a>
Shoot War Professional Striker

14.7 MB
 Game description: 4x4 offroad racing by iGames entertainment: 4x4 offroad racing - control powerful 4x4 vehicles and try to overtake fast opponents on different tracks. Go around obstacles and be careful on turns. Step on the gas pedal and drive your car through desert, mountain, forest and a variety of other tracks of this game for Android. Avoid crashing into cars of your rivals, they will slow you down. If damage you take on the track exceeds the durability of your car, you'll fail the level. Win races and unlock new levels. Get a variety of cars, each with its own characteristics.Game features:Great graphicsDifferent carsMany levelsAbsorbing gameplayDownload on Google Play Compatible for: Android 2.3 and higher. v1.2. ARMv7
4x4 Offroad Racing By Igames Entertainment

38.4 MB
 Game description: 3 in 1 Classic Games: Marvelous games are collected together! Play against computer or with friends on one phone. We assure you that it will be impossible to tear yourself off a mobile phone during several hours! It will never be boring!
3 In 1 Classic Games From 240x320 Till 240x400

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Disney Summer Games All Screen Sizes.jar, Disney Summer Games, Arcade, Various Version, Java,Video Screenshot Preview
Disney Summer Games All Screen Sizes

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 Game description: Ace of loftwaffe: In Ace of loftwaffe operate the plane in such a way as you you were taught by the instructor. Do not be afraid of explosions and death approaching to you, you are gping to have the last battle.
Ace Of Loftwaffe 240x400

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 Game description: Dark God of War: Darkworld (Dark God of War) is a great diablo-like RPG for mobile phones. The first part of an exciting diablo-like RPG. Battles, magic, quests, and good graphics with fascinating gameplay wait for you.
Dark God Of War All Screen Sizes

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Box Touch Screen Fly 240x400.jar, Box Touch Screen, Logic, Various Version, Java,Video Screenshot Preview
Box Touch Screen Fly 240x400

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Gems Xxl Supersized Jewels 240x400.jar, Gems Xxl Supersized Jewels, Arcade, Various Version, Java,Video Screenshot Preview
Gems Xxl Supersized Jewels 240x400

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 Game description: 3D Constructo Combat: Mad building! Put the buildings on various landscapes and prevent your opponents from making the same thing. Use the crane to lift parts and the weapon, further place these parts in accessible territories and shoot on opponents or their buildings.Features of game:- A single mode of game.- Possibility to play with friends on Bluetooth.- Excellent 3D graphics and sound.- Management adjustment.- Easy management.
3d Constructo Combat All Screen Sizes

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 Game description: Age of war by Max games studios: Age of war - defend your base from the attacks of countless enemies. Place turrets, hire soldiers, and destroy enemy army. In this Android game your base is located in the left part of the screen. It's being attacked by enemy troops from the right side. Use a variety of weapons, defense mechanisms, as well as soldiers to battle the enemy. The war lasts for 5 ages like the Stone Age, the Middle Ages, the present days, etc. Each age has unique combat units and turrets.Game features:Colorful graphics15 types of turrets16 types of battle unitsAbsorbing gameplayDownload on Google Play Compatible for: Android 2.3 and higher. v3.5. ARMv7<a href='https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.maxgames.ageofwar1' target='_blank'>Download on the App Store</a>
Age Of War By Max Games Studios

26.5 MB
 Game description: Ball mania by Get games: In Ball mania you need to shoot at the groups of the same colored balls with another ball. In case in result of your shot there will be a group of 3 and more same colored balls it will burst and free the field.
Ball Mania By Get Games 240x400

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 Game description: Dream of Jinnie: In Dream of Jinnie you will play as a beautiful girl called Jinnie. Help her to fly through all the levels and collect all the hearts. As soon as you collect all the hearts, you will enter the next level.Game features:Pleasant sound effectsVarious levelsSimple and understandable system of controls
Dream Of Jinnie 240x400

347.1 KB
 Game description: Kamikaze 2: The Way of Monk: A lot of legends is told about Shaolin monastery. Nobody knows what is true in them, and what is fiction. It was very difficult to get there, and more difficult it was to get out of there. We offer you to reveal a mystery and plunge into the bloody madness of mortal combat of the best masters of the East. Role play Kamikaze 2: The Way of Monk gives you an opportunity to enter the world of legendary invincible monks. Go for an exciting and dangerous journey along the roads of medieval Japan. Tens of various quests are waiting for you, a reach weapon arsenal and legions of cunning enemies. Take all tests and reap the glory of the best fighter of the Middle Kingdom!Kamikaze 2: The Way of Monk game features: High quality graphics and animation; 10 original game locations; 10 interesting quests; 4 categories of unique characters, each of them has three types of weapons, such as light, heavy and remote; More than 10 types of weapon and armor;3 fighting skills of characters; Near 10 parameters of the character (including degrees of proficiency in different types of weapon and fighting skills); A convenient movement system between playing locations with the help of a global map;Well-done interface; Over 3.5 hours of gameplay;
Kamikaze 2 The Way Of Monk All Screen Sizes

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Box Touch Screen Lg 240x400.jar, Box Touch Screen, Logic, Various Version, Java,Video Screenshot Preview
Box Touch Screen Lg 240x400

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 Game description: 3D Free Kick Football: Have you aver dreamt to execute (or to beat off as the goalkeeper) pair of penalty kicks in the World championship? If yes, now it is possible on your phone and and in full 3D with verisimilar physics of flight of a ball!
3d Free Kick Football All Screen Sizes

262.8 KB
 Game description: Vancouver 2010: Official game of the olympic winter games: Vancouver 2010: Official game of the olympic winter games - a sport game, where you will be able to participate in 5 unique competitions to try powers with your friends and to become the champion.Compatible for: iOS 2.2.1 and higher. For iPad, iPhone, iPod.
Vancouver 2010 Official Game Of The Olympic Winter Games

14.6 MB
2 In 1 Award Winning Games 240x400.jar, 2 In 1 Award Winning Games, Arcade, Various Version, Java,Video Screenshot Preview
2 In 1 Award Winning Games 240x400

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 Game description: Knight of steel: You are invited to experience an adventure in a bright world where you will need to stop the army of giants and fight against bosses. Game Knight of steel offers 7 fascinating levels with various gameplay.
Knight Of Steel 240x400

1.1 MB
 Game description: Lock'n Load: Rise of War: Take control over the elite soldier and fight against the hordes of evil aliens on ten levels each having many details. You are going to meet an evil enemy boss on your way and you must survive in the labyrinths.
Lockn Load Rise Of War All Screen Sizes

138.5 KB
Box Touch Screen Samsung 240x400.jar, Box Touch Screen, Logic, Various Version, Java,Video Screenshot Preview
Box Touch Screen Samsung 240x400

697.3 KB
 Game description: 3D Maze: 3D Maze - you like mazes and puzzles? Then this game is for you! You got lost in another maze. You have no maps. Nothing difficult? Then try to find the way out!Game features:25 3D levels generated in a unique wayEvery next level is more difficult than the previous oneThe game can be installed in touch sensitive as well as key mobiles
3d Maze All Screen Sizes

150.7 KB
Office Games Challenge 128x128.jar, Office Games Challenge, Arcade, Various Version, Java,Video Screenshot Preview
Office Games Challenge 128x128

120.5 KB
3 In 1 Bubble Games 240x400.jar, 3 In 1 Bubble Games, Arcade, Various Version, Java,Video Screenshot Preview
3 In 1 Bubble Games 240x400

518.3 KB
 Game description: Road of fury: Road of fury - make a car column, rush along the road and destroy the bandits! The action takes place in the post apocalyptic world in which you decided to help a column to reflect the attacks of bandits.Game features:3 types of opponentsBonuses, weapons and obstacles
Road Of Fury 240x400

674 KB
 Game description: Prince of Egypt: The sacred signs of RA god were stolen by Anubis,the power-hungry priest.You have to find the missing signs of RA, wandering through the palace of the Great Pharaoh and cold dungeons of Anubis. Find all divine signs, avoiding the abysses and traps, fighting with the warriors on your way,the pharaohs and resurrected mummies in the dark cellars of the palace of the Great Pharaoh filled with horror and fear. Prince of Egypt game features:9 levels;2 worlds (Pharaoh's Palace, dungeons of Anubis)most realistic graphics;thorough scenery of Egypt and its culture;excellent animation;lots of special effects;abundance of music and sound effects for each event;well-scaled physics of the game;convenient controls. Adjust the screen size manually
Prince Of Egypt All Screen Sizes

112 KB
Box Touch Screen Sony Ericsson 240x400.jar, Box Touch Screen, Logic, Various Version, Java,Video Screenshot Preview
Box Touch Screen Sony Ericsson 240x400

598.9 KB
 Game description: 4x4 Monster Trucks 3D: Each year, the best drivers of big-wheeled pickup trucks gather and organize the survival race. Monsters on wheels rush through the deserts, mountain roads and snow plains. In this game you will have an opportunity to look at this race from a bird's flight. And even get your own monster truck!The main goal is to be the first to come to finish. But as the tracks are often completely tattered all the drivers usually have other important goals, e.g. not to get smashed, not to ditch and not to get stuck in the mud. Generally, monster-trucks can drive everywhere. But in the finish fever one can smash any pickup, even coated with a thick layer of armour.
4x4 Monster Trucks 3d Sony Ericsson All Screen Sizes

500.2 KB
Office Games Challenge 128x160.jar, Office Games Challenge, Arcade, Various Version, Java,Video Screenshot Preview
Office Games Challenge 128x160

122.6 KB
3 In 1 Candy Games 240x400.jar, 3 In 1 Candy Games, Arcade, Various Version, Java,Video Screenshot Preview
3 In 1 Candy Games 240x400

575.2 KB
 Game description: Warrior of space: Warrior of space is a fascinating space shooter. Destroy all your enemies and avoid their fire. The difficulty will grow with every new level as well as the number of enemies!
Warrior Of Space 240x400

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